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    Archived pages: 263 . Archive date: 2014-10.

  • Title: AK Edu. | An Alaskan School Magazine
    Descriptive info: .. x.. Search for:.. AK Edu.. Main menu.. Skip to content.. HowTo Tech.. Alaskan EduTech Blog.. Alaskan Education Issues.. Alaska EduTech Blog.. An interactive Powers of Ten: The Scale of the Universe.. Author.. ryan.. Date.. April 28, 2014.. When I was a kid I saw the video Powers of Ten.. This video zooms.. Leave a comment.. |.. 2014 Alaska Legislature Plain-English Round-Up Of Education Bill.. April 26, 2014.. Here s a brief plain-english round-up of the key elements of the 2014 Alaska Legislature s.. Tagged.. education.. ,.. legislature.. state.. statute.. Jefferson on Public Education.. December 9, 2013.. For you Thomas Jefferson fans.. Did you know he s the architect of our nation s.. The Basics.. February 26, 2013.. Prepared for a session at ASTE 2013, the following list is designed to give.. Google s New Chromebook, Just You Wait.. February 22, 2013.. The $250 Samsung Chromebook is a great deal for schools with good bandwidth and.. chrome.. chromebook.. google.. Ryan s OSX Efficiency Tidbits.. February 19, 2013.. The attached list of OSX efficiency tidbits was prepared for a presentation to the.. apple.. osx.. tidbits.. tips.. Ryan s Fav Tech Tools.. In no particular order, here are the tools I use daily: Macintosh OS X.. tech.. tools.. Numbers vs Excel.. As part of an Educational Technology Planning study I conducted informal research into spreadsheet..  ...   can manually sync using the icon in the menu bar.. biff:.. but how often does it sync? not very.. need a way to force sync.. Ryan Stanley:.. It's too bad they can't make it behave like gDocs or gSites, eg: admin can contr.. Bill Bishop:.. This is frustrating.. We don't offer email addresses to students, only staff.. G.. Gavin Sinclair:.. Nice idea, Ryan.. Might try that "archive all" idea myself.. Brad Fuerst:.. I bet you could use a standard 27 or 49 MHz RC controller to operate it.. Google Doesn t Get Platforms, so says Senior Engineer | akedu.. us:.. [.. ] couple months back I wrote about the privacy illusion people get from soci.. Calease:.. Even though bulk administration of these devices is still a somewhat ethereal pu.. In memoriam: Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 | Kerry's loft:.. ] Ryan at Akedu.. us has assembled a miscellany of videos combined with some p.. Archives.. April 2014.. December 2013.. February 2013.. January 2013.. September 2012.. June 2012.. February 2012.. January 2012.. November 2011.. October 2011.. September 2011.. August 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. November 2010.. May 2010.. April 2010.. March 2010.. February 2010.. December 2009.. November 2009.. May 2009.. April 2009.. March 2009.. February 2009.. January 2009.. September 2008.. July 2008.. April 2008.. December 2007.. September 2007.. - Powered by.. WordPress.. and.. WPThemes.. co.. nz..

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  • Title: AK Edu. | Category | HowTo Tech
    Descriptive info: Category Archives:.. Your Password in the Wild.. June 7, 2012.. Yesterday a hacker in Russia not only stole 6.. 5 million encrypted passwords from LinkedIn and 1.. 5.. password.. security.. ScanSpam: Change Your Scanners Default Subject Line.. November 9, 2011.. If you setup one of those nifty multifunction fax print scanners recently,.. print.. scan.. spam.. Find My Mac Requires Recovery Partition  ...   computers removes Lion s Recovery Partition you may.. 10.. 7.. findmymac.. lion.. Google Apps For Edu Resource Round-Up.. August 4, 2011.. Has your school or organization recently made the switch to Google Apps, or do.. The Clean Inbox Workflow for gMail.. August 3, 2011.. The promise of technology was supposed to free up time for us, but instead.. Page 1 of 2..

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  • Title: AK Edu. | Category | Alaska EduTech Blog
    Descriptive info: What Will Make Microsoft s Surface Tablet a Success.. June 19, 2012.. Microsoft has unveiled their tablet, which they re hoping will present strong competition to the.. surface.. tablet.. GCI and ACS: Teaming Up to Keep ATT and Verizon At Bay?.. June 5, 2012.. GCI And Alaska Communications have formed The Alaska Wireless Network, LLC: Alaska s Largest Network, Covering.. acs.. at t.. bandwidth.. cellular.. gci.. internet.. wireless.. SETDA Recommends 1 Mbps for every 10 Students.. June 4, 2012.. A report by the State Educational Technology Director s Association (SETDA) gives a recommendation for.. setda..  ...   around your school to OSX.. 8.. server.. upgrade.. Google+ Age Requirement Reduced to 13, Still Unavailable for Education.. January 29, 2012.. Google recently reduced the age requirement for social network Google+ from 18 to 13.. g+.. social.. HP gets desperate for business, sends me a non-functional Ferrari.. November 7, 2011.. HP has sunk to new, mis-guided lows in their efforts to garner business.. Today.. business.. hp.. marketing.. GCI revenue flat due to Wireless.. November 3, 2011.. Just before the turn of the millenium GCI rolled out cable modems to Fairbanks,.. isp.. Page 1 of 7..

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  • Title: AK Edu. | Category | Alaskan Education Issues
    Descriptive info: Governor Parnell isn t against Education Spending, Just Unaccounted Education Spending.. June 21, 2012.. Alaska Governor Sean Parnell, interviewed recently on Raven Radio in Sitka, talked about the.. alaska.. funding.. money.. parnell..

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  • Title: AK Edu. | An interactive Powers of Ten: The Scale of the Universe
    Descriptive info: Comments:.. This video zooms out by 10X at the same rate, showing you the size of the universe relative to a couple people having a picnic in Rhode Island.. Then it zooms in to show you the electrons and quarks.. At the time (before computer generated graphics), it was pretty fantastic.. Over the years I ve referenced the video quite a bit to students and friends, and my daughter, as a good way to show the relative size of things, and to make  ...   of the Universe.. , which is basically the same thing but interactive.. It especially works well in a classroom if you re able to click-lock with your mouse or trackpad.. You can control the zoom speed and click objects to learn more about them.. Check it out Here.. Also, for the fun of it, here s the original Powers of Ten from 1977:.. Posted in.. Bookmark the.. permalink.. Post navigation.. Previous.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Top Posts.. AKEdu Twitter List.. Tweets from @freeryan/akedu..

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  • Title: AK Edu. | Author | ryan
    Descriptive info: Author Archives:..

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  • Title: AK Edu. | 2014 Alaska Legislature Plain-English Round-Up Of Education Bill
    Descriptive info: Here s a brief plain-english round-up of the key elements of the 2014 Alaska Legislature s changes to education in Alaska.. Chipping Away at Seat Time.. The notion of seat time was born in the 20s when schools were designed to produce nice compliant factory workers.. This year the legislature moved a step in the right direction by allowing students to bypass logging a certain number a seat-hours by proving mastery, but only in the secondary and only in core subjects.. Meet the New Test, Same as the Old Test.. The High School Graduation Qualifying Exam has been removed as a requirement for graduating Alaskan students, and replaced with their choice of either the SAT, ACT, or WorkKeys.. Some districts may choose to do more than one, or all.. Internet Benchmark.. The state will now be paying for each school to have up to 10Mbps of Internet.. Most urban schools are already at this level, but this is a huge bonus for rural school districts, some of whom pay $30,000/year out of their operating fund for 10Mbps.. The total cost to the state will be about $7..  ...   students to Charter Schools.. A Modest Bump to the BSA.. The current Base Student Allocation of $5,680 given to school districts for each student will become $5,830 in FY15; $5,880 in FY16; and $5,930 in FY17.. This amount doesn t keep up with inflation and is about 3X lower than schools claim they need to maintain current staffing levels.. A Decreasing Pile of One-Time Grants.. $42 million in FY15 will be distributed to public schools based on their Average Daily Membership.. This healthy one-year injection will decrease 25% to $32 million in FY17 and over 50% in FY18 to $19 million.. Due to the decreasing nature of this funding, it will be used by schools for one-time purchases rather than sustained programs or positions.. A Little, Not Enough.. Overall school leaders and education proponents are disappointed by this year s legislative session, dubbed the education session by Governor Parnell.. Senator Hollis French, during final comments complained that in the year of education, education came last.. For full details and links to the documents found in this year s education session , visit the.. Documents section of BASIS.. Next..

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  • Title: AK Edu. | Tag | education
    Descriptive info: Tag Archives:.. Casual Pirates, Real World, and the Irrelevant Classroom.. February 23, 2010.. Yesterday I was lucky enough to get to facilitate a fascinating discussion during ASTE.. copyright.. paradigm.. school.. social networking.. socialmedia.. technology.. ASTE 2009.. February 22, 2009.. I m here in Anchorage, AK, at the Alaska Society for Technology in Education conference.. aste.. Vintage Toys aren t Relevant to Modern Kids.. January 27, 2009.. The cool toys of my childhood aren t necessarily relevant to children of the up.. children.. toys..

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    Archived pages: 263