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  • Title: Blue Bills: Money resisting exploitation. - FAQs & How to...
    Descriptive info: .. Blue Bills: Money resisting exploitation.. Connect:.. FAQs & How to.. The Story.. Background.. Blog / Forum / Photos.. Contact.. Dye Your Own!.. Rebelle Society article.. NPR news story.. TV interview.. BB quikread download.. Kids Dye Their Own.. FAQs.. How to.. Blue Bills are real, legal money tinged blue; a means for people to express faith in the value of a.. strong community and a clean environment, the root of all wealth.. M.. oney is trust.. When you use a paper bill, its value is only as great as the trust you and others have in it.. But how much trust do you have in an economy where if a big bank fails we taxpayers bail them out, but if you fail, you're on your own? Blue Bills are a legal alternative to that unfair system.. Presently, capital hunts profits at any cost , meaning there is no distinction made between earning money by producing something valuable or by blindly chasing profits (which we all know are greater the more immoral and destructive the source!) In an era where capital moves from true investing (encouraging entrepreneurs) to simply profit-making on the backs of real producers (like betting that they will fail), we are headed for disaster.. The worse the crime, the better it pays!.. Blue Bills do not invent a new economy, they only re-establish a basis for real trust in money.. The only real sources of wealth are NATURE and HUMAN CREATIVITY.. Blue Bills reaffirm our mutual trust in these two values.. Blue Bills focus on the relationship between traders, who verbally establish their mutual trust in the source of real wealth.. Blues don't deny interest but affirm that only a healthy environment produces real wealth.. The mind's natural argument against Blue Bills is Oh, this will never work!.. But that's there's no other contrary argument.. The logical mind laughs, but for the heart it is love at first sight.. No matter how much the mind tries to convince the heart, there is only one way this will end up.. Every conversation only serves to pitch the heart further into love with Blue Bills.. The idea is deceptively simple and beautiful.. The more one tries to prove this argument wrong the more its strengths emerge.. The reason is that Blue Bills is not about finance, it's about freedom!.. What:.. Blue Bills are just as legitimate as regular bills, but rarer.. They are real money tinged blue with dye.. They are an effective way for one person to help change the monetary system around them from an immoral profits-at-any-cost system to one that supports health in both nature and community.. Why:.. Ours is a nation by and for the people.. Just because we feel powerless in the face of job losses, home foreclosures, vanishing retirements, etc.. doesn't change the fact that ultimate power rests with us.. individual citizens.. It is time we use it!.. How:.. Give or spend your Blue Bills just like regular bills.. By declaring that ".. their value rests in the wealth of clean nature and a healthy community".. , you share the value of health with another, who passes it on; a tiny change compared to the size of the economy, but it's real change that you can do yourself today, tomorrow and always, growing in effect.. Or you can whine that you are powerless.. Blue Bills represent a very simple, non-confrontive way for individuals to change one of the most frustrating problems of civilization: the degrading effect on nature and community of.. economic activity pursuing profits at any cost.. Are you sure Blue Bills are legal?.. Yes.. U.. S.. currency is protected from.. defacement.. , but that means rendering any bill unfit to be circulated as money.. (For the legal details from the U.. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, click.. here.. ) Mostly our gut feeling that this is not OK comes from an ungrounded fear that government authorities tells us what our money means and how we are to live.. NO, it is the other way around!.. If you are skeptical after reading this we suggest you not use Blue Bills yet.. Their power only is unleashed when people are convinced that they are in control of their own lives.. If that's not you at this point, that's OK.. Just give your bill away you can't spend it if you don't believe in its value and come back later.. Blue Bills will still be here.. All security features are preserved:.. Colors.. Watermarks.. Iridescence.. Incredibly, the more you learn about Blue Bills the more beautiful they become!:.. How much of this do I need to understand?.. Money and finance is inherently non-intuitive.. But you don't need to understand how it works to benefit if you believe that the money you spend has.. some.. value.. With Blue Bills you declare what that value is: that its ultimate value rests in.. healthiness.. This is obvious because only a healthy world (a clean environment and a strong community) can support people, the other lifeforms that we depend upon, and even industry (which needs clean resources, not garbage).. It is the regular green money system that makes no sense since its value rests vaguely in the hope that there will be ever more resources to exploit in the future.. Its profits are contingent upon leaving the tab for exploitation to be paid by some invisible agent (that's you and me!) For example,.. according to Forbes magazine.. Goldman Sacks says that Hurricane Katrina, which killed 1833 people and cost more than $50 billion, was.. good.. for the economy! By this logic all we need to pull us out of recession is having a few more cities destroyed!.. What do Blue Bills.. MEAN?.. Regular green bills express.. no value.. The money we use every day is backed by NOTHING! Its only value is what others think it has.. But when two people exchange a Blue Bill, both agree on.. the root value of a.. clean environment and a healthy community.. Every exchange thus is.. a vote for a clean world!.. When using Blue Bills, tell the recipient what it stands for.. If you forget this one thing you need to do, the recipient, conveniently, will remind you! ("Hey, what's this?").. "Just because it's Blue doesn't mean it can't be used to exploit!".. Incredibly, this is not true.. It seems counterintuitive: how could simply changing the color of money protect against abuse? We are all used to dealing with objects of individual ownership ( it's my knife and I'll use it any way I like ), but money is not an object, it  ...   Bill, please tell the receiver that.. you believe in the value of a clean environment and a healthy community.. By taking your blue money they are agreeing with you.. And what a great story to tell! (If you don't reveal the meaning the recipient can still look it up online.. But if you say nothing the bill might just be seen as a mistake and recycled into the machine, only to re-emerge as more dirty green money.. Bummer.. Cool! I'm going to add this bill to my collection!.. Please don't.. Money is like blood; it is meant to keep moving.. One of the beautiful things about Blue Bills is that they point out the difference between the green money attitude of.. scarcity.. (hoarding, greed, grumpiness, selfishness) and Blue Bills' one of.. abundance.. (sharing, cheer, love and generosity!) Here is an easy way to jump into an attitude of abundance: believe in the world's willingness to share with you and you will soon see more! Ironically, the longer you keep a Blue Bill the less rare it becomes (due to increasing production), so for the biggest "gift value" (gratitude), the sooner you use it the greater its worth.. Pass it on!.. What are Blue Bills worth?.. Blue Bills are worth slightly more than face value since they are hard to find and many people want them.. (It costs us about 25 to make each one by hand).. However, we suggest you not exchange them for more than face value.. Let the excess be your gift.. Pay it forward! We always give a person their first Blue Bill.. If they want more we are willing to receive green money in exchange, but they should really.. dye their own!.. How do we determine this value?.. If given a choice between spending "clean" money (Blue Bills based on the values of a clean earth) and "dirty" money (our current economy, based on profit at any cost) almost everybody would choose the former.. That makes Blue Bills more valuable than normal green ones.. But since anyone can essentially.. dye their own.. , their trade value does not climb beyond a certain point.. What do Blue Bills change?.. First, awareness.. They expose the values underlying your transactions and they make you.. think.. about what you value every time you make an exchange (even online or using green money!) The more we unthinkingly traffic in "business as usual" with regular green money the more nature and community is degraded because our current monetary system ignores outsourced costs.. But circulation of Blue Bills reconfirms that people value the enduring wealth-production capability of a clean environment and a strong community over the old industrial revolution idea that value comes from destruction of resources.. They also bring the vital.. conversation of what VALUE is.. into community consciousness as people trade and discuss Blue Bills.. Eventually comes a tipping point beyond which green money will quickly lose value to Blue Bills.. Then we have succeeded in transforming our economy into one that ONLY supports health.. Then,.. as Mabel says.. ,.. "You've changed the world and nobody got hurt!".. It only gets better!.. William Lonnell & Marie Dibble.. How does regular green money destroy community?.. In a gift economy, exchange binds people together emotionally since any gift generates an instant, transferable "debt" of gratitude, (the social glue that holds many indigenous cultures together).. While interest accrues over a fixed time period, each gift grows in magnitude.. instantly.. every time it is exchanged, which could be many times in a day! Green money transactions replace the emotional interest of.. with the brutal increase of.. profit.. , creating no bond between the parties, who then go their separate ways unaffected by the exchange.. Monetary exchange destroys the emotional bonds that knit a community together.. Blue Bills should not be exchanged without at least a few words between the parties, thereby encouraging face to face interaction.. To learn more, please refer to.. Sacred Economics.. , by Charles Eisensein, the wonderful free online book that in part inspired this project.. How can I help?.. Spread the word.. Obtain and use Blue Bills.. Dying bills takes work (a bit) and money (green bills).. It's about as easy as cooking breakfast.. Instructions on the.. page.. ).. Share your story.. with others.. If you own a business advertise that you take Blue Bills; good for the world.. and.. your image! (Don't you dare just receive them and reprocess them into green bills that's unethical greenwashing!).. How are Blue Bills made?.. All Blue Bills are carefully handcrafted by hand out of real US currency in denominations of $1 on up by dying bills in blue fabric dye and printing two.. lines of text.. on them.. We hope you respect our work and use them as intended, not just trade them in for "dirty" green money, thereby wasting our efforts and destroying the gift that is their origin!.. Can my business reject Blue Bills?.. Of course! Any business is free to accept or reject any currency.. As the.. US Treasury states:.. "Private businesses are free to develop their own policies on whether or not to accept cash unless there is a State law which says otherwise.. ".. Does anyone make money on this?.. No, this is a labor of love (and a rather expensive one at that), dedicated to trying to do something meaningful to better the world and preserve community and environmental values.. Blue Bills will temporarily be available by.. custom order.. for an extra charge that only pays for the labor to create them and postage to deliver.. Are you crazy?.. The short answer is yes.. It's hard to change the world.. But trying to sure beats sitting around whining! If humans are to survive contact with our greatest enemy (.. "We have met the enemy and he is us!".. -Walt Kelly) there is going to be serious change in the world.. It's not going to change by itself but will have to come from some pretty crazy ideas! We encourage you to coddle your crazy ideas.. The world needs them!.. Where can I learn more?.. A terrific and inspiring overall view of these principles, a beautiful, optimistic vision explained in readable layperson's terms, in Charles Eisenstein's book.. , which he graciously makes.. available free for anyone to read online!.. Where can I get Blue Bills?.. This project will only thrive if ordinary people.. dye their own Blue Bills.. with the free materials we provide.. If you are unable and still want some please.. contact us.. Every time a Blue Bill is used it's like voting for a clean world!..

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  • Title: The Story - Blue Bills: Money resisting exploitation.
    Descriptive info: It all happened like this.. Can a yard sale change the world?.. I.. didn't think so either until I had one recently that made me change my mind.. Oh, not because of the sale itself but because of a single transaction.. There all my stuff was scattered around the yard, among which is a chair for sale for $5.. Along comes my neighbor, a crazy old artist, who grabbed the chair and handed me this.. I said, What's this?.. It's $5.. Keep the change!.. But it's blue!.. I dyed it myself! It's blue because it stands for my faith in the.. enduring value of a clean environment and a strong community.. That may be but you can't just deface money!.. It's not defacement so long as the bill is still negotiable!.. OK, but what makes you think this is negotiable? I asked.. Because you just took it!.. Embarrassed, I replied, I mean would a bank accept it?.. Don't you dare take it to a bank , she barked, they'll just turn it back into green money! Here, give it back and I'll give you a green bill! , and handed me a normal five.. NO no no, I like your concept , I said, but how do you know it stands for a cleaner world?.. It's printed right on the back!".. I turned it over, 'Based on the value of a clean world!' , I read.. But it looks like you just wrote that on it yourself with a pen!.. Money's only value is in its meaning to the people!.. Well OK, so what does the green one stand for?.. Oh come on, she scolded, it stands for.. profits at any cost;.. you know as well as I do that our economy doesn't support a clean world!.. What do you mean by that? , I asked.. Look- if you own a forest and you want to do something good for your town: turn it into a park, or a school to teach ecology, or a nature preserve to save endangered birds all things that we value will the green money economy support you? NO!" She was wagging at my face.. But tell the bank you're going to clearcut it, take all the profits and leave the mess for us.. they'll give you all the money you want!! It's like a giant Ponzi scheme- all the profits go to the top of the pyramid while they turn their money into debt and charge us interest to use it.. Where do we get the money to pay that? Either digging up the earth or squeezing it out of our friends.. That's why I said 'keep the change'; I don't want any of your filthy green money!.. Mabel, this is $5 exactly, there is no change.. Oh, that's worth more than  ...   resting her case.. I had to admit it was a pretty compelling argument.. But if you think that was weird, you won't believe what happened next!.. Mabel', I said, 'There is no doubt that you're brilliant, but I also think you made this whole thing up! You know what she did?.. She patted my hand and said, You're a clever boy.. (I'm 57 bloody years old!).. yes, I left some money in the pocket of my new blue jeans when I washed them.. Whacha gonna do? But isn't it a great story? And off she waddled with her chair.. I was crestfallen to realize that it wasn't real because I loved the idea! I had heard her story and now I was infected by it! In fact I couldn't get it out of my head and I told it to everybody I talked to that day.. Every single one of them wanted the blue bill but there's no way I was going to let go of mine! I made $250 on that sale, but that was nothing to the delight I got in thinking about the possibilities of a sacred economy based on.. positive values.. That night I suddenly sat straight up in bed with the most amazing thought: It doesn't matter if she made it up; everything she said was TRUE! Through our green money economy we are still living out the outmoded destructive mythology of the industrial revolution, where all you have to do to get rich is destroy some nature.. But in our hearts.. we already know.. that the only way we can survive into the future is in a clean world! And how do we express to each other what is of value? Through money!.. We have already done the hardest work of changing our myth.. Now all we need to do is change the symbol!.. If the world is going to be saved it's not going to happen from the top down, but from the bottom up, with wild ideas like Mabel's.. So the next day I bought some dye and started dying my own bills.. I built this website to explain the concept and now you too have been infected by the story.. From now on you can never think of a money transaction the same way again! We know the world is not going to be changed from the top down, but from the bottom us, by ideas from crazy people like Mabel.. The world is a big place and no one person can change it, even armed with a yard sale! But the world CAN be changed by simply changing the image in your own heart!.. -Tim Holmes, Apr.. 2013.. Dye our own!.. The story on video / NPR News story / Blue Bills interview with Tim Holmes.. NPR News story..

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  • Title: Background - Blue Bills: Money resisting exploitation.
    Descriptive info: A snappy view of money.. W.. e as a people have evolved over time, while our money the way we talk to each other about value has remained firmly stuck in the 19th century.. A lot of people have gotten rich on dumping their crap into the river, so to speak, to make the poor suckers downstream deal with it.. But the reality that is newly embraced around the world is that there is no 'downstream'.. Those 'suckers' have actually got laws with teeth and they know where we live.. Yet our money is still living out the outmoded myth of the industrial revolution where one could get rich by destroying nature.. We have.. already changed our myth.. We now know that we have to have a clean world in order to survive to the next century.. Now it is time to drag our economy along into that vision.. Remember when the airwaves were public property, or when an education didn't leave you with a life-crippling debt or when you had a retirement? Now we can't afford it, say the 1%, since we owe them so much debt.. How is it that while technology and innovation improve by leaps and bounds from social cooperation effort, average income falls? Something is terribly wrong.. The financial crises of the past few years point out the inherent falsity of depending on an economy that is not rooted in anything of real value.. The reason Wall Street can make obscene profits while raiding the pensions of citizens is that money chases "profit" without regard to any damage that may cause to the rest of us, the public.. The world economy will continue to crash in ever bigger crises until we wean ourselves from an inherently destructive mythology that removes money from reality.. Our future will depend on our ability to root our money in true value and to adapt to the true meaning of health: values in action.. When money is created, the government (we the people!) essentially gives it to banks who take ownership of it and loan it out at interest, (to people like you) along with surprise a new added debt.. When that interest is repaid, where does it come from? It comes from either the earth itself or from the community.. Yes, interest encourages borrowers to be more efficient, but once efficiency is reached interest doesn't stop.. It grows forever, compounding until it is paid off (by being passed on to some other sucker) or you go bankrupt.. Or you die and your kid goes bankrupt!.. Like a hungry monster it keeps demanding more.. Unlike everything else in nature, it neither dies nor is transformed, but interest lives on and on, growing ever larger.. The debt we now see around the world never can be paid because there is not enough material in the world to pay it.. Our current system is desperately trying to forestall the coming crash by harvesting all earth's resources and enslaving all of its peoples (to serve debt.. ) This  ...   is still based on some antiquated ideas from the 19th century and before, that the way to get rich is to dump your crap into the river, so to speak, and make the poor suckers downstream deal with it.. Though a lot of people have gotten rich on that concept over the centuries, the reality that is newly embraced around the world is that there is no 'downstream'.. Those 'suckers' have actually got laws with teeth and they know where we live!.. But our monetary system has not caught up with our beliefs.. You know this is true.. You know the way to make money is not by doing good works, but by exploiting the environment and the suckers downstream (the 3rd world with its lax environmental regs and cheap labor).. Even if you don't care a bit about whatever is over the border, you have to recognize that the items we used to find of supreme value (like raw materials, acquisition through war, and slavery) have been replaced by more complex items of even higher value (like medicines, international trade and creative ideas).. And in fact making money the old way is becoming trickier as those 'suckers' become more sophisticated.. This is a losing game and we have to change course.. The whole story of western capitalist culture (which has now overtaken earth, the only exploitable planet within reach) is one of dominion over nature.. We have been able to exploit the wonders of nature and sell its resources very rapidly by externalizing (ignoring) the costs.. But we have reached the end of the bounty of nature.. There is nothing more to expand the economy into.. The earth has no more to offer, so the economy has turned to selling things that used to be free: water, open spaces, social "gifts" like babysitting, sharing meals, even schooling.. Increasingly these formerly free services (social wealth) are being privatized (owned by a very few).. Now the only resource to expand the market into is the people themselves.. (That's us!).. What is required is not a massive social overhaul, but a simple change of attitude.. We now know that destroying nature and social bonds are not good for the future and that preserving the environment and social ties IS good for the future.. Now all we need is an economy that recognizes that fact.. That's where Blue Bills can transform our monetary system, not by changing the fundamental structures of the economy but by simply changing the people's declaration of faith to reflect what we already believe is the source of real value! The more we reject an exploitive economy the more expensive and less desirable that approach will become.. And the more we affirm the values of a clean and co-operative world, the more of that kind of world we will see around us.. If you look on the internet, you'll see it's already appearing everywhere!.. A Blue Bill on the surface seem somewhat silly.. But the deeper you penetrate it the more beautiful it becomes!..

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  • Title: Blue Bills: Money resisting exploitation. - Blog / Forum / Photos
    Descriptive info: David Barsamian of Alternative Radio.. 11/22/2013.. 1 Comment.. David Barsamian, with Lincoln, Frankiln and Tim Holmes.. We met with the founder and host of Alternative Radio today about the Blue Bills project.. David is a real hero working tirelessly for the health of both journalism and democracy.. With millions of listeners in the US, Canada and Europe, David interviews movers and shakers from around the world who are trying to create a better world.. You can hear him on your local NPR station or through alternativeradio.. org.. Banks Give Out Blue Bills.. 07/18/2013.. 13 Comments.. Recently we paid the bill at a restaurant and were about to launch into our explanation when the cashier said "Oh, Blue Bills".. I said, "You know about them?" She replied "Yes, I got one from my bank recently.. I'd never seen one so I asked them what it was and the teller told me all about it.. " I found it to be very good news indeed that Blue Bills doesn't scare the bank.. I hope it's not just a fluke.. Nevertheless after 3 months and nearly $1000 in Blue Bills circulated (that we know of) and circulation around the nation, I got our first rejection and from a long-time friend of mine! I thought her arguments would be interesting to post.. Basically she was skeptical about the whole concept, saying that a) Blue Bills can be used for ill, it makes no difference what color money is, b) people won't accept them (despite the 100% record so far), c) it won't.. change anything and d) that people would still pass them on regardless of their own disbelief.. So I tried to call her bluff.. Sitting in front of an ice cream shop, I asked if she would prove me wrong.. I wanted her to.. buy a cone with.. my Blue Bills despite the fact that she didn't believe in them.. Unfortunately she refused the invitation.. I would have loved to see her argue for something she didn't believe in.. This seemed the perfect proof of my argument, but of course it was lost on her.. Well, at least she gets to go down in history as the first.. Rocky Victory Photo.. 06/26/2013.. 0 Comments.. Post from Garret Garrels:.. This is at the top of the stairs (from Rocky) in Philadelphia.. This guy lives in a homeless shelter and stands at the top of the stairs to take people's pictures if they want to do the Rocky Balboa pose.. He was not your typical panhandler.. He told jokes, gave helpful information and never begged.. Typically, i don't give money to these type of people, but something made me want to help this guy.. I reached in my pocket and all I had was one blue bill.. I gave it to him, told him the story and said, "You can only use this dollar for good things.. He stared at it for the longest time before tears welled up.. He said, "I'm gonna put this with my things at the shelter.. Imma keep  ...   one of them blue) from Norway!.. Portraits of our guests were taken throughout the day and can be seen and downloaded if you like, from our Blue Bills Portrait Gallery.. More will be added as time goes on and Blue Bills spread around the world!.. Universal Blue Bills.. 05/04/2013.. Susanna Nadia with her Blues.. Conversing with Victoria in Portugal who is thinking about doing this idea with Euros, a tougher nut to crack since the Euros are colored for different denominations.. Most world currency is actually multi-colored, a trend the US is reluctantly picking up as well.. We are discussing possibilities that would work for a local currency but would constitute a sign across borders, since the Blue Bills concept is one that citizens around the world can embrace and participate in with equal cause.. Some ideas:.. Somehow making each denominational color a "day glow" hue--like those text highlighters.. Dye only one end of a bill, or a strip along the bottom, or some way of leaving most of the bill unaffected, but carrying the signal.. Use a shade of blue that responds to a particular currency design to still honor the original color but with added blue.. (Has the advantage of "plausible deniability" something we Americans have learned well from our government in recent years where if a Blue Biller in a repressive nation were caught they could claim innocence: they washed their bills in their new blue jeans.. Any other ideas out there?.. Excerpt from comment.. 05/03/2013.. some very clever individuals have figured out that if they lend money to others and charge them interest, they can live well off the interest without having to do anything else.. Of course, it doesn't serve their interests to enable the borrowers to pay off their debt and then thrive so they never need to borrow money again, so they make every effort to ensure the borrowers remain shackled to their debts for as long as they live.. They want borrowers to earn enough to pay their debts and interest, but no so much that they can actually live debt-free.. In this way, the lenders become the most successful people in the world - financially at least - and the most powerful as well.. This tells us the system is outmoded, and needs revamping, because the conditions under which it once worked have changed.. -Eileen Workman (via Facebook).. Inception.. 04/21/2013.. Mystery of the Urn, oil by Tim Holmes.. The very first $1 Blue Bill was given to Portugese violinist Jack Glatzer on April 19, 2013 in a cafe in Helena, Montana.. He immediately flew to Canada for a concert.. We wonder if they have blue money there.. David Barsamian, host of Alternative Radio.. Visit the.. Portrait Gallery.. Our spokesperson.. Blue Bills was launched by artist/activist Tim Holmes who believes that art will save the world.. The original idea is credited to his elderly neighbor Mabel, who appreciates thanks but wishes to remain otherwise undisturbed.. Archives.. November 2013.. July 2013.. June 2013.. May 2013.. April 2013.. Categories.. All.. RSS Feed..

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  • Title: Contact - Blue Bills: Money resisting exploitation.
    Descriptive info: Comments / Questions?.. e are eager to hear your story about your Blue Bill experience or address comments.. Since our previous comments form has been invaded by spammers please email us at:.. info(at)bluebills.. us.. We will always get back to you.. Sorry for the inconvenience.. Custom Order Blue Bills.. We encourage you to.. Dye your own Blue Bills.. If you are unable to dye your own Blue Bills, we are temporarily willing to provide Blue Bills by custom order from us.. We discourage it only because it really is a lot of work and we refuse to be paid for it.. But if you insist, we will fill custom orders as we can.. We charge face value + 25 per bill (hiring labor) + postage (registered mail, US addresses only).. Please contact us to request your custom order stating how many bills you want of which denominations.. Your payment must clear before we will process an order, no exceptions.. Blue  ...   is offered at:.. DemocraticGlobe.. com.. Find Blue Bills on Facebook:.. facebook.. com/BlueBills.. Give us your thoughts.. How intrigued are you by Blue Bills?.. *.. Mildly curious.. Want to participate.. Thinking about dying my own!.. Not for me.. Have you received a Blue Bill?.. No, not yet.. I'm more likely to.. Give a Blue Bill away.. Spend a Blue Bill.. Don t know.. I feel Blue Bills.. Won t change a thing.. Might raise local awareness.. Might raise awareness in my area.. Might impact national dialog.. Might become a global movement.. Submit.. Blue Bills is launched by activist/artist Tim Holmes, who calls himself a "cultural sculptor" and foolishly believes that art will save the world.. Dive into the underlying issues at:.. The purpose of our monetary system is.. "profit at any cost".. Balzac says, ".. Behind every.. great.. fortune there is a crime.. ".. We say enough of that.. This planet belongs to all!.. GE: 14 Billion in profits, NO TAXES paid!..

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  • Title: Dye Your Own! - Blue Bills: Money resisting exploitation.
    Descriptive info: Dye your own Blue Bills!.. Blue Bills are in circulation but are rare.. The best way to get them is to dye your own.. Dying regular (green) US currency Blue not only alters the color but.. ritually cleanses.. the money itself.. You can dye bills perfectly well without awareness of this, but since it is a powerful ritual for scrubbing money of its shady past, we hope you will make that awareness part of your participation in creating a clean currency.. We do ask that you NOT SELL THEM FOR MORE THAN FACE VALUE.. Even though Blue Bills are hard to find and people want them, making them "scarce" and therefor "valuable" in the eyes of the regular money system, this movement is one of belief in ABUNDANCE.. Think of Blue Bills as abundant enough to waste, not because they are easy to find but because anyone can make their own and the impulse behind Blue Bills is.. generosity to your neighbors.. Sure they are worth more than regular money, but let this extra value be the gift you delight in sharing!.. Please make your Blue Bills of the highest quality possible so they last good and long.. You can get fresh new bills at most banks.. [And don't worry about screwing it up; even if you mess up the printing or accidentally render your bills "un-negotiable" they can still be recycled at the bank.. ].. You have to start with real currency.. (No cheating! That will land you in jail.. Note: Print the text on the backs of the bills first, then dye them afterwards.. If you write the text by hand, dye first, then write (so the ink doesn't smear.. If you dye your own bills please.. let us know.. We're not spying, but this gives us our only indication of how far the movement is spreading when we talk to the press.. We also want to.. hear your experiences!.. Ready? Here are all the steps:.. TWO LINES OF TEXT should appear on the BACK OF THE BILL:.. On the back upper margin, centered, print this line of text:.. "Backed by the value of a clean world".. and on the lower margin:.. What's this?.. Visit: Bluebills.. If you are just making a few bills you can write this very legibly by hand or better yet use the.. Quick Method.. below to print those lines with a computer printer.. To print more than a few, follow the instructions below under.. Print Blue Bills text lines using your own printer.. The.. Blue Bills Text Sheet.. can be downloaded below (bottom of the page).. In our dingy basement bill-making mad lab we use rubber stamps to print the above text on crinkly bills.. If you want to go into production (PLEASE!) you can order stamps yourself locally.. Then, go out and spend your bills! (It's a good way to meet girls, too.. DYE THE BILLS: (AFTER printing, unless you're writing on them by hand.. Use blue fabric dye (like Ritdye).. The Dye: Put 4 cups water (room temperature) in a metal or glass bowl or pot and add:.. 1 Tablespoon (15 Mll)  ...   the printed lines of the test sheet so the margins of the bill lines up with the text.. (start with a bill-size piece of paper to test the process).. When the test run lines up to your satisfaction, tape the bill exactly as you did the "dummy" and, following the last step again, proceed to print, this time on the actual bill.. Step-by-step instructions:.. How to video instructions:.. Using a printer:.. 1.. Print the "Blue Bills Text Sheet" on your printer, using normal office paper (US Letter size), noting the paper feed orientation.. (this file can be downloaded by way of the button below).. Check.. 2.. Place a dollar bill next to your printed sheet to be sure the text lines up and will be readable on the clear portion of the margins on the back of the bill.. If the text does not line up with the bill margins, make adjustments until they do.. Make a sleeve.. 3.. Fold a half sheet of paper around a bill to create a sleeve that will feed bills into printer.. Mark sleeve position.. 4.. Align the sleeve with the test sheet in the exit tray to be sure the two text lines line up with the sleeve.. Mark the edges with a pencil on the printer's paper feed tray or on a piece of tape.. 5.. Remove the test sheet and, keeping the sleeve aligned with the marks, tape the sleeve to the plastic feed tray so that the bills can be fed through it and engaged by the rollers to be fed into the printer.. Try alignment with a dummy.. 6.. Cut some "dummy bills" from scrap paper, mark them for orientation and, inserting them through the sleeve, print the.. "Blue Bills Text page" again.. If all is well the dummy bill will be printed on the back with the two lines of text where the back top and bottom margins would be if this were a bill.. If the alignment was off on the test with the dummy bill then make adjustments until the feed sleeve is properly lined up.. Check dummy print.. 7.. Check the dummy bill print to be sure your alignment is good.. If not, make adjustments to the sleeve (or, if it's really off to the document itself.. Insert bill.. 8.. When the alignment looks good on the dummy, insert a real bill, orienting to be sure the text will be right side up.. Note: the newer the bill, the better the result.. If the bill is crinkled it may not feed straight or jam.. Then either use a newer bill or use the "Quick method" described above.. Successful print!.. 9.. You should now have two clear lines of text in the back top and bottom margins of the bill.. 10.. Print as many as you like, then you're ready to dye!.. [.. Note.. : If you are applying the text lines by printing, print first, then dye so the the bill is flat for feeding through the printer.. If you are using a rubber stamp for the text, dye first, then stamp.. download Blue Bills Text Sheet..

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