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  • Title: Physics and Astronomy and more!
    Descriptive info: .. CC.. Physics.. US.. Enter Below..

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  • Title: Things CC might stand for...
    Descriptive info: back to index page.. Things CC.. might.. stand for.. Cuddly Cats,.. Crumbling Civilization,.. Crowd Control,.. Cranky Curmudgeons,.. Crying Cretins,.. California Cellulite.. Cool Companions.. Charred Chik-filet.. Counting Crows..

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  • Title: CCPhysics-Everything You Need!
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  • Title: CC nav
    Descriptive info: Main.. This Week.. Contact.. Grading.. Finals.. Bio.. Tutoring.. Downloads.. -----.. Astro 102.. Astro 106.. Ph 101.. Ph 201.. Ph 202.. Ph 203.. PS 112..

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  • Title: CCPhysics Your Place for Physics Understanding
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  • Title: Main Page: CCPhysics
    Descriptive info: James Henriques.. /.. Professor of Physics and Astronomy.. Shaums Outlines.. External Links.. Esoteric Questions.. Einstein Field Eqs.. proud member of the Libertarian Party.. only search CCPhysics.. us..

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  • Title: This Week at CCPhysics
    Descriptive info: This Week at CCPHYSICS.. FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE.. Tweets by @professorjim.. twitter.. com/professorjim.. About Grades.. Fall 2014.. Week 9.. During an assessment,.. no one.. will be admitted after the first student leaves the room,.. even if that one student leaves for only a bathroom break.. With great freedom comes great responsibility.. What do I have to do to get an A ?.. What do I have to do to pass this class?.. Calculate Your Aggregate Score Below; Enter and Press DIV.. Your Points:.. Total Possible Points:.. Your Percent:.. Course..  ...   and Size.. 40.. Astronomy 105L.. Astronomy 106.. Physical Science 112.. *.. Physics 101.. Chapter 9.. Quiz 6.. 20.. Physics 201.. Physics 202.. Chapter 25.. Temperature Coefficient of Resistance.. Maybe on that lab.. 19.. Physics 203.. Chapter 33.. Test 2.. 16.. PS112 Final Exam Question:.. Cool Things.. Interesting Link on the Scale of the Universe.. Need Extra Help?.. Good for all my classes!.. Engineers: free software from.. Autodesk.. It's not Physics or Astronomy, but it addresses a popular source of information:.. Journalist Bites Reality.. Check out these brain-controlled.. ears..

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  • Title: Office Hours/Contact Information
    Descriptive info: Office Hours/Contact Information.. Office Hours Fall 2014.. Monday.. Tuesday.. Wednesday.. Thursday.. Come See Me.. 5:30-6:30.. 1:45 - 2:45.. My Schedule.. The other professors in the Physics/Astronomy department are willing to help you (Fall/Spring) if you can't find me.. Dr.. Szabo.. PST-138.. Mon.. 4:30 5:30 PM, Tu.. Th.. 12:30 1:30 PM.. Buschauer.. PST-131.. Mon, Tues and Wed 4:20 PM - 5:20 PM.. Prof.. McLarty-Schroeder.. PST-130.. Tues, Wed and Thurs 8:30 - 9:30 AM.. Mera.. Wed.. 5:00 5:30 PM..

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  • Title: About Grades
    Descriptive info: About Grading.. It is.. your.. responsibility to keep track of your grades.. I used to be able to post grades, but new privacy laws (.. FERPA.. ) now prohibit me from that convenience.. By Federal Law, I CANNOT email any grades to you.. Here is the pertinent clause:.. Notification of grades via e-mail.. is in violation of FERPA.. There is no guarantee of confidentiality on the Internet.. The institution would be held responsible if an unauthorized third party gained access, in any manner, to a student's education record through any electronic transmission method.. Please take this to heart.. This means among other things, for group exercises and labs be sure to get with your partners to share the results of those assessments.. Getting your partners' emails is a secure way to keep in touch about group grades.. Furthermore, FERPA restricts me from discussing your individual grade outside the privacy of my office.. You must come by during an.. office hour.. for grade consultations; please do this before final exam week! Bring your.. original, graded papers.. for verification if you think there is a discrepancy..  ...   far above and beyond the ordinary.. All the student's work demonstrates superior achievement and commitment to studies with no weakness in any area of that study.. The student's question indicate depth of knowledge and insight.. Students in this category are eligible for extra credit to order to demonstrate excellence among peers.. Impeccable punctuality and attendance.. B.. Generally good work with occasional flashes of superior talent but demonstrable weakness in some few areas.. Questions indicate curiosity without great insight.. C.. Average.. The student's work is sometimes good but often not.. Questions reveal incomplete study habits.. Occasionally tardy, absent and/or inattentive.. D.. Substandard work.. Rarely even curious, the student's questions are solely and ironically about their grade, which should be obvious.. Seeks to do no more than the minimum.. F.. Failure to grasp even the fundamentals of the course subject.. Little interest in the course and lack of real concern about remedying his or her failure.. Frequently asks for extra credit, i.. e.. easy makework in lieu of meeting even the minimum requirements.. Usually tardy or absent, always inattentive.. And a note about.. partial credit.. :..

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  • Title: Final Exam Schedule
    Descriptive info: Final Exam Schedule.. all times PM.. Monday.. 12/15.. 12/16.. 12/17.. 12/18.. #24337.. 12:00 - 2:00.. S103.. Physics 101.. #20483.. S104.. #20784.. 6:00 - 8:00.. #21753.. 8:00 - 10:00..

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  • Title: Bio-J. Henriques
    Descriptive info: Bio:.. Education:.. Cal.. State University, Fullerton 1990-1994 major: music composition.. Georgia State University 1981-1986 major: physics.. Florida State University 1975-1977 major: music composition.. University of Miami 1974-1975 major: music composition.. Degrees:.. MM composition; 1994 CSUF.. MS physics; 1986, GSU.. BS physics; 1983.. Honors:.. Student Composer Award, CSUF,1994.. Pi Kappa Alpha, CSUF,1994.. Sigma Pi Sigma, GSU,1984.. Honor Society, FSU,1977.. Teaching Experience:.. 1988-present: current position.. [.. El Camino College (PT); Marymount College (PT).. ].. 1987-1988: PACE program, Harbor College.. 1984-1986: Laboratory Coordinator, GSU.. 1981-1983:  ...   design.. 1988.. Cerwin Vega, Simi Valley, CA: mathematical modeling, CAD.. 1987-1988.. JBL, Northridge CA.. : material science, CAD.. 1987.. Musical/Theatrical Experience:.. Film score, The Third Society , Hubble Productions, 2001.. Guitar quartets available through Doberman-Yppan.. Film score, The Nothing Generation , Orlando-Paris, 1997.. Theatrical scores, Coyote , Cyberpunk Opera , 1993.. Film score, Venice Beach , Hawkwell Productions, 1988.. Sound engineer/film score, Missing Children , So-MAR/PFI, 1986-1987.. Musical producer, DT productions, Miami, 1977-1980.. Rocky Horror Show, 1978.. CTO,.. Electronic Services Unit 16..

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    Archived pages: 166