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  • Title: Delight | Because companies that are loved win
    Descriptive info: .. About.. Contact.. Because companies that are loved win.. from ISITE Design.. Search this site.. Search this site.. Delight Categories.. Experience Design.. People Culture.. Events.. Videos.. Conference 2014.. Being Human in a Digital World.. Leave a comment.. As an anthropologist and researcher, Genevieve Bell is an expert in understanding the intersection of people and technology.. According to Genevieve, one thing hasn t changed about human beings in spite of rapid changes in technology: we love a good story.. As Genevieve explains, delighting people boils down to five core characteristics that we must consider.. Read and Discuss.. Opinions Welcome: Using Authenticity to Intrigue.. 1 Comment.. It’s no secret that the general viewing public has become jaded with marketing speak, overly-polished presentations, useless corporate apps, and wannabe viral videos.. So when.. Out of Control: How Apple and U2 Turned Fans Against Them.. 3 Comments.. Apple, usually so sophisticated in their marketing, really stepped in it this month.. I am sure those responsible thought they were just being clever in.. Get the latest from Delight.. us.. Sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter and fresh content, exclusive conference news, and more.. First Name.. Last Name.. Company Name.. Your Email Address.. Join.. Facebook.. Twitter.. LinkedIn.. RSS.. Delight 2014.. Join us October 6-7 at the Portland Art Museum for 2 days of inspiring talks.. Register on the.. Conference page.. Bringing Creativity Into the Fundraising Experience at charity: water.. Inspiration is at the core of the charity: water experience, driving continued support for thousands of clean  ...   relevance to your users.. It shows that you know them and.. How UPMC is Taking Patient Experience Beyond Delight—and Why It’s Personal.. Pamela Greenhouse is a pioneer in the area of patient and family centered care (PFCC).. Fortunately for us, she’s as passionate about sharing the secrets.. We’re Not Digital Marketers—We Market In a Digital World.. Six and a half years ago, Scott Brinker started a blog about the intersection of marketing and technology.. His idea grew from an early profound.. Personas, Profiles and Personalization: A Workshop Primer.. Browse Categories.. (22).. (77).. (52).. (24).. Most Read.. Designing Small Kindness in Customer Experience Gaps.. Amazon: Earth s Most Customer-Centric Company.. Winning Customer Loyalty with a Fresh Marketing Approach.. Fueling the Promise-Making Machine: Considerations to Ensure Your Brand Delivers.. Most Recent Posts.. Personalized Email Tactics: Customized Content Makes Magic.. ISITE Design is focused on helping organizations rethink their business to deliver exceptional experiences and build meaningful relationships with their customers.. The agency serves clients globally with services that span experience design, digital strategy, marketing technology, mobile and analytics.. Founded in 1997, ISITE Design has offices in Portland, OR, and Boston, MA.. Clients include Columbia Sportswear, Zipcar and Harvard.. About Us.. Locations.. View Our Work.. Our Services.. Work With Us.. Contact Us.. Our goal is simple: Gather brands and thought leaders who care about building great experiences.. Delight Conference.. Subscribe to the Delight newsletter for updates on Delight 2014!.. Social Media.. Newsletter.. RSS Feed.. Copyright 2014 ISITE Design Inc.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Experience Design | Delight
    Descriptive info: The art and science of how brands differentiate with experience.. So when Laphroaig produced their “Laphroaig Opinions Welcome” video, it illustrated perfectly the practice of embracing authenticity to win the respect and adoration of fans and foes alike.. I am sure those responsible thought they were just being clever in their marketing by giving away U2’s new album to upwards of 500 million of their customers, but it seems they may have just been a bit too clever by half.. Add a comment.. Continuing our exploration of strategies and tactics for relevant content, the topic of personalized and segmented emails has come up more and more.. Act-On, a cloud-based integrated marketing provider, enables automation to deliver customized content.. Lisa Cannon, a content contributor and editor for Act-On, shares three tactical opportunities for companies looking to optimize their email.. Personalization Optimization: Knowing You’re on the Right Path.. It shows that you know them and are anticipating their needs.. Personalization techniques and tools enable those relevant interactions, but if you sat in on our Path to Personalization digital briefing, you’ll know that we say that most digital.. We must deal with customers as individuals and address their individual needs.. If we do it right we can create customers for life.. But what happens when  ...   Conference, this month s list features our speakers and some of the great content they ve produced.. Remember a new reading list will be posted every month so keep an eye out.. Grab your laptop, tablet, or whatever device you may.. Video Opportunities for Post-Purchase Delight.. In my previous post in this series about how videos can enhance the customer journey, and add additional levels of delight to a user’s experience, we looked at videos for the ‘evaluation’ stage.. That’s a critical stage, as it’s where your customers are researching products.. Videos done well during that phase help customers winnow their.. Know Any Vulcans? Neither Do We.. “The want of logic annoys.. Too much logic bores.. Life eludes logic, and everything that logic alone constructs remains artificial and forced.. ” —André Gide We don’t know any Vulcans and we’re pretty sure you don’t either.. You almost certainly don’t have any Vulcan customers.. We’d wager that you don’t even have any customers that are.. Amazon’s Ultimate Personalization Play.. There’s been a lot of chatter this week around Amazon’s just-announced Fire phone, mostly around the device’s product recognition features and deep ties to Amazon’s eCommerce universe.. But while there are some valid concerns around user privacy, the opportunities for personalization are huge.. Older Entries..

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  • Title: People and Culture | Delight
    Descriptive info: Interviews and insight from the leaders who bring great experiences to life.. By sharing stories of campaign supporters, projects and outcomes, Kaitlyn Jankowski works with her team to inspire and perpetuate truly meaningful work.. From lemonade stands to birthday campaigns, Kaitlyn and her team.. As one of the first team members, Toby has led much of the development behind the Simple experience from the ground up.. Drawing from the team s collective experience as designers and bankers, Simple.. Fortunately for us, she’s as passionate about sharing the secrets to her team’s success as she is about the work itself.. When Dave Wieneke and I saw her present at the 2014 Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit in Cleveland.. Serious Play: Bringing Fun Into Team Collaboration.. Patricia Colley infuses fun into the collaboration process for organizations looking to frame problems, recognize truths and align strategically around their work.. As an experience designer formerly with Microsoft, Sapient, Adaptive Path, and now Creative Catalysts, Patricia leverages improv and gamestorming tools to get teams thinking and working together in creative ways.. gamestorming techniques.. Creating a Culture of Giving More.. Maggie Lang of Kimpton Hotels shares examples and insights about the brand s customer-obsesses culture than makes it beloved by so many.. Digital Disruption: An Interview with James McQuivey.. Since an early adolescent decision to purchase his first computer, James McQuivey has dedicated his energy to anticipating behavior and value shifts around technology.. Through analyzing decades worth of data, James gleans insights to  ...   with Kate O Neill.. Kate O Neill, Founder of KO Insights and long-time advocate of leveraging strategic data in marketing, has helped brands like Netflix focus on the right metrics to delight customers.. From meaningful measurement to responsible data, aligned content to sophisticated digital strategy, Kate guides organizations in achieving engaging relationships with their customers.. In the video interview below, Kate shares.. Portlandia as a Backdrop for Delight.. Our Delightful emcee, Dave Wieneke, returns for a third year on stage this October.. As a leader and strategist for brands looking to deliver exceptional digital experiences, Dave is the ideal emcee to narrate and shape the attendee experience at Delight 2014.. In the video below, Dave discusses what differentiates Delight as a conference by.. Inspecting Interactions: The No Interface Paradigm.. Golden Krishna may now be at one of the most customer-centric brands out there (Zappos), but for years he has been thinking about innovative UX.. From Cooper to Samsung, and now Zappos, Golden has focused on designing truly delightful, forward-thinking experiences.. Through his research, Golden has developed the much-discussed No Interface concept.. As he puts.. How Facebook is Shaping Experiences with Strong Culture and Values.. Jonathon Colman is no stranger to creating content for brands people love.. Previously at REI, Jonathon now focuses on content for new product developments at Facebook.. True to form, Jonathon took some time to write down a few words so we can get to know him before his appearance at Delight 2014 this October.. Check..

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  • Title: Events | Delight
    Descriptive info: Dispatches from where experience design professionals gather.. His idea grew from an early profound insight that for digital marketing to thrive, it will have to develop its own “layer of software”, or as he’d say it, “turn marketing into software.. This was nearly three.. A Big GIANT Conference Recap.. Last week, we headed to marshy Charleston armed with cupcakes, a photobooth, and a few pressing questions we hoped to hear answered at the first-ever GIANT Conference.. Surrounded by some of the brightest minds in UX, including a few past Delight Conference speakers, it was a refreshing look at where we’re at, and where we’re.. Exploring Design Research War Stories.. After nearly two years spent gathering war stories about the unusual, comic, tragic and otherwise astonishing things that happen in fieldwork, Portigal Consulting has amassed a compelling archive about the user research experience.. Considering Empathy and Expectations at GIANT Conference.. As the Delight team heads south to the sizzling heat of Charleston for GIANT Conference this week, I find myself going through the usual routine of agenda-scanning for familiar names and compelling session titles.. Delight.. us is on a mission to find more of our kind.. People passionate about creating experiences people love.. And a quick.. Key Insights from the Path to Personalization Roundtable.. Last week, ISITE Design held an executive roundtable last week in our Portland office.. The format of the event was a brief presentation followed by peer discussion about a topic that most enterprise organizations are struggling with: Personalization.. ISITE subject matter experts Amanda Bernard, Derek Phillips, and Barbara Holmes provided an overview of three core  ...   from not only the work they’ve done, but also the UX communities they’ve fostered online and in the diverse regions of South Carolina, Colorado, and Washington.. When Ant moved.. Customer Love Summit 2014: Content, Culture, and Customer Service as Pillars of Delight.. The perfect kick-off of to Valentines Day was the half-day Customer Love Summit held at the MassChallenge space in Boston’s Innovation District, hosted by Vsnap and ISITE Design.. Vsnap CEO Dave McLaughlin moderated a series of fireside chats and conversations around the topic of customer love.. Below is a synopsis of the love we heard throughout.. Factoring Authenticity into Experience.. We ve heard over and over again that humanity and authenticity are key to delivering experiences people love in the Age of the Customer, but it can be difficult to uncover exactly what “authentic” means in experience design.. Marketers Discuss the Future of Customer Experiences at FutureM Boston.. Earlier this month I attended FutureM with three days of back-to-back speakers from dozens of reputable companies.. There were two themes that wove a common thread through many of the presentations, suggesting that the future of marketing is about creating human connections to break through the noise: 1.. Surprise and delight will lead to greater.. Delighting Customers is a Journey, Not a Destination.. If you went to the Delight 2013 conference last week, you got a firsthand look at how some of the greatest digital strategists and marketers are building delight into their customers’ experience.. You also got to see what can ultimately undermine a company’s attempt at delighting their customers – ‘experience rot’ as Jared Spool so..

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  • Title: Delight Videos | Delight
    Descriptive info: Coverage from the world of Delight wherever we rustle up a camera.. As Genevieve explains, delighting people boils down to five core characteristics that we must consider.. Dylan Boyd of the Nike+ Accelerator: Disrupting with Delight.. A trusted business development and product leader, Dylan Boyd of the Nike+ Accelerator program has seen hundreds of entrepreneurially-minded brands and individuals seeking to break the mold.. What stands out, Dylan says, are the makers versus the marketers; the businesses delighting users with disruptive products and services are his bread and butter.. In the video.. Nick Frunzi of Esri: Changing When You Don t Think You Need To.. As a global mapping software provider, Esri has seen consistent growth and profit since the very beginning.. Nick Frunzi, Chief Customer Officer at Esri, explains that developing a system for listening and responding to customer feedback has been crucial to driving growth and improving experience design within the company.. In the video above, Nick shares.. Daniel Romano of Disney Interactive: Wrong by Design.. Inspiration for unique experience design can come from surprising places, and the Disney Interactive experience is no exception.. Through open communication and an inclusive design process, the team learned valuable lessons about collaborating and creating effectively.. In the video above, Daniel Romano shares how he applied lessons from marriage to foster an effective team environment.. MailChimp s Aarron Walter: Delivering an Authentic Brand Experience.. MailChimp’s Director of User Experience, Aarron Walter says that the most important thing a brand has in their tool kit, the one thing that will deliver consistent delight and make a memorable experience, is their voice.. In the video above, Aarron outlines some of the ways brands should be using their voice  ...   Who is Jared Spool? Delight Attendees Answer.. We asked experience designers at Delight 2013 to describe Jared Spool in their own words.. UIE s Jared Spool: Using the Kano Model to Deliver Winning UX.. It can be easy to go overboard with features and design elements when attempting to create delightful customer experiences.. Jared Spool, founder of UIE and keynote speaker at Delight 2013, shared insightful tactics for smart user-centered design.. Watch the full keynote speech above.. According to Jared, using the Kano Model can be a useful way.. ISITE Design s Colin O Neill: Systems to Enable Inspiring Stories.. We want our customers to share stories of delightful interactions with our brand, and to do that we know we must build exceptional experiences.. When we deliver inspiring experiences, our customers will share inspiring stories.. The systems we use can help.. In the video above from Delight 2013, ISITE s VP of Experience Design, Colin O Neill, shares.. Zipcar s Lesley Mottla: 6 Steps for Designing and Delivering Delight.. Delightful customer experiences are equal parts design and delivery, according to Lesley Mottla of Zipcar.. In her Delight 2013 keynote speech, Lesley reminds us that truly great CX requires a combination of basic business fundamentals as well as intentionally delightful design elements before brands can exceed customer expectations.. Watch the video above to hear Zipcar s.. Creating Something Better: Expert Insights for Remarkable Customer Experiences.. Earlier this month, hundreds of attendees from around the country convened in Portland, Oregon to hear how leaders at Zipcar, Intuit, Disney, and more are building truly exceptional experiences.. Looking beyond basic usability lessons and practice, it was a call to action for brands passionate about delivering customers something better..

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  • Title: Being Human in a Digital World | Delight
    Descriptive info: by.. Katie Del Angel.. +.. October 8th, 2014.. Be the first to comment.. Tweet.. As Genevieve explains, delighting people boils down to five core characteristics that we must consider when creating experiences:.. People need friends and family.. People want to belong to a community.. People need meaning in their lives.. People need objects to talk about who they are.. People need to keep secrets and lies.. Watch Genevieve s keynote speech from the 2014.. to hear more about how we can deliver experiences that matter.. About Genevieve.. Genevieve Bell is a vice president and Intel Fellow and the director of User Experience Research in the Intel Labs organization at Intel Corporation.. She leads a team of social scientists, interaction designers, human factors engineers and computer scientists focused on people’s needs and desires to help shape new Intel products and technologies.. An accomplished anthropologist and researcher, Bell joined Intel in 1998.. She has  ...   industry expert and frequent commentator on the intersection of culture and technology.. She has been featured in publications such as Wired, Forbes, The Atlantic, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.. She is also a sought-after public speaker and panelist at technology conferences worldwide for the insights she has gained from extensive international field work and research.. About the Author.. http://www.. isitedesign.. com.. Katie is the Marketing Manager at ISITE Design, responsible for content marketing and community building for the agency.. She oversees ISITE's mini B2B content empire of six in-house blogs, crafting the agency's content strategy around a growing team of internal contributors.. She also manages ISITE's annual experience design event in Portland, Oregon, the Delight Conference.. A recent addition to the Portland office by way of Boston, Katie is still a Chicagoan at heart and thoroughly enjoys a good Chicago-style hot dog whenever she can.. Related Articles..

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  • Title: Opinions Welcome: Using Authenticity to Intrigue | Delight
    Descriptive info: Robb Crocker.. September 25th, 2014.. At the head of Portland-local strategic video agency.. Funnelbox.. , Robb Crocker guides organizations in creating dynamic and engaging video content.. In this guest post, Robb explores a unique video marketing strategy employed by Scotch producer Laphroaig—authenticity—and why it works.. It’s no secret that the general viewing public has become jaded with marketing speak, overly-polished presentations, useless corporate iphone and android apps, and wannabe viral videos.. So when Laphroaig produced and published their “Laphroaig Opinions Welcome” video this past May, it illustrated perfectly the practice of embracing authenticity to win the respect and adoration of fans and foes alike.. Laphroaig could have gone a safer route and produced an epic tale about the history of the brand, the sanctity of the Scotch-making process, or the legendary historical figures who have enjoyed the fine spirit.. But they didn’t.. They went for authenticity.. In the video, real people take a blind taste of Laphroaig 10-year Scotch and proceed to describe the experience in their own words.. The volunteers describe the aroma with words like “iodine” and “school lavatory.. ” They describe the taste of the spirit with terms like “smoked fish,” “tar” and “damp dog and tree bark.. ” Some of the ways the drink is described might seem appealing to a narrow niche of Scotch aficionados, but on the whole, what is said about the iconic scotch brand is unflattering at best and near slanderous at worst.. So why does this video work?.. First of all, it’s fun, irreverent and unexpected.. Associating the taste of an iconic Scotch to “seagulls’ armpits” is disturbingly intriguing.. Witnessing the looks on the faces of people tasting the quirky scotch for the first time is amusing.. And, when the label on the  ...   like to try a Scotch that others describe as tasting like “ancient woodlands” or with a “briny, smoky, bacon flavor.. ”.. Be honest.. If you were out for a drink and saw the bottle of 10-year Laphroiag behind the bar, wouldn’t you be at least tempted to give it a try? I know I did, and in the spirit of full transparency, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting.. I have little faith that I’ll ever become a regular Scotch drinker.. Even if I did, I imagine that there might be other Scotches that I would enjoy more.. Regardless, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Laphroiag simply because they had the guts to be authentic.. In this new world of ever-increasing skepticism and marketing disillusionment, authenticity wins.. Even if the Scotch tastes like seagulls’ armpits.. MGI.. Authenticity Such a lovely sentiment.. Robb is an impassioned founder of three different companies, including Funnelbox Inc.. , an award winning strategic video agency; Flixio, an industry leading digital signage content company; and Uberstock, one of the worlds leading stock footage content providers.. He has spent the past 17 years learning how to best help clients, partners, employees and friends reach their best and highest potential …in whatever they decide to do in their life and career.. Robb writes and speaks on the subjects of small business leadership, business video, video strategy, and stock footage production.. He has authored Stock Footage Millionaire and is currently working on his second book about video strategy for small business.. Robb has directly or indirectly produced and/or directed thousands of videos for organizations large and small including: Nike, HP, Intel, Microsoft, AT T and Toyota.. He is active in YPO, EO and YEC..

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  • Title: Out of Control: How Apple and U2 Turned Fans Against Them | Delight
    Descriptive info: Derek Phillips.. September 18th, 2014.. Rather than simply giving this “gift” via a free download, Apple instead just had it appear in users’ devices via the company’s cloud service.. Those of us who have our iCloud accounts set up to automatically download any purchases to our Apple devices saw the files in our music libraries without warning.. And within a week, Apple had released instructions on how to delete the album in hopes of quelling the revolt this gift stirred.. So what went wrong? How did a seemingly bit of goodwill (wrapped in a $100m marketing campaign) go so bad? Apple forgot who was in control…or at least who wants to feel in control.. The first rule of customer service and user experience is: Understand Your Customer.. Apple’s customers, like everyone else’s, are navigating a new world of cloud services where our data is held in some mysterious otherworld, accessible but invisible to us.. Because we naturally are suspicious of change, this world is fraught with anxiety.. Is our.. data safe.. ? Is our.. banking info.. ? Are.. our photos..  ...   brand it would behoove them to really think about the type of relationship they’re creating with their customers.. Or we’ll find better partners.. (Photo Credit:.. @JamieDMJ.. via Twitter.. It s a bit of unwanted fan fiction that made the rounds during the height of the criticism.. ).. MJ.. People were so perturbed that Apple set up a dedicated site to offer one-click removal:.. https://buy.. itunes.. apple.. com/WebObjects/MZFinance.. woa/wa/offerOptOut.. Can you call it a content win for quickly offering the content people want to remove the content people didn t want?.. http://isitedesign.. com.. Here s something free!.. We don t want it.. Here s how you give it back!.. Apple to 500 million people: All your devices are belong to us!.. Derek leads the Content Strategy practice at ISITE Design, overseeing internal and external content strategy initiatives.. Prior to working at ISITE, Derek worked at Critical Mass as the Director of Content Strategy for their Calgary office.. Derek is also a member of the Portland Advertising Federation and Chicago Interactive Marketing Association as well as a variety of Content Strategy groups..

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  • Title: Delight 2014: A conference about creating experiences people love | Portland, Oregon, October 6-7, 2014
    Descriptive info: Join the waitlist.. Menu.. Speakers.. About.. the event.. Tickets.. Agenda.. Venue.. Sponsors.. A unique gathering of designers, technologists and businesses who care about creating experiences people love.. When.. October 6-7, 2014.. Where.. Portland Art Museum.. 1219 Sw Park Av.. Portland, OR.. info@delight.. 2014 Confirmed Speakers.. Inspiring forward-thinking development at Zappos.. Full Bio ».. Golden Krishna.. Zappos.. For years, Designer Golden Krishna has been behind the scenes, solving technology problems for companies from startups to Fortune 50.. He’s currently a Senior UX Designer at Zappos Labs, where he works in a small group dedicated to creating new, delightful experiences for Zappos.. Previously, he worked at a Samsung innovation lab, designing and building the near future of consumer electronics.. He began his career working at the world-renowned design consultancy Cooper in San Francisco.. Advocating people-centric technology at Intel.. Genevieve Bell.. Intel.. Creating beautiful interactions for Uber passengers and drivers.. Shalin Amin.. Uber.. Speaker Meet and Greet.. Shalin Amin heads up design at UBER, and his design background spans over a decade in designing beautiful experiences for companies like Gilt Groupe, Atlantic Records, Ubisoft, Telsa Motors, Hearst Corporation, Time Inc.. , Wall Street Journal, Dwell, National Geographic, and Tripit.. He s passionately curious about ways to connect people seamlessly with tech, and adapting agency practices to in house design teams.. Leading global experiences at Harvard University.. Perry Hewitt.. Harvard.. Perry Hewitt has deep experience in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.. Her background includes both traditional business and marketing, as well digital and social innovation and management.. As Chief Digital Officer, Perry is charged with.. Harvard’s.. efforts to develop a digital strategy for communications and engagement tailored to audiences including the general public, media, and 375,000 alumni worldwide as well as exploring ways that organizations transform through and for their digital constituencies.. Perry also works to establish best practices for new capabilities to meet demand created by rapid digital, mobile, and social changes.. Perry holds an A.. B.. from Harvard University in Russian and Soviet Studies.. She has lived and worked in Switzerland, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and now lives with her family in the greater Boston area.. Find her online at.. http://perryhewitt.. com/.. or.. @perryhewitt.. Designing the future of search at Google.. Abi Jones.. Google.. Abi Jones designs for people interacting with Google s Knowledge Graph, a semantic network of over 570 million objects (and 18 billion related facts) representing the continually growing realm of human knowledge.. In addition to her work on the Knowledge Graph, Abi designs crowdsourcing tools for translating search results and adaptive feedback systems for all Google Search products.. In her 20% time she teaches sketching and storyboarding classes for non-designers at Google.. When not designing interfaces for the computable portions of human knowledge, Abi writes the comic.. Dear Future.. and tracks the latest in interface technology at.. Voice and Gesture.. Shaping the Facebook experience with delightful content.. Jonathon Colman.. For over 15 years, Jonathon Colman has helped people and organizations build, find, and use the best stuff on the Web.. Jonathon has worked with organizations like Facebook, REI, The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, and IBM to connect with their customers and constituents, launch platforms and tools, and build engaged communities.. Jonathon helped lead a team that won two Webby Awards for The Nature Conservancy in 2009.. He recently completed a master’s degree in Information Management from the University of Washington.. Previously, Jonathon served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Burkina Faso, West Africa where he worked on rural public health issues and infrastructure development.. You can find Jonathon on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.. @jcolman.. Revolutionizing fashion with technology at Bow Drape.. Aubrie Pagano.. Bow & Drape.. Aubrie Pagano is founder and CEO of.. Bow Drape.. , the e-clothier that lets you build custom statement pieces online and ships to your door.. For her work with Bow Drape, Aubrie has been featured in WSJ, WWD, Forbes, TechCrunch, Fast Company, Teen Vogue, and InStyle.. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Aubrie was a Management Consultant at Fidelity Investments, and Director of Strategy and Planning at Emily Muller Apparel.. She holds a BA in American History Literature from Harvard ( 08) and began her first business when she was six.. Author of The Elements of User Onboarding.. Samuel Hulick.. UserOnboard.. Samuel is a UX consultant with a deep focus on user onboarding, as well as author of The Elements of User Onboarding.. He s the person behind UserOnboard.. com, a website that provides annotated teardowns of popular web apps first-run experiences.. He loves improving onboarding success rates for SaaS products just as much as he loves to talk shop on Twitter at.. @SamuelHulick.. Engaging communities and individuals behind clean water campaigns.. Kaitlyn Jankowski.. charity: water.. As the Supporter Experience Manager at.. , Kaitlyn works with fundraisers to help them build a strategy around how to become rockstar campaigners.. She also leads the support team that s focused on scaling personalization in a digital world.. Defining the impact of digital disruption for businesses.. James McQuivey, Ph.. D.. Forrester Research, Inc.. James serves CMOs.. He is the foremost analyst tracking and defining the power and impact of digital disruption on traditional businesses.. His consumer models identify the ways consumers have embraced digital experiences and platforms, and his strategy models help companies prepare to serve those consumers.. Though he applies this knowledge to a wide variety of industries, he spends the majority of his consulting time with consumer media and consumer electronics companies that are at the forefront of dealing with digital disruption.. In February of 2013, James published his book Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation.. Previously at Forrester, James served as a vice president and research director, running Consumer Technographics® North America, Forrester s unparalleled consumer research effort.. Before that, he was a senior analyst and founding member of the online retail strategies practice at Forrester.. In addition to keynoting at industry events and Forrester Forums, James is routinely sought after for comment by such publications as.. The New York Times.. and.. The Wall Street Journal.. He also appears frequently on NPR and CNBC.. Creative community builder behind Dinovember.. Refe Tuma.. Dinovember.. Every year, Refe Tuma and his wife Susan devote the month of November to convincing their children that, while they sleep, their plastic dinosaur figures come to life.. Dinovember has since gone on to become an international celebration of imagination and creativity that has inspired participants in London, Sydney, Beirut, Oslo, and many other cities across the world.. What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night.. , Refe and Susan s new book of photos based on Dinovember, will be published this fall by Little, Brown and Co.. Refe Tuma works as an experience designer with DST Systems, creating mobile applications for the health and financial industries.. He is also a Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize nominated writer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Huffington Post, and various literary magazines.. Refe lives in Kansas City, MO with his family and a growing herd of plastic dinosaurs.. You can find him on Twitter.. @RefeUp.. , and at.. com/Dinovember.. Founder of XPLANE and author of Gamestorming.. Dave Gray.. Boardthing.. Dave Gray is the founder of the design consultancy.. XPLANE.. , which was acquired by the.. Dachis Group.. in 2010.. His current project is.. , a collaboration platform for distributed teams.. Dave has worked with companies large and small (including his own) on innovation, culture and change initiatives.. He has authored two books on design, change and innovation.. His first book,.. Gamestorming.. , is a practical handbook for innovators and change agents.. His second book,.. The Connected Company.. , is a strategic blueprint for businesses who want to innovate and lead in the next century.. He is currently working on a third book,.. Principles of Agility.. , which is due out from.. Rosenfeld Media.. in early 2015.. Creating outstanding mobile consumer experiences at Google.. Jumana Al Hashal.. Jumana recently joint Google as a Product Manager on the Payments Applications team.. In this role she focuses on creating outstanding mobile consumer experiences.. For the past three years, she led mobile product strategy, design, and execution for Zillow, Inc.. Prior to Zillow, Jay was a Creative Technologist and Mobile Consultant at Übermind, Inc.. (acquired by Deloitte Digital).. During her tenure with Übermind, Jay worked for a number high profile clients including Apple, Fox Broadcasting, Allrecipes and Target, developing numerous award-winning mobile solutions.. Jay is a Facilitator for Startup Weekend, and is actively involved in mentoring and coaching early-stage startups in Seattle and Amman, Jordan.. Jay graduated cum laude from Macalester College with undergraduate degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Studio Art.. She received a Masters of Communications in Digital Media degree from the University of Washington.. Evolving online and on-air experiences for NPR stations.. Steve Mulder.. NPR Digital Services.. Steve Mulder is Director of User Experience Analytics at.. , where he supports NPR stations across the country in online audience growth and engagement.. Through his expertise in digital strategy, design, usability, and business intelligence, he delivers products, services, and consulting that help stations become as powerful online as they are on air.. His current focus is evolving a full-fledged Analytics Service that is tailor-made for public media.. In his previous life, Steve worked with organizations such as Nokia, Fidelity, Samsung, 3M, and TripAdvisor on their online experiences.. He is a regular speaker at web conferences and is the author of The User Is Always Right: A Practical Guide to Creating and Using Personas for the Web.. Overseeing brand and strategy for Umpqua Bank.. Eve Callahan.. Umpqua Bank.. As senior vice president of corporate communications for Umpqua Bank, Eve Callahan oversees all of the company’s internal and external communications.. This includes Umpqua’s communications strategy and public relations and social media programs, as well as its internal communications, philanthropic and community relations initiatives.. Callahan is focused on communicating Umpqua’s brand and strategy across multiple platforms and on building strong community partnerships that produce meaningful change.. Callahan has more than 15 years of marketing and public relations experience.. Most recently, she was senior vice president at Lane PR, where she oversaw the development and execution of strategic public relations campaigns for a broad range of consumer and business-to-business clients.. Her work has garnered results for clients in top tier national media including:.. ,.. The Economist,.. BusinessWeek, USA Today.. Fast Company.. , CNBC, CNN,.. The Wall Street Journal, InStyle.. Sunset.. Saveur,.. as well as many local and regional outlets.. She has earned numerous honors for her work, including PRSA Spotlight, Bulldog Media Relations and PRSA Bronze Anvil awards.. In 2012 she was named to the.. Portland Business Journal’s.. “40 Under 40” list, which acknowledges the most powerful business people in Oregon under the age of 40.. Callahan graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and is a classically-trained Julliard violinist.. She is involved with a number of nonprofit organizations, including as a member of the board of the Portland Farmers Market.. Building frictionless online banking experiences at Simple.. Toby Sterrett.. Simple.. Toby has been designing and building for the web since he first made a site for his band in 1996.. After many years of freelancing and working at startups, he is now the director of user experience at.. , where they are working to craft the best personal banking experience around.. As one of the first employees at the company, he helped design and build a modern approach to banking from the ground up.. When he s not helping build his dream bank, he s either.. listening to metal.. , playing the drums, or.. making things out of leather.. He lives with his wife and 2 kiddos in Portland, OR.. Bringing insight to organizations for meaningful marketing.. Kate O Neill.. KO Insights.. Kate O’Neill, founder and principal of KO Insights, is a speaker, author, and advisor focused on meaningfulness in business and in life.. Drawing on her diverse background in technology and marketing, as well as her personal experiences with overcoming loss and adversity, Kate speaks with characteristic candor and wit on purpose and strength at national conferences, private corporate meetings, association meetings, and other groups and events.. She consults with select clients, often adding much-needed context for strategic growth opportunities in data-rich and customer-centric environments.. She writes a business column for The Tennessean and contributes frequently to a variety of online outlets and publications such as CMO.. Kate has been featured in CNN Money, TIME, Forbes, USA Today, and other national media.. She is the author of an upcoming book on meaningfulness in marketing.. In 2009, Kate launched and grew [meta]marketer, a digital strategy and analytics firm, over a five-year period and significantly shaped the marketing analytics landscape.. Prior to [meta]marketer, Kate’s experience included creating the first content management role at Netflix, leading cutting-edge online optimization work at Magazines.. com, developing Toshiba America’s first intranet, building the first website at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and holding leadership positions in a variety of digital content and technology start-ups.. Kate is a vocal and visible advocate for women in technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership — she was featured by Google in their global campaign for women in entrepreneurship — as well as for Nashville as a growing tech center.. She serves on a dizzying number of boards and committees, provides mentorship and marketing advice to dozens of startups and aspiring founders, and has been named “Technology Entrepreneur of the Year,” “Social Media Strategist of the Year,” a “Power Leader in Technology” and a “Woman of Influence,” along with numerous other awards and recognitions.. Optimizing cross-channel digital experiences.. Ron Person.. Sitecore.. Ron Person is Corporate Sr.. Consultant, Business Optimization, for Sitecore.. In the most recent Gartner Group ratings Sitecore was ranked as the leading visionary in Content Management Systems.. As Sr.. Consultant, Business Optimization, Ron works with global corporations to help them develop the business and marketing processes that optimize their use of cross-channel digital marketing.. Ron’s experience includes 12 years as one of Microsoft’s first consultants.. In the 13 years prior to Sitecore, Ron used his skills as a Six Sigma Black Belt and a certified Balanced Scorecard consultant to improve operational and strategic performance across multiple industries.. Ron has written 26 books including four international best-sellers on performance improvement and business computing.. His latest book, “Balanced Scorecards and Operational Dashboards with Microsoft Excel” from J Wiley has a 5-star rating on Amazon.. Teaching improv and design thinking for creative collaborations.. Patricia Colley.. Creative Catalysts.. Patricia Colley is an experience designer and strategist, helping clients deliver better products and services – and prepare for the changes needed to do so – for over 25 years.. Having started out as a visual artist and graphic designer, she moved on to interactive design of websites, software, and then complex systems and services..  ...   people s needs—and then surpass them.. Stand up for putting The Why before The How.. Stand up for value, ease of use, and craft.. Stand up for giving more than you take.. Stand up for BETTER CONTENT!.. Everything is Better in Community.. , Dinovember.. ‘Community’ as a buzzword has been around so long it risks being reduced to little more than a marketing obligation.. But community isn’t just another box to check—it’s an integral part of our experiences.. Refe Tuma will share the story of Dinovember, an annual celebration of creativity and imagination that has reached families in more than forty-five countries, to show how community extends experiences beyond our screens and into our lives.. Data and Design: BFFs or Frenemies?.. , NPR Digital Services.. For some UX/design teams, anything that comes out of analytics, research, and testing is suspect – like a mugger that could rob us of creativity and innovation.. There are traps to avoid so that data doesn’t imprison design.. So how do we avoid the traps and instead use data for good? Steve Mulder will tell stories about how NPR thinks about the intersection of data and design, and how we are using lean, data-informed processes to experiment with the future of digital listening.. 12:30 pm 1:30 pm.. Lunch.. Portland Art Museum, Sunken Ballroom.. 1:30 pm 2:00 pm.. Afternoon Interlude.. Delight: The Musical.. Curious Comedy.. 2:00 pm 2:50 pm.. Afternoon Keynote.. The Best Interface is No Interface.. , Zappos.. Many believe the future of design is in screens.. They’re wrong.. Our love for the digital interface is out of control.. This conversation, led by Golden Krishna, will explore a better path: No Interface.. Eliminating counterintuitive input mechanisms for natural inputs inverts the contemporary focus of software design to have computers adapt for people, rather than people adapt for computers.. The results can have a profound impact on your design process and our lives.. 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm.. Disrupting with Delight.. Growing a Design Discipline In a Hyper-Growth Startup.. , Uber.. Ever wonder what it takes to build a design team? Shalin will be sharing his experience around growing a team from one to over fifty in just two years.. In this session we will be looking at Uber as a use case understanding the different stages, organizational structure, hiring, the importance of platform teams and other learnings from his experience.. Break.. Enjoy a taste of Portland s favorite ice cream, Salt Straw!.. Throwing the Curveball: Designing for Surprise in UX and CX.. , Bow Drape.. When designing a user’s end-to-end experience, certain elements and processes are considered normative and necessarily part of convention.. Others require a break from the norm to create delight and exceed expectations.. Aubrie Pagano will share stories about how Bow Drape and other innovative brands design around the element of surprise and successfully use it as a vehicle for heightened experience and customer satisfaction.. 4:30 pm – 5:15 pm.. Closing Keynote.. , Boardthing.. How do you keep your cool and get things done when the world around you is complex, chaotic or just plain confusing? Dave Gray has spent the last year interviewing people from a wide variety of disciplines — mountain climbers, software developers, firefighters, soldiers, humanitarian aid workers, jazz musicians and many more — to learn how people succeed in complex and uncertain environments.. Dave will give us a special, pre-publication look at the ideas from his upcoming book, Principles of Agility, which will be published in the Spring of 2014 by Rosenfeld Media.. 5:15 pm – 5:30 pm.. Closing Remarks.. 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm.. Opening Night Reception.. Join us for an extended happy hour sponsored by Clay Tablet and Lionbridge,.. featuring custom cocktails from New Deal Distillery.. Portland-local DJ Onlychild will be.. spinning and the drinks will be flowing to toast a fantastic first day!.. Tuesday,.. October 7th.. 9 am – 10:15 am.. Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation.. James McQuivey.. , Forrester.. Consumers have embraced the digital tools and services that enable them to get what they want when, where, and how they want it.. Digital disruptors are companies that exploit those digital tools and platforms to single-mindedly deliver benefits to consumers, more conveniently and more cheaply than before.. As a result, digital disruptors have a market advantage few established players can afford to ignore.. In this session, Forrester’s McQuivey will explain how to think and act like a digital disruptor to deliver improved total experiences to customers.. 10:30 am – 12 pm.. Breakout Huddles.. Enjoy presentations from 2 industry leaders, followed by facilitated, collaborative exercises with peers.. Choose one 90-minute session from 4 concurrent tracks in marketing, design, business and technology.. Designing for Delight:.. First Impressions.. University Club of Portland, Main Dining Room.. , Simple.. , User Onboarding.. The initial impression is a critical part of any experience.. In this huddle we’ll explore how to onboard users in an efficient, inspiring and brand-appropriate manner.. Samuel Hulick, author of “The Elements of User Onboarding will review best practices for user onboarding and will show us a live onboarding review of the Simple.. com banking experience.. Then, Toby Sterrett, UX Designer at Simple will take us through the improvements they are making throughout the Simple banking experience.. We’ll wrap up with a hands-on session where attendees will apply the ideas and recommendations to their own apps or web experiences.. Marketing with Meaning.. Portland Art Museum, Miller Gallery.. Kate O’Neill.. , KO Insights.. , charity: water.. Customers don t care what you want them to do; they want you to show that you care what they want to do.. A meaningful approach to marketing combines behavioral strategy with a data-disciplined approach to learning and agile improvement so that customer relationships can continually grow stronger and more profitable.. The huddle will provide an overview of meaningful marketing, tools and frameworks to use in applying it effectively, and a behind-the-scenes case study from charity: water.. Making Mobile Experiences Work.. University Club of Portland, Fireside Room.. , Google.. , Urban Airship.. Building the next generation of experiences presents new and exciting challenges and opportunities to optimize how we design for moving across platforms, across screens, across channels on the same screen, and even beyond the screen.. In this hands-on session, Jumana will share her stories from the trenches building mobile experiences for the past six years and guide participants through a couple of exercises in mapping customer experiences across touch points.. Creating a Culture of Experience.. , Umpqua Bank.. , Kimpton Hotels.. 1:45 pm – 4:45 pm.. Workshops.. Get a deeper look at tactics and strategies through hands-on activities during a 3-hour, expert-led session.. Digital Disruption: A Workshop for Delivering.. the Next Thing Your Customer Wants.. In this working session, McQuivey will lead participants through a series of case studies to illustrate key steps involved in digital disruption: Embracing consumer disruption, innovating adjacent possibilities, and delivering total product experiences.. Participants will work together in teams to identify innovative ideas, then develop a case for bringing those ideas to fruition following Forrester’s Consumer/Benefit/Strategy/Product innovation model.. We’ll discuss organizational models for nurturing ideas like these.. Creating a Digital Experience Strategy.. , ISITE Design.. Colin O’Neill.. , ISITE Design.. Focus makes a difference.. As the number of ways we engage buyers proliferates, having a shared map to focus and organization’s efforts has become essential.. The Delight 2014 Digital Experience Mapping Workshop will introduce key tools from ISITE Design’s AIM Digital Experience FrameworkTM that you can use to build and sustain connected digital experiences that will delight your customers and grow your business.. This session’s hands-on activities will you’ll give you the opportunity to:.. Gain an understanding of how relationships connect to your organization’s mission to create value (CLTV/CSAT).. Establish principles which define your intended experiences in ways that all stakeholders can understand and act on.. Model and measure how customer touchpoints in your plan are supporting you those who select and adopt your offerings.. This process will help take your “outside-in” perspective and bring it deep into your organization, aligning technology, teams and techniques to bring your brand to life.. Serious Play: Creative techniques to.. spark collaboration.. , Creative Catalysts.. Collaboration.. Bosses preach it.. Complex projects demand it.. But what is it? How do we inspire more creative, synergistic contributions from across our project teams? In this interactive workshop, we’ll apply methods from improv theater, gamestorming, reflective practice, and storytelling.. Working in small groups, we’ll practice the subtle qualities of collaboration.. Together, we’ll discover insights and strategies to create a more positive and relaxed teamwork environment, as we develop our own capacity to collaborate more intelligently, generously, playfully and effectively.. Explore, Persuade, Destroy: An Introduction to.. Storyboarding Techniques.. , Google.. Storyboarding transitions the brainstorming whirlwind of notes into a real product direction, and in turn provides a vision that your team can return to throughout the design and development process.. In this workshop you’ll practice putting your ideas in the context of user needs through storyboarding.. Exploring product ideas with stories bridges silos between your teams and gets you communicating by using collaborative methods to define product direction.. By crafting a story together, every member of your team is focused on building a single, cohesive product.. You’ll learn about the components of an excellent storyboard and how those elements impact interface design.. Persuade your managers and clients to champion user-centered products by channeling the power of stories.. From childhood we’re wired to remember and think in story structure.. In this workshop you’ll get examples of how to harness this ingrained skill by presenting your product concepts in the form of stories and storyboards.. Destroy zombie ideas, the ones without a brain or beating heart.. Zombies eat resources and sap your team’s time, energy, and commitment.. Your storyboards will drive a product’s structure and flow, saving time by focusing on ideas that provide value to your customers and users.. Engaging Patients and Families in Redesigning Care Delivery:.. Viewing All Care as an Experience through Their Eyes.. Portland Art Museum, Trustee Boardroom.. , University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.. Traditionally, health care organizations have relied on after-the-fact information to determine the “current state” of care delivery.. However, dated information and data points are difficult to effectively act upon.. The PFCC Methodology and Practice (PFCC M/P) was developed as a replicable and sustainable mechanism for moving care delivery from the current state ever closer to the ideal.. Through six easy steps that can be quickly learned and used in any care setting, we engage patients and families as full partners in care redesign.. The PFCC M/P generates an urgency to drive change, builds high performance inter-professional care teams, breaks down silos between care providers and across the continuum of care, creates transformational change, and returns us to the focus of our mission which is taking care of patients and their families.. Shadowing is a unique tool used in the PFCC M/P for the direct real-time observation of every segment of patient and family experiences in any health care setting.. Culture change results as more and more care providers participate on in closing the gaps between the current and ideal state of care delivery.. This workshop will describe the six steps of the PFCC M/P and its theoretical underpinnings from the worlds of organizational behavior, business management, psychology, and experience-based design.. A sampling of real-world examples from hundreds of PFCC projects will be discussed, and attendees will take a deep-dive into Shadowing with an opportunity to participate in a fun, engaging, and interactive Shadowing experience themselves.. Designing Unique Experiences:.. The Path to Personalization.. University Club of Portland, Second Floor Lounge.. , Sitecore.. Personalization provides a significant opportunity to improve digital experiences but unfortunately technology is currently outpacing implementation.. Often, personalization is the Phase 2 that never happens.. In this workshop we’ll dive in to the foundational keys of personalization readiness and discuss the areas of focus companies need to think about when planning for personalization.. The Path to Personalization workshop will discuss personalization in the digital world, what the potential value is to your organization and, more importantly, your customers.. We’ll also give an overview of the many options for personalizing content and share our point of view on how you should start down the path toward delivering personalized experiences.. Whether you want to focus your content development efforts, simplify your user experience, provide more value to your customers, fine tune your lead generation, or reduce the sales cycle, you’ll walk away with a down-to-earth framework and approach to getting started down the path to personalized content and digital experiences for your customers.. 5 pm – 5:30 pm.. Closing Conversation.. Join us in wrapping up the conference with a fireside chat with day one keynotes Golden Krishna and Dave Gray.. We ll explore key themes from the conference and ideas on the future of experience design.. 6 pm – 8 pm.. CX Day Celebration.. Kell s Irish Pub.. We’re teaming with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) to celebrate the second annual CX Day with a toast.. Be sure to.. RSVP on the CX Day site.. !.. The Venues.. Delight 2014 will take place in Portland's renowned Portland Art Museum.. Located in the downtown cultural district, the Portland Art Museum is an impressive and inspiring space that embodies the vibrant energy of the event.. From the Kridel Grand Ballroom, to the Museum's many unique breakout rooms, attendees will experience one of the city's most beloved landmarks through a unique lens.. With plenty of parking and the light rail just steps away, the Museum is an ideal center point for Delight 2014.. Kridel Grand Ballroom.. at the Portland Art Museum.. 1219 SW Park Ave.. Portland, OR 97205.. Workshops and peer huddles will take place in the historic University Club of Portland.. Located just 2 blocks from the Portland Art Museum, the University Club offers a comfortable and inspiring setting for big ideas and interactive discussions to take shape.. University Club Portland.. 1225 SW 6th Ave.. Portland, OR 97204.. Join us for drinks, games and a little mingling to kick off a great week at a true Portland landmark.. We're opening up all the games for Delight attendees to enjoy, so leave your quarters at home!.. Ground Kontrol.. Classic Arcade.. 511 NW Couch St.. Portland, OR 97209.. Beat the Monday rush and pop over to the Vintage Plaza to pick up your name badge, welcome pack and a few surprises before you head over to the Opening Night party.. A Kimpton Hotel.. 442 SW Broadway.. Sponsorship.. Sponsorships for Delight 2014 are available on a limited basis and are designed to provide brands unique access to business leaders and practitioners responsible for experience-driven programs.. For more information,.. download the Sponsorship Packet.. on sponsor levels and pricing.. Interested in sponsoring Delight 2014? Email Katie Del Angel at.. Event Sponsors.. Community Partners.. Sharing insights for creating inspired digital experiences..

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  • Title: Bringing Creativity Into the Fundraising Experience at charity: water | Delight
    Descriptive info: September 4th, 2014.. Inspiration is at the core of the.. experience, driving continued support for thousands of clean water projects through multifaceted digital campaigns.. From lemonade stands to birthday campaigns, Kaitlyn and her team enable great experiences for a diverse range of supporters with highly personal digital communications.. Through all 18 months of projects, charity: water engages supporters with status updates in the form of pictures, GPS insight, and videos from the field..  ...   close can we get them? How can we tell this story?.. In the interview below, Kaitlyn shares more on how charity: water builds delight into the experience by connecting people with the great work they support.. Catch Kaitlyn in the Marketing with Meaning breakout session at.. next month!.. About Kaitlyn.. As the Supporter Experience Manager at charity: water Kaitlyn works with fundraisers to help them build a strategy around how to become rockstar campaigners..

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  • Title: Personalization to Customer Experience | Delight
    Descriptive info: September 3rd, 2014.. As we ve talked about recently,.. relevant content.. is critical to delivering delightful digital experiences.. , a global leader in customer experience management software, provides tools and frameworks for marketers to enable better customer experiences through personalized content.. Senior Business Optimization Consultant.. shares insight to the Sitecore Customer Experience Maturity Model and his upcoming.. Delight 2014.. workshop in his guest post below.. Marketing is no longer in control of the buyer’s decision journey.. Recent research shows that consumers are 70% of the way through their decision journey before first contact with formal marketing channels.. Customers are in control.. Using a seven stage Customer Experience Maturity Model we’ve created a system that identifies where marketing organizations are in creating great customer experiences.. From assessments of more than 1,000 organizations we’ve found that 85% are in Stage 1, Initiate, and Stage 2, Radiate, of the seven stages.. Stage 1 organizations have a brochureware website and “blast” all subscribers with the same newsletter.. Stage 2 organizations reach out through multiple social channels but don’t personalize their outreach.. Moving up from Stage 1 and Stage 2 does not require major technical investment.. It does take planning, and implementing new processes that personalize and improve the customer experience.. The steps for this are described in detail in the forthcoming book,.. Connect: How to use data and experience marketing to create lifetime customers,.. which will be released by J Wiley Press on September 15.. The following are a few of the concepts from the book to begin personalizing your visitor’s experience.. Personalized Context.. A good customer experience demands that visitors satisfy their needs in a way that is appropriate to the context they are in.. It should also help them move faster through their decision journey.. For example, a B2C teen retail visitor who is in the purchase decision stage is probably using a smartphone while in a brick and mortar store.. In a B2B scenario an engineer could be researching industrial lubricants while using a tablet at the customer’s location.. Good marketers consider their visitor’s persona, but what about the visitor’s context? At what stage are they in the decision journey? What device are they using? What need are they trying to satisfy? What Call to Action will move them forward?.. To make sure you satisfy these more personalized needs, build a Digital Relevancy Map.. Create a worksheet with your top  ...   tailor email messages to specific individuals and their context.. Mastering engagement automation could put your organization as high as Stage 5, Nurture, in the seven stages in the Customer Experience Maturity Model.. Personalize Website Content.. Organizations are often hesitant to move to website personalization.. They fear the increased complexity of the software and the burden of producing more content.. This doesn’t need to be the case.. Rules-based personalization is the easiest to implement.. Rules-based personalization uses a set of rules to display personalized site content for visitors who meet specific rules.. Using the previous email example, this could be as easy as setting a rule on the home page that visitors who have fewer than five visits and have responded to an entry-level campaign should see a banner targeting “Newbies.. While rules-based personalization is easy to create and implement, there is a caveat: The difficulty of managing rules-based personalization increases geometrically as the number of rules and personalized locations increases.. So, target only key visitor segments at just a few critical junctures in the website.. How do you identify those critical visitor segments and junctures? Expand the Digital Relevancy Map to identify critical locations on the site for each visitor segment and stage.. This map is the Strategic Content Map.. It shows the Call to Action needed at each critical juncture for a visitor segment.. Limit personalization to your three most important visitor segments and.. their.. three most important website locations.. From experience we’ve found good ways to personalize are,.. Calls to Action that move visitors to the next stage.. Special offers that reduce hesitancy in converting or moving to the next stage.. Additional related or alternative choices visitors might be slow to discover.. Places to personalize are,.. Home page banners to show their interest is your top interest.. One of two or three visual components on a main product or service page to guide them to quicker decisions.. Avoid personalizing too much.. Personalizing too much creates a bubble that traps visitors and doesn’t allow them to see other alternatives.. It may also cause visitors to feel you are stalking them.. They choose the content and context they need and prefer.. We can help regain control and begin creating customers for life by improving their customer experience.. To do that you need to begin personalizing with these straightforward steps.. Pingback:.. Personalized Email Tactics: Customized Content Makes Magic | Delight..

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