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  • Title: kauai-tours.us | A Complete Listing of Kauai Tours and Activities
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. What To Do In Kauai.. About Kauai.. Contact Us.. Kauai Tours.. Call: 1-888-354-6186.. Tour and activity reservations.. made simple.. Let us help plan your Kauai tours, activities, fun adventure.. Look at our "What to do on Kauai" section for great ideas of things to do on Kauai, from hiking, shopping and Kauai tours.. As seen on:.. Categories.. Most Popular.. Why Choose Us?.. Tours.. Specials.. Looking for Kauai tours something to do while on Hawaii’s “Island of Discovery? Well, you’re in luck.. An array of Kauai tours are here for the taking, from sightseeing tours by.. helicopter, plane,.. and ATV, to.. ocean activities.. that leverage the island’s proximity to the beach.. So come soak up the warm, sunny weather, both on the land and in the Pacific Ocean.. There’s no shortage of things to do, and joining a Kauai tour will make sure that happens.. Kauai is only the fourth largest island in Hawaii, but that doesn’t in any way detract from its desirability as a vacation destination.. Come to Kauai, and you’ll see why.. There are countless sights to see and adventures to be had, and they can all be yours.. The Garden Island is no stranger to tourism, that being said, there are plenty of tourist attractions to choose from.. Kauai may not be one of the biggest of the Hawaiian Islands, but it’s surely one of the most beautiful.. With  ...   humpback whales to emerge from the ocean depths!.. In addition to sightseeing, Kauai boasts an unmatched collection of sport and relaxation.. There are ten highly desirable golf courses on the island, which combine natural paradisiacal settings with masterfully engineered fairways, bunkers, and greens.. And the beaches are, of course, another excellent way to lay back and be active over the course of a single afternoon.. If ocean activities are your bag, then have a look at the countless Kauai tours and activities that include:.. kayaking.. , snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving and boat excursions.. beaches.. are numerous and splendid!.. Fifty miles of beaches means potentially 50 miles at which to snorkel.. Combined with Kauai’s crystal clear waters, that potential becomes a reality! Kauai tours that focus sailing and kayaking often feature snorkeling as well.. Due to the conditions that make Kauai such a snorkeling hotspot, the island is likewise a scuba diver’s paradise! With massive reef systems, underwater caverns, and native dolphins and green sea turtles, Kauai is an inviting place to plumb the Pacific Ocean’s depths.. With all that being said, Kauai tours are numerous, this much is clear: Kauai is calling your name.. Will you answer back?.. Comments are closed.. Recent Posts.. Kauai Helicopter Tours.. Kauai Tours and Activities.. ©2013 Tourplicity, Inc.. All rights reserved.. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of Tourplicity’s.. Terms Conditions.. |.. Privacy Policy.. About Tourplicity.. Kauai Hotels.. Kauai Weather..

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  • Title: kauai-tours.us | Great Travel Ideas for the Garden Island
    Descriptive info: What to do on Kauai.. Looking for what to do on Kauai? Well you have come to the right place.. There are countless things to do on Kauai, sights to see and adventures to be had, and they can all be yours.. Things to do on Kauai.. When you are looking for what to do on Kauai, you may be challenged with what seems to be countless choices.. We have put together a complete listing of tours and activities.. Find out more!.. When planning what to do on Kauai, visitors to Kauai would do well to visit its many well-known natural landmarks.. hiking tours.. through the island’s countless trails, or on aerial adventures aboard a.. helicopter.. Place you’ll want to drop by in one way or another include the Napali Coast, Spouting Horn, Waimea Canyon, and the Wailua River.. In addition to.. sightseeing.. , Kauai boasts an unmatched collection of sport and relaxation.. There are ten highly desirable golf courses on the island, which combine natural paradisiacal settings with masterfully-engineered fairways, bunkers, and greens.. With all that being said, when contemplating what to do on Kauai, this much is clear: Kauai is calling your name.. What to do on Kauai Adventures.. Everything in Kauai occurs at an intense level! When you’re pondering what to do on Kauai, you’ll want to make sure that you head into the air to see things that can’t be seen from the ground; that you get onto a boat to experience the pristine waters up close; and that you go mountain tubing, zip lining, horseback riding, and hiking—in other words, that you capitalize on the chance you have to do things that you never would never do (or could imagine doing) back home.. Kauai Helicopter Adventure.. Starting At: $239/Person.. See more than you could imagine on this first-class helicopter flight over Kauai.. In about 1 hour, you’ll see landmarks like Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali Coast.. STUNNING!.. Kauai ATV Adventure.. Starting At: $137.. 62/Person.. Climb aboard one of our all-terrain vehicles (ATV) as a driver or passenger, and head down to Kauai s scenic South Shore.. You ll go off road, pass by movie sites, shoot through tunnels, and hear about the area from your guide.. It’s difficult to explain in brief all the fun you can have on Kauai.. One of the most popular attractions, however, is air touring the region.. Catch a plane and soar over the tropical habitat below you.. It’s amazing how much you can see and yet still be home in time for dinner! Or if you prefer the water to the air, a kayaking trip down the Wailua or Hanalei Rivers is not to be neglected.. The calm currents make for easy paddling, and are conducive to relaxing and exotic animal spotting.. Mountain tubing’s another novel attraction that isn’t practiced many places.. But in Kauai’s old Lihue Sugar Plantation, you can coast down its adapted irrigation system on a stream of water.. Or, during a zip line excursion, fly into the air and through valleys and tree branches! There are plenty of opportunities to feel this unique rush in both northeastern and southeastern Kauai.. What to do on Kauai Golf.. If golfing in on your what to do on Kauai list, you will not be disappointed Both resort and independent golf courses are available on the paradise island of Kauai.. With green mountains and rainforests as your backdrop, try your best Arnold Palmer impression as you pull out your driver in your quest for glory on the links.. And even if you don’t break par, the scenic surroundings will more than make up for any disappointment you may feel.. There are currently ten golf  ...   of embarking on a boat tour from Port Allen.. During the winter and spring months, this method of transportation may give you an up-close view of the humpback whales that migrate through these waters.. In addition, you can hop onto a kayak or plane to enjoy the coast in a different way, as you paddle along it or soar above it.. However you get to see the Napali Coast, when pondering what to do on Kauai, seeing this magnificent coastline is a must!.. What to do on Kauai Waimea Canyon.. Want to visit an area where you can see a Grand Canyon-like natural phenomenon, as well as the Pacific Ocean? Well, then you can’t miss Waimea Canyon on western Kauai.. The canyon is 14 miles long, a mile wide, and nearly, 4,000 ft.. deep, and for that reason, it has been dubbed the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.. ”.. Grand Canyon of Hawaii Tour.. Starting At: $65.. 63/Person.. Explore the breathtaking Waimea Canyon for hours on end during this half-day excursion.. Once dubbed by Mark Twain as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, this natural wonder offers endless beauty and clear views in all directions.. You can view the Canyon from a variety of different angles.. There is, of course, Waimea Canyon Lookout, located at an elevation of 3,400 ft.. The perspective from here is the best in its class, and offers a panorama of Waimea Canyon and adjacent Koale Canyon.. Take Waimea Canyon Drive a little further, and you’ll reach Waimea Canyon Overlook, which will you give a look into the heart of the island.. There are also opportunities to see the canyon up close and personal.. Kukui Trail will take you into the gorge at a severe angle, so you’ll want to be in peak physical shape to tackle this challegen.. For an easier but still scenic walk, try the Iliau Nature Look, which will afford you an excellent feel for Kauai’s dry forests, in addition to its views of Waimea Canyon.. When considering what to do on Kauai, Waimea Canyon should not be missed! For those that would like to have a fun and informative tour of this amazing area,.. Click here.. , for more information.. What to do on Kauai Whale Watching.. The natives call them “kohola,” but you most likely know them as humpback whales.. Every winter and spring, these massive mammals that average 40-50 ft.. in length migrate to Hawaii to give birth.. Why does that matter? Because it means that you can see them!.. Kauai Sail Snorkel.. Starting At: $155.. 02/Person.. This is an amazing snorkeling expedition.. Get your cameras ready to capture the first of many photos as you gaze upon the Napali Coast.. See Whales in season!.. Kauai offers many boat charters and tours that allow visitors to see the great kohola.. The whales frequently come to the surface to blow air in an explosive display of power; they also slap each other’s tails and fins, smack the water, and “spy hop”—that is, they raise their heads above the water and hold themselves in a vertical position for several minutes.. Popular locations from which to spot whales include Poipu Beach in the south, and the Napali Coast on the north.. They regularly make appearances off the coast of Kealia Beach, as well.. But perhaps there’s no better way to see them than by setting off into sea aboard a luxury catamaran, and getting that much closer to one of Earth’s true gentle giants.. So now that you have a brief idea of what to do on Kauai, get out and explore!.. What To Do.. Kauai Beaches and Activities.. Kauai Hiking.. Kauai Kayaking.. Kauai Sightseeing Tours.. Kauai Surfing..

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  • Title: Kauai Information - Tours, Activities, Weather, Hotels and More
    Descriptive info: About Kauai The Garden Island.. Kauai offers everything you could ever imagine paradise to be.. There are incredible cliffs, canyons, and 50 miles of incredible beaches.. Kauai also offers various small towns that can give you a unique cultural experience that surpasses those found at typical tourist areas.. Because there is so much to explore, Kauai is called Hawaii’s Island of Discovery.. Kauai Tour and Activity Information.. Kauai has loads of tours and activities to keep you busy.. We have chosen the most popular and compiled a listing for your convenience.. The island of Kauai, also called the “Garden Isle,” is Hawaii’s fourth largest island, and it is also the oldest and the furthest north.. Valleys, mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, rainforests, rivers, and beaches characterize it.. What makes Kauai even more unique is that some of it can only be accessed by boat or by.. air.. ! All of these unique sights make it possible for visitors to experience some of the best.. snorkeling.. ,.. hiking.. , and zip-lining that Hawaii has to offer.. There’s a reason Hawaii’s Kauai is called the “Garden Isle.. ” Located 100 miles northwest of Oahu, Kauai is a lush volcanic island full of jagged cliffs and scenic beaches.. How is such dramatic natural beauty possible? Chalk it up to six million years of geological history, and one of the most inviting climates in the world!.. The Napali Coast.. The Napali Coast on Kauai’s north side is one of the most scenic areas in the world.. Accessible only by land via the 11-mile-long Kalalau Trail, the Napali Coast presents a formidable challenge even to the experienced hiker, who will encounter several valleys along the way to a beach hideaway.. If that is too demanding for your tastes, there are still plenty of other options by which you may explore the region, from guided kayaking excursions and summer boat tours, to air adventures over Waimea Canyon.. Getting to the Napali Coast is an adventure in and of itself.. The sole mode of land access is the Kalalau Trail, which winds 11 miles from Kee Beach through several valleys before culminating at the remote Kalalau Beach.. It’ll take you the better part of a day to do the entire hike, but it’s well worth it.. Meanwhile, kayaking trips offer tremendous viewing opportunities, for you’ll find yourself passing under the shadows of the cliffs for hours.. By contrast, for something a bit lower impact, you can take a boat or helicopter tour over the turbulent waters north of Kauai, and simply let the region’s splendor unfurl before your eyes.. If beaches are more your cup of tea, then you’ll love Kauai’s white sands and pristine waters.. Poipu Beach Park, which is sometimes visited by monk seals, is among the island’s most popular beaches in which to sunbathe, swim, or even surf.. Several other locations are ideal for snorkeling, such as Anini Beach Park and Kee Beach on the north shore, and Lydgate Beach Park to the east.. More seasoned surfers may want to hit Hanalei Bay or Kalapaki Beach.. Finally, visitors will want to make sure they take a trip on the peaceful Wailua River.. Flowing down from Mt.. Waialeale, the river takes travelers past Opaekaa Falls and Wailua Falls, and is an ideal place for kayaking or canoeing.. Kauai History.. Kauai’s place in modern history began in 1810 when  ...   by going for a jaunt in the water.. On the other side of the island are the inviting waves of Poipu Beach.. The waters here are crystal clear, making them perfect for an underwater snorkeling discovery tour.. While on it, you just might spot the humuhumunukunukuapuaa (say that ten times fast!), Hawaii’s state fish.. But even if you want to stay above the ocean surface, you’re in luck.. Poipu Beach boasts opportunities to view a number of rare animals, including 500-pound monk seals, green sea turtles, and in the winter and early spring, humpback whales.. Suffice it to say, don’t leave your binoculars at home!.. Another must-see along the Kauai coastline are its jagged cliffs.. The finest ones are located on the Napali Coast, which is situated in dramatic fashion on the north shore of the island.. For 17 miles, these natural pillars dominate the skies, offering unparalleled sightseeing and photography opportunities—of the cliffs and of the Pacific Ocean, respectively.. Like most places in Kauai, the Napali Coast is bursting with foliage, creating a dramatic effect.. And further enhancing a visit here are the waterfalls and valleys that break up the otherwise monolithic, 4,000-ft.. -tall cliffs.. Meanwhile, on the eastern side of Kauai is the place they call the “Coconut Coast,” due to its many coconut palm trees.. Here you can visit pristine.. Wailua River State Park.. , and even go kayaking or canoeing along its 20-mile-long river that will wind you past seven ancient temples.. The park is also home to two of Kauai’s most famous waterfalls, Opaekaa Falls and Wailua Falls.. The former is an 150-ft.. -tall cascade that flows throughout the year, much of the time in a double stream, while the latter surpasses 170-ft.. in height and is famous for its being featured on the credits of the TV program,.. Fantasy Island.. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that Kauai is simply about nature and the outdoors.. In fact, the island is full of human history and small towns that are worth exploring.. Kapaa, located on the east coast of Kauai in the historic Puna District, is the island’s largest city.. It offers plenty of hotel accommodations and restaurants, not to mention a killer view of Nounou Mountain, known as the “Sleeping Giant.. ” To the west is the quaint community of Hanapepe, which is a vibrant town full of art and culture.. Art galleries and studios complement the boutiques and restaurants in making Hanapepe an excellent place to window shop.. Finally, pass through the legendary Tree Tunnel on Maluhia Road and head to Old Koloa Town in southern Kauai.. Here you can find a history center, local ice cream, and the Koloa Heritage Trail, which will transport you to a number of significant sites.. As you can tell, Kauai is an ideal vacation destination any time of year.. Hoping to escape the gloom and doom of a midwestern winter? Kauai’s got heat and sun aplenty.. Looking for historical villages and quaint towns? Kauai’s got dozens of ’em.. Seeking world-class accommodations with out-of-this-world views? Again, Kauai’s got it down! And that’s not even getting into the endless supply of cliffs, beaches, and outdoor activities for which the island has become renowned.. So take a plane out into the Pacific, and don’t forget your camera, shorts, and sun block.. Kauai’s array of attractions promise to captivate you for days on end!..

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  • Title: Kauai Helicopter Tours, brought to you by, kauai-tours.us
    Descriptive info: Posted on.. April 12, 2013.. by.. Howie Green.. Kauai is not an extremely large island, meaning that Kauai helicopter tours will allow you to see all of the island in very little time.. There is so much tropical wonder to behold here that you won’t believe your eyes.. Whether you want to see the rugged coastline, the world famous beaches, the lush rainforests, or the mountain heights, there are thoughtfully designed Kauai helicopter tours to get you there.. Since deciding between similar excursions can often be difficult and time consuming, we thought we would boil it down to our two top picks.. There are a pair of Kauai helicopter tours, in particular, that we find especially compelling.. The first is a “doors off” waterfall tour.. This air tour lasts for about an hour and 15 minutes, and focuses on getting you up close to several of the iconic cascades scattered throughout the island.. Among the most famous are Opaekaa Falls and Wailua Falls.. The former features a dramatic 150 ft.. dual plunge that flows down a wall of volcanic basalt, while the latter one, not too far away, is 175 ft.. tall and was once featured on the credits to the TV show, “Fantasy Island.. ” Another collection of waterfalls  ...   Kauai?.. The second of the two Kauai helicopter tours we want to mention is a 90-minute comprehensive expedition over the entire island.. Like we said, it’s relatively easy to navigate the 500-square-mile landmass when you’re air born, so you can see quite a lot in an hour and a half.. Among the sites you’ll check out on this second excursion are Waimea Canyon, which is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, due to its resemblance to the northern Arizona landmark; the Napali Coast, with its 17 miles of verdant sea cliffs and deep valleys; and the mile-high summit of Mt.. Waialeale, which is covered in vegetation thanks to 450 inches of annual rainfall! In addition, you’ll check out spectacular Hanalei Bay, the cove at Kipu Kai, and various other coastal gems.. As you can tell, there’s no shortage of.. things to see on Kauai.. Now, getting to all of them would be a challenge were you traveling by foot or wheel, but that’s not the case when you’re in the air.. In other words, appreciating the entirety of this Hawaiian island is no problem with the help of.. Kauai helicopter tours.. This entry was posted in.. Travel.. and tagged.. hawaii.. kauai.. kauai helicopter tours.. kauai tours.. Bookmark the.. permalink..

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  • Title: Read All About Great Kauai Tours and Activities
    Descriptive info: Kauai Helicopter Tours.. February 14, 2013.. Kauai really is a remarkable sightseeing destination, which is why you should consider one of many guided.. Kauai tours.. around the island.. Kauai is divided into five districts, each of which offers something special for you and your fellow travelers.. Getting around is easy, too, thanks to accessible roads for self-guided travel, friendly locals to point you in the right direction if you get lost, and of course, fixed-itinerary excursions that are led by experienced guides.. There’s no shortage of things to do, and taking a.. tour o.. f.. Kauai.. will make sure that happens.. Things to Do on Kauai.. Looking for something to do while on Hawaii’s “Island of Discovery,” Kauai? Well, you’re in luck.. An array of.. are here for the taking, from.. sightseeing tours.. by helicopter, plane, and ATV, to.. Of the many.. from which to choose,.. are no brainers.. Making your way around the island is easy and convenient when you’re being directed by someone who has lived here for years.. One of the prime spots to visit is the Napali Coast on the far northern end of the island.. Here, you can behold a mountainous shoreline that’s characterized by verdant green cliffs.. To get here by foot, you can hike the 11-mile Kalalau Trail from Kee Beach to Kalalau Beach, a remote destination that’s far from the traffic and the crowds.. The hike can be done in one or two days; in the latter scenario, travelers generally camp overnight at Hanakapiai Beach before proceeding on to the last leg of their journey.. Alternatively,.. air tours.. offer a convenient way to get to and from the Napali Coast.. Take off in a plane or a helicopter, and circle these famous cliffs from several hundred feet in the air.. There’s only one word to describe it: remarkable!.. Speaking of.. , they provide opportunities to see much more than the Napali Coast, and of all the.. , these are the most time and energy efficient.. Plane and.. helicopter tours.. will take you out to famous locales such as Hanalei Bay,  ...   visit many a breathtaking destination in utmost intimacy.. Many of these excursions take place on the island’s south shore, as you make your way from the rugged lowlands to the verdant uplands, through miles of rainforests, to remote mountain waterfalls and pools.. On an.. , you can also check out the Koloa Sugar Mill, where you’ll shoot through an old sugar cane tunnel; and Kipu Ranch, on the eastern end of the island, where Hollywood film crews shot parts of blockbusters such as.. Jurassic Park.. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.. , and more.. Finally, Kauai tours offer an assortment of.. to keep you busy throughout your stay.. A couple of somewhat unconventional types of.. including scuba diving and snorkeling—we say that because the sightseeing takes place below the surface of the Pacific Ocean! Trusty guides can take you into the great blue depths at places like Anini Beach, Makua Beach, and Poipu Beach, each of which offers something a little bit different.. These underwater scuba and snorkeling.. sightseeing tours.. feature everything from huge coral reefs, to tropical fish, to spinner dolphins and Hawaiian green sea turtles.. One last popular.. ocean activity.. —and this one is completely free—is simply to head to a beach and bum around in the sun and waves all day.. With ample rays, the beaches of Kauai are perfect if you’re hoping to return home tanned and relaxed.. Kee Beach is ideal for doing just that, while nearby Hanalei Bay boasts a spectacular, curved strip of sand, perfect for lounging.. Seasoned surfers who want to find big surfs will also find much to like on Kauai.. Among the most surfed beaches are Hanalei Beach and Nawiliwili Harbor up north, and Poipu Beach to the south.. We could go on and on, but it should be clear: the.. tours on Kauai.. allow you to do most everything you want.. So grab some sun block and strap on your most comfort shoes or flip-flops—it’s time to go sightseeing on some.. !.. Kauai Resources:.. Kauai Visitors information.. kauai activities.. what to do in Kauai..

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  • Title: Kauai Hotels and Resorts - Book Online Now
    Descriptive info: Kauai Hotels Resorts.. Kauai hotels offer the perfect place to unwind for several reasons, not the least of which is its collection of five-star resorts and other world-class lodgings.. From Poipu on the south shore, to Princeville to the north, there’s an unbeatable accommodation full of first-class amenities just waiting for you.. Near Hanalei Bay you’ll find everything from 100-room Kauai hotels to privately-owned, single-bedroom rental homes.. The larger Kauai hotels boast everything from on-site salons and fitness centers, to elevated terraces from which you can gaze out into the scenic bay.. Tropical-themed pools are common in these parts, giving you the perfect environment in which to soak up the sun and grab a tropical drink or two.. One hotel even features a 5,000-square-foot pool that directly overlooks the Pacific Ocean!.. There are plenty of cottages and private homes that can be rented in the area, as well.. Nestled in tranquility between mountains and water, with easy access to golf courses and hiking trails, such options may appeal to you more than the big resorts do.. Plus, these standalone accommodations near Princeville, Lihue, and elswhere have the added benefit of private entrances, garages, and open-sided lanais in which to soak up those famous Kauaian trade winds  ...   endless horizon of the Pacific Ocean, or alternatively, private, manicured gardens for reading or meditation.. And if you’re into truly posh living, make a reservation at one of the area presidential suites, some of which push upwards of 2,000 square feet!.. Meanwhile, those seeking the quaint experience of a bed and breakfast are urged to check out Kapaa to the east.. There you can find one- and two-bedroom suites with private baths, decks, and kitchenettes, not to mention, a down-to-earth feel.. Though B Bs may not be as large or elaborate as some other accommodations, don’t think that you won’t be treated like a king.. Several B Bs in Kapaa and elsewhere offer spa packages, on-site pools and Jacuzzis, and even luaus that are open strictly to their guests.. In addition to the resorts, Kauai hotels, cottages, and B Bs, Kauai boasts plenty of other lodgings, as well, from vacation rentals to affordable motels.. The question, therefore, isn’t so much, “Where can I stay?” as it is, “What am I looking for?” With over 100 facilities on a relatively small island, you’ll be able to find a place that will seem as if it were custom-crafted according to your preferences.. For tour and activity information,.. Click Here..

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  • Title: Kauai Weather - Forcast and General Kauai Weather Information
    Descriptive info: See 10-Day Forecast.. © HotelsCombined.. com.. Looking for warming sunbeams and inviting temperatures? Then look no further than Kauai weather.. The northernmost of Hawaii’s eight major islands, Kauai is a true tropical paradise that beckons visitors any time of the year.. Indeed, there are few days here that aren’t worthy of a jaunt out to the beach to soak up the rays and to bathe in the sweet air and refreshing Pacific Ocean.. On average, the temperatures on land are surprisingly moderate.. Average daily readings range from just below 70 degrees during the winter, to the mid-80’s during the summer.. Even at night, temperatures rarely dip below 60 degrees, so you can go for a walk on the beach whenever you’d like.. Perhaps most surprising of all, Kauai’s summer highs are only in the upper-80’s, and it has never topped 100 degrees on the island! Combined with a moderate 50%-70% humidity, Kauai’s climate is about as inviting as it gets.. It’s neither a desert nor a bog, but rather, a lush land of cliffs, greenery, and comfortable temperatures.. An amazing feature of Kauai weather are its seven microclimates, which range from the arid to the wet.. The western side of the island, which features the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” Waimea Canyon, is generally dry..  ...   no more than a few minutes.. The long and short of it is that, as you pack for your vacation to Kauai, you can leave your umbrella at home!.. So what about the water surrounding Kauai? Well, to be honest, the temperature is much like that of an indoor heated pool! The coolest the surface temperature gets is about 73 degrees in February; by contrast, it’s a positively balmy 80 degrees during October.. The fallout is that Kauai is an ideal locale in which to go swimming or surfing.. Helping Kauai weather achieve such an unbelievably inviting climate are its winds.. Dubbed the “trade winds” due to the trading ships that once used them, these northeasterly winds cool off Kauai and keep the humidity low, even when during the rainy season.. From time to time during the winter, gusts called the Kona winds can come from the west or the south; these bring hotter and more humid conditions.. Nevertheless, they are generally quite rare, and should not greatly impede any travel plans.. In summary, Kauai weather is about as comfortable as you can imagine.. With a cool breeze and hours of daily sunshine, it’s no stretch to say that the island is practically heaven on earth.. For information about Kauai Tour,.. For more weather information,..

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