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  • Title: Home | LUTA - Life Changing Sportswear
    Descriptive info: .. WE GIVE.. HALF.. LUTA SPORTSWEAR gives half its profits to.. sports education projects for young people.. in communities affected by crime and violence.. Shipping to USA $.. Shipping to UK £.. CART.. LOG IN.. SHOP.. ABOUT LUTA.. CHANGING LIVES.. #.. LIFECHANGINGPROJECT.. IAMLUTA.. FEATURED.. T-shirts.. From $27.. 99.. Buy Now.. Training Wear.. From $34.. MMA  ...   OFFERS.. Hoodies Sweatshirts.. Performance.. Men's T-Shirts.. Women's T-Shirts.. Base Layers.. MMA.. Boxing.. Shorts.. Pants.. Jackets.. Our Story.. About LUTA.. Press.. More Info.. Terms Conditions.. Privacy Policy.. Security Policy.. Collection.. Contact Us.. Size Guide.. Delivery Returns.. FAQ s.. Sitemap.. FOLLOW LUTA.. Sign up to our monthly newsletter for the latest news on products, information and offers.. 2014..

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  • Title: LUTA Changing Lives | LUTA - Life Changing Sportswear
    Descriptive info: shop.. LUTA changing lives.. GIVING HALF.. LUTA give half of its profits to Fight for Peace, a non-profit organisation that uses boxing and martial arts, combined with personal development and education to help realise the potential of young people affected by crime and violence.. Fight for Peace was founded in 2000 in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.. Opened as a response to the hardships felt by residents, the academy has developed to help change the lives of those residents whose only real future lay with the drug trafficking gangs that operated within their neighborhoods.. In 2007, a similar academy opened in London, England to tackle an increase in street gangs.. Two very different communities, but both supported by Fight for Peace s clear methodology.. Fight for Peace today offer their Global Alumni program that supports local groups (for example, non-governmental organisations, schools, youth organisations, sports clubs, young offender programs) to implement Fight for Peace s five pillar  ...   (including the U.. S) have received further support.. Over the next three years Fight for Peace will train and support 120 organisations across the world, meaning a total of 110,000 young people will benefit from its work.. GLOBAL ALUMNI.. AROUND THE WORLD.. Fight for Peace s Global Alumni program takes its five pillar methodology (boxing martial arts, education, employability, youth leadership and social support services) and supports organisations from young offender programs to schools all over the world.. Over the next three years Fight for Peace will work with 120 organisations and 70,000 young people.. BRAZIL AND UK.. RIO AND LONDON.. Since humble beginnings as a small boxing club, Fight for Peace has expanded.. The favela of Complexo da Maré in Rio is supported with a multi-purpose combat sport and education academy and since 2007 so is East London in England where a similar academy has been set up, meaning that 2,500 young people a year benefit from both sites..

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  • Title: Shop | LUTA - Life Changing Sportswear
    Descriptive info: HOODIES SWEATSHIRTS.. PERFORMANCE.. MEN'S T-SHIRTS.. WOMEN'S T-SHIRTS.. BASE LAYERS.. BOXING.. SHORTS.. PANTS.. JACKETS.. FEATURED MEN S T-SHIRTS.. A collection of men s t-shirts from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.. We have used images from the streets and iconic favela landscapes to draw on our heritage and birthplace.. Rise Above Black T Shirt.. $27.. Epic Grey White T Shirt..  ...   and base layers provide exceptional performance whether worn for gym training, MMA or running.. MMA Laser-Tech Rash Guard - White.. $64.. MMA Performance Rash Guard - Black.. $44.. Long Sleeve Base Layer.. FEATURED TRACK SUITS.. LUTA tracksuit tops, bottoms, and hoodies are made for premium style and comfort.. Performance Track Top.. $89.. Luta Hoodie - Black.. Luta Hoodie - Grey..

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  • Title: About LUTA | LUTA - Life Changing Sportswear
    Descriptive info: about LUTA.. THIS IS WHO WE ARE.. OUR STORY.. The year is 2000.. A small boxing club called Luta Pela Paz (Fight for Peace) opens its doors for the first time in the favela community of Complexo da Maré in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.. Immediately it becomes an outlet for the young people in the favela, a place for them to go, a place to work hard and turn away from a life of drugs, guns and social exclusion.. In time the gym became a place where champions inside and outside of the ring - were developed.. LUTA Sportswear was created to support these champions.. LUTA is quality, high performance, socially responsible sportswear.. We ve consulted with pro athletes and teamed up with leading sports apparel designers and top performance fabric technicians in order to bring you the best possible products for your routine.. LUTA Sportswear is part of the commitment you have made to yourself.. You want to get fighting fit and in doing so, change your life.. But and this is why we are different - you are also changing someone else s as half our profits go to Fight for Peace.. Today, a  ...   heritage that was designed for both fighters and those who are serious about getting fit.. I also wanted to pay tribute to the incredible spirit and energy I discovered in the favelas, a real strength I had witnessed first-hand while training young champions since the year 2000.. Finally, I wanted to support those champions and others like them around the world.. That is why LUTA gives half of our profits to Fight for Peace, a non-profit organisation supporting young people in communities affected by gun crime and violence.. OUR HOME.. THIS IS COMPLEXO DA MARÈ.. This is the vast complex of favelas that run through the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is home to over 130,000 people.. Life here isn t easy.. Like many other favela communities, Maré is divided by armed drug traffickers and those who live here are plagued by daily violence and economic adversity.. Despite these hardships, the young people at Fight for Peace have shown incredible resilience.. Instead of quitting they work hard; coming to the gym and showing huge dedication in their quest to become champions.. They are the inspiration behind LUTA.. It is here that LUTA was born..

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  • Title: Life Changing Project | LUTA - Life Changing Sportswear
    Descriptive info: WHAT IS THE LIFE CHANGING PROJECT.. The #LIFECHANGINGPROJECT is a national campaign that supports young people who live in New York communities affected by crime and violence.. Watch the videos to meet four gyms from across the city that we ve chosen to help because of their commitment to youth support.. HALF of all profits made by LUTA in the US  ...   staff and support them over 12 months to develop new mentoring, education and leadership programs for young people in their communities.. GET IN ON THE ACTION.. Check out the Life Changing Project live feed to see what s happening right now in NYC and across the world.. Tweet.. and.. Instagram.. your support, your stories, and your life changing photos using #LIFECHANGINGPROJECT..

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  • Title: Performance | LUTA - Life Changing Sportswear
    Descriptive info: shop us.. performance.. Performance training apparel including tops, shorts, hoodies, tracksuits and base layers.. Choose from a range of designs created for the individual demands of different conditions, training routines and sports.. When you buy LUTA Sportswear you help change the lives of young people living in communities  ...   Laser-Tech Rash Guard.. 54.. Speed-Tech Training Tank.. 34.. MMA Shorts - Black.. Speed-Tech Training Top - Grey.. Long Sleeve Rash Guard.. Performance Training Top - Black.. 39.. Speed-Tech Training Top - Black.. 64.. Track Pants - Grey.. 49.. 89.. Performance Track Pants.. Track Pants - Black.. LUTA Training Shorts..

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  • Title: MMA | LUTA - Life Changing Sportswear
    Descriptive info: mma.. A collection of premium MMA tops, rash guards, base layers and shorts that deliver the very best in design and performance; including the world s first seamless rash guard.. LUTA Pro Boxing Gloves- 10 oz.. 74.. LUTA Pro Boxing Gloves- 8 oz.. LUTA Boxing Gloves- 14 oz.. LUTA Boxing Gloves- 16 oz..

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  • Title: Men's T-Shirts | LUTA - Life Changing Sportswear
    Descriptive info: men's t-shirts.. Men s T-Shirts.. In Brazilian Portugese, LUTA means to fight, to struggle and to never quit.. Our t-shirt range is inspired by both the spirit of LUTA and by our heritage in Rio de Janeiro s favelas.. LUTA Sportswear and Fight for Peace were founded in the Complexo de Mare favela in Rio de Janeiro.. The models wearing these t-shirts are young people from Fight for Peace.. Epic Grey/White T  ...   T Shirt.. Never Quit Grey T Shirt.. Rise Above White T Shirt.. Victorious Black T Shirt.. Victorious Blue T Shirt.. Favela Blocks Grey T Shirt.. Favela Blocks Yellow T Shirt.. Favela Man Rising Blue T Shirt.. Favela Man Rising Yellow T Shirt.. Favela Skyline Black T Shirt.. Favela Skyline Grey T Shirt.. LUTA Classic Black T Shirt.. LUTA Classic Blue T Shirt.. LUTA Classic Grey T Shirt.. LUTA Classic Yellow T Shirt..

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  • Title: Boxing | LUTA - Life Changing Sportswear
    Descriptive info: boxing.. A range of premium boxing apparel created by fighters, for fighters.. Whether worn for training, sparring or competing, LUTA boxing tops, tanks and shorts are for athletes serious about getting fighting fit.. Boxing Speed Shorts - Black..

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  • Title: Newsletter Signup | LUTA - Life Changing Sportswear
    Descriptive info: Newsletter Signup.. SIGN UP.. Signing up with LUTA is simple.. With your permission, we ll email you about new items and products that have arrived online and keep you updated about all the latest from LUTA.. You will also receive special or limited offers for account holders only.. See our Privacy Policy.. Name.. Your email*.. Address.. City.. State.. Country.. Zip code.. Tick here to recieve the LUTA Fightwear newsletter via email and get details of all the latest collections, the end of season sale, exclusive offers and other exciting benefits.. You can unsubscribe at any time..

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  • Title: Delivery and Returns - US | LUTA - Life Changing Sportswear
    Descriptive info: Delivery and Returns - US.. Customer Service.. Call Us.. Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm GMT +44 203 176 2641.. Email Us.. Response within 24 hours.. info@luta.. co.. uk.. Frequently Asked Questions.. You may return any item for refund/credit for any reason within 30 days, if it is still packaged and in "resalable" condition.. Use of our products in a manner other than that for which they were manufactured also nullifies this warranty.. All returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA).. It s quick and easy to get an RMA  ...   services (.. ) with your return request and purchase order number.. We ll send you a unique RMA number, which must be added to your delivery receipt and returned with your LUTA clothing.. Mark the delivery receipt with your reason for returning the item.. Return your LUTA clothing in suitable packaging to the address provided.. Only LUTA clothing that has been received in resalable condition will be refunded, providing the above process has been followed.. All credits will be issued by the original method of payment, excluding shipping and handling charges..

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