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  • Title: Lightfield Media
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to content.. Lightfield Media.. Idea Development, Production Distribution.. COACHING.. Educational Media.. TV/Film.. Our Process.. Web Video.. Publishing.. About Susie Arnett.. PRODUCTS.. Contact.. Do You Have A Great Idea?.. Having a great idea is like falling in love.. There's the exhilaration, the expansiveness, all the big hopes for the future.. And like any relationship, there can be bumps in the road too.. Things don't.. Read more.. Should I stay or should I go?.. There are always times when I feel like giving up.. I work with ideas, which means that I don’t have a 9-5 job and I don’t have a regular paycheck.. Like many people, I am cutting.. Selling A Yoga Book.. “The yoga market is completely saturated,” the literary agent said over the phone.. He had just taken a look at my book proposal for a coffee table book filled with pictures of babies doing yoga.. Jan 29.. There s the exhilaration, the expansiveness, all the big hopes for the future.. Things don t always go as expected, planned, or wanted.. In honor of those times, I ve recently published my new e-book, Clearing Your Inner Path to Success, to help navigate those choppy waters.. It s idea development from the inside out because from my experience, I ve seen how those internal walls can often manifest as external ones.. As Joseph Campbell would say, the monster is inside us.. Mar 1.. 2 Comments.. NO EXCUSES.. Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to be a delegate to the UN Conference on Women by the NGO, Pathways for Peace.. From around the world, women gathered to tell their stories, share their struggles and offer solutions.. The focus this year was Rural Women.. At one panel, the moderator, Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda, the Chair from the NGO/Committee for the Status of Women from Geneva as well as the Secretary General of the World Young Women s Christian Association (World YWCA), told her story.. Dec 30.. 10 Comments.. Your Idea Is Limitless.. I recently rented a movie called “Limitless”, which was about an ineffective, unsuccessful guy who is given a pill that gives him access to his entire brain.. You know how they say you only use 5% of your brain? This pill enabled him to use it all.. He became so sharp, so clear, so smart and his career took off.. Imagine how you would be if your entire brain was on-line.. No brain fog, no confusion, no questions.. As the main character described it, “I knew exactly what I needed to do and I knew how to do it.. ”.. Nov 6.. Wait, Don t Worry.. My daughter recently came home with a perfect score on her spelling test.. She was so proud and so was I.. Her success in spelling is meaningful because last year, her 1.. st.. grade teacher recommended holding her back a year because she couldn’t spell.. She insisted that my daughter and I work harder to get the spelling right.. But in my heart, I knew that struggling was not the way.. Sep 19.. The Closed Door.. Yesterday, I was taking the train from NYC to Rhinecliff, NY.. My two small children and I  ...   stuck?.. Jun 16.. Do you have an idea but are unsure about your next steps?.. We are conducting a research experiment to investigate the key factors that stop us from moving our ideas forward.. Although it s easy to blame our blocks on external factors like the economy or something going on out there , we re interested in digging a little deeper.. Since our mission at Lightfield Media is to develop ideas from the inside out, we are also interested in exploring the shadow of our ideation process from the inside out too.. Jun 3.. The Yoga of Making Media.. Years ago, I ran across an interview with philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti.. It was plain to say the least.. He sat in a chair and talked while a camera watched.. There was no lighting, editing, expensive set or comedian sidekick making jokes.. At the time, I was a producer for MTV and spent most of my time focusing on fancy camera angles and $600/hour post-production facilities in an effort to keep my audience s attention.. But this video blew me away because although it had none of that, it worked.. Mar 14.. Saying Goodbye.. Sometimes when we work with others, we must end our partnerships.. Like any divorce or separation, it can be tricky both legally and emotionally.. In the development of an idea or a product, there are no children but there is this third thing, this creation that has sprung from the commingling of two minds.. How do you divide something that has its own being-ness in half?.. Mar 6.. What s Stopping You?.. I have a client who is a guru to many.. Her mind is so fast, her insights are completely on target and she is way smarter than me.. At first, I was a bit intimidated.. I felt a lot of pressure to keep up with her, to dazzle her to earn my keep.. What this looked like in our consulting sessions was that I stopped listening and found myself competing.. This had never happened before.. Older Entries.. Email Subscription.. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.. Join 1,047 other followers.. Recent Posts.. Select Month.. January 2013.. March 2012.. December 2011.. November 2011.. September 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. March 2010.. About Us.. Lightfield Media is a full service production company and consulting firm that specializes in the development, packaging, and production of media products.. We work across all platforms, in publishing, TV Film, and digital.. On a content level, we have created and produced media in the alternative wellness space, parenting, pop culture, youth culture, and women's interests.. What's your idea? Transforming this spark in your brain to something concrete in the world is the most inspiring process in the world.. We believe in creating and doing business from the inside out so that integrity is maintained in both product and brand development.. Pages.. Categories.. book publishing.. Search.. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.. com.. The Linen Theme.. Follow.. Follow Lightfield Media.. Get every new post delivered to your Inbox.. Powered by WordPress.. Add your thoughts here.. (optional).. Post to.. Cancel..

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  • Title: COACHING | Lightfield Media
    Descriptive info: Do you wonder how to navigate the complex landscape of people and situations in the entertainment industry? After almost 25 years in the business, I am able to help you read what s going on in between the lines in order to help you be more effective and successful with your projects and your career.. Oftentimes when you re in the middle of it, it s impossible to accurately identify the agendas and motivations of others (and even yourself too) so I provide you with a clear and objective outside perspective plus the understanding that comes from decades of experience in the business to help you identify what s going on so you can operate in a way that will help you achieve your goals.. Identify hidden agendas.. See more clearly.. Make better decisions.. For more information, contact me at e2mama@mac.. Some of our clients:.. BIOTUNE by Cass Phelps.. “Susie is truly gifted at seeing exactly where you are stuck and gracefully showing you where and what it is, while asking just the right questions to get you back on track.. In working with her, I was able to refocus and upgrade the vision of my project and take it to a new level.. She helped me structure and plan my steps for success and gave me grounded insights from her years of knowledge as a successful producer.. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about taking life and success all the way!”.. PRIMAL BODY PRIMAL MIND by Nora Gedgaudas.. Long before I got to know Susie Arnett she had a reputation throughout the EEG Institute for having exceptional creative and conceptual skills as well as that of being a wonderful and very highly thought of human being.. A few years ago I came to this greater awareness first hand when Susie and I were  ...   possibilities surrounding whatever project you are involved with until you ve consulted with Susie Arnett.. Prepare to be dazzled and successful!.. AUGUST GOLD, Author and Founder of Sacred Center, NY.. A development session with Susie Arnett is like a creative explosion: I walk away with so many excellent, interesting, strong ideas that I use to grow my business.. Susie s ideas are always fresh and cutting edge.. Her excitement is contagious.. Her imagination is a treasure house.. August Gold, Author and founder of Sacred Center NY.. BRUCE FERTMAN, Founder of The Peaceful Body School.. http://www.. themovementschool.. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS NM.. techsolnm.. CIRCLE + BLOOM.. circlebloom.. Share this:.. Email.. Twitter.. Google.. StumbleUpon.. Print.. LinkedIn.. Like this:.. Like.. Loading.. 3 Comments.. Post a comment.. Tambrey.. #.. This forum needed shaknig up and you ve just done that.. Great post!.. August 15, 2011.. Reply.. Susie Arnett.. thank you!.. August 22, 2011.. Vimax Pills.. Thank you, I have recently been looking for information about this subject for ages and yours is the best I ve came upon so far.. But, what about the conclusion? Are you certain in regards to the source?.. August 1, 2013.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Enter your comment here.. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.. Email.. (required).. (Address never made public).. Name.. Website.. You are commenting using your WordPress.. com account.. (.. Log Out.. /.. Change.. ).. You are commenting using your Twitter account.. You are commenting using your Facebook account.. You are commenting using your Google+ account.. Connecting to %s.. Notify me of new comments via email.. Notify me of new posts via email.. Send to Email Address.. Your Name.. Your Email Address.. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!.. Email check failed, please try again.. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.. %d.. bloggers like this:..

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  • Title: Educational Media | Lightfield Media
    Descriptive info: Working with schools, we have created innovative and quality educational media products to share their curriculums with larger audiences.. PRAJNA YOGA: HOME PRACTICE SERIES.. Leaders in the yoga field, Tias and Surya Little knew it was time to expand their teaching from classrooms all over the country to a virtual classroom where they could provide their unique teaching to a larger audience.. Inspired by the beautiful and eco-friendly yoga studio they built in Santa Fe, NM, this home practice series of 7 videos offer both beginning and advanced students a way to bring yoga into their lives whenever they want or need it.. prajnayoga.. net.. PROTOCOL GUIDE: VIDEO CASE STUDY Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.. EEGINFO, world leader in Neurofeedback, wanted to create tools to help clinicians get inside clinical  ...   test results.. In the PTSD Case Study, follow along as Sue works with Kevin, a 10-year veteran of the conflict in Bosnia.. Some of Kevin s symptoms include sleep issues, panic attacks, nightmares, and depression.. Watch Sue at work as she determines his optimal reward frequency.. See how he changes and how she adjusts her protocols in response.. In addition to the awake-state training, Sue s use of Alpha-Theta continues to yield significant progress and by the end of 24 sessions, he is a self-reported new man.. He is sleeping through the night without medication, able to go to the grocery store, the movie theater, and out to dinner for the first time in years.. Maribeth.. This artclie went ahead and made my day.. so glad, thanks!.. Blog at WordPress..

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  • Title: TV/Film | Lightfield Media
    Descriptive info: As producers, we have been involved in packaging and producing both feature-length documentary film projects as well as television series and specials for many of the top networks like MTV, Lifetime, Bravo, HBO and The WB.. NAKED STATES/HBO s AMERICA UNDERCOVER SERIES.. Follow photographer Spencer Tunick as he travels across America shooting a nude in every state.. http://movies.. nytimes.. com/movie/230256/Naked-States/overview.. SHAMAN WEARS PRADA.. title= Shaman Wears Prada sizzle.. http://media.. wma.. com/cs/the_shaman_wears_prada.. This series follows urban shaman, Durek Verrett, as he brings his own unique brand of spirituality and healing to America.. JACKIE BOYZ.. www.. goldenslateproductions.. com/work/jb_sizzle.. html.. This series follows The Jackie Boyz, grammy-winning songwriters, as they hit the streets of LA  ...   new production company connecting all the dots takes time.. That’s where Susie comes in.. She is methodical and detail oriented.. With class and Intellect, she is strait forward and helps guide us to make accurate decisions.. Her Extensive background, knowledge, and connections in the industry have been a godsend.. We just finished development of “The Jackie Boyz” with Susie and are gearing up for the next project.. We hope to work with Susie in our future endeavors.. - Trent Waters, Producer.. MTVNEWS.. THE WB: FACES FOR FALL.. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT ISSUE: 25th Anniversary Special for ABC.. One Comment.. Nevaeh.. You re the one with the brinas here.. I m watching for your posts..

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  • Title: Our Process | Lightfield Media
    Descriptive info: FIRST, THERE S THE IDEA.. THEN, THERE IS THE GATHERING OF RESOURCES.. THEN, THERE IS THE IMPLEMENTATION.. We believe in developing and producing ideas from the inside out so they are in integrity with the creator s vision and values.. Although both market forces and vision are key, it is when the two have a true marriage that great ideas are born.. LIGHTFIELD MEDIA FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Primal Body Primal Mind.. We recently began working with Nora Gedgaudas, a highly experienced nutritionist and new author of the book Primal Body Primal Mind, a groundbreaking look at what truly constitutes healthy eating.. As her book was coming out in June, she had a few priorities.. She wanted to create effective promotional materials for her book that would be in alignment with her brand and she also wanted to create some additional revenue streams to expand her business beyond the daily clinical work that was taking up all her time.. She loved working with clients and it was crucial to keeping her finger on the pulse of what her audience cared about but at the same time, she saw her business trajectory moving more towards becoming an expert where she was sharing what she knew (via media and public speaking) as opposed to solely working one-on-one with people.. Like many experts, she was ready to expand.. When I was in Economics 101, decades ago, my professor drew a graph on the blackboard of something he called a production possibility curve (PPF).. I still remember this and it offers a key principle that I use almost everyday in my life.. The PPF is a graph that shows the different rates of production of 2 goods or services that an economy can produce efficiently during a specified time with a limited quantity of productive resources.. Now, if  ...   relevant and useful to readers of her book and also to anyone who cared about incorporating healthier eating habits into their diet.. We also produced a book trailer to help raise awareness and excitement around her book launch.. Downloads went from 150 on youtube to 850 views in a matter of days and more importantly drove traffic to her website.. Then, we started talking about supplements.. If you read Nora s book, you will come to understand how completely knowledgeable she is about supplements the good, the bad, the necessary and unnecessary.. Although creating a supplement line made a lot of sense on a business level, she really did not want hawking supplements to become her priority.. Her integrity is of utmost importance to her and her mission is about sharing the highest quality information.. Over the course of more than 20 years in the business, she had an extremely loyal and trusting audience.. She did not want to jeopardize that by appearing like it was all about selling product.. As there are so many supplements out there, she had no interest in reinventing the wheel.. As we talked more about it, though, she did have some ideas for specific supplements that were unavailable or extremely difficult to find.. This felt more true to her mission of providing a unique and valuable service.. Through my network, I was able to find an Australian supplement company that was interested in launching products in the US and loved her POV on nutrition.. We are currently negotiating a deal for 6 unique and very special products for her.. Ideas: media products, trailers, supplement products.. Resources: writers, film editors, supplement companies, investors.. Excellence in Execution: see for yourself!.. Lavigne.. Way to go on this essay, heelpd a ton.. so glad.. do you have an idea you are working on?..

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  • Title: Web Video | Lightfield Media
    Descriptive info: We have developed both web series and web videos to help educate, inspire, and promote companies and causes.. In today s market, websites cannot be without video and when well done, can drive traffic and increase sales exponentially.. PRAJNA YOGA.. EEG INFO.. In order to educate potential clients and professionals, EEGINFO, world leader in neurofeedback, wanted to create a video series for their website that would both brand them as leaders in the field plus drive clinic growth.. Below is a link to a video about neurofeedback and autism and is one of a series that was produced and resulted in an increase in clinic growth.. This video  ...   Video).. eeginfo.. RAVEN DRUM FOUNDATION.. Raven Drum is an organization that provides healing drum circles for veterans and other populations suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.. They wanted to produce media that would inspire the public both to attend and to support their programs financially.. com/watch?v=HdcuTwbXdYQ.. (Malibu Drum Circle Video).. ravendrumfoundation.. org.. DEIRDRE HADE.. Deirdre is a remarkable and powerful healer who wanted to extend her brand into media.. The web videos are effective in promoting both her as a personality as well as the specific nature of both her one-on-one work and group programs.. deirdrehade.. Jenny.. Life is short, and this article saved vaaluble time on this Earth..

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  • Title: Publishing | Lightfield Media
    Descriptive info: As authors and consultants, we have packaged, edited, and authored a variety of book projects.. Whether it s offering support with proposal development, helping authors find the right agent or publisher, or developing book projects into TV, film or other media, we always stay focused on the core message and packaging it with integrity and the highest level of professionalism.. BORN YOGIS by Susie Arnett and Doug Kim.. Born Yogis is a charming coffee table book that shows how we are all born natural yogis and yoginis.. Inspired by my son who was continually and naturally bending and stretching himself into a variety of poses, the book was quickly and successfully published by Rodale and has also been published in Korean and German..  ...   Arnett was brilliant in assisting us with editing, arranging and closing transition gaps during the writing of our book, “Coyote Goes Global”.. The project was complex and Susie asked great questions and provided insightful ways to create a meaningful experience for our readers.. Guy Lone Eagle AKA Star Blanket, Author.. PARENTING IN PICTURES by Kim Bellisimo.. Parenting in Pictures offers readers a groundbreaking path to improving our relationships with our children and within our families without saying a word.. Currently in production.. ARTICLES/BLOGS.. WORKHERWAY.. COM.. My blog about idea development.. workherway.. com/author/Susie%20Arnett/.. 7 TIPS ON THE YOGA OF MAKING MEDIA.. namasta.. com/yoga_media.. php.. LIVING SMALL by Susie Arnett.. kindredcommunity.. com/articles/living-small mothering-on-a-shoestring-in-an-age-of-retail-parenting/p/2042.. Ireland.. What a joy to find soemnoe else who thinks this way..

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  • Title: About Susie Arnett | Lightfield Media
    Descriptive info: Lightfield Media was founded by Susie Arnett, a veteran of the television and media business who spent over 15 years working with many of the top companies in the field like Viacom, Universal and Warner Brothers in both Los Angeles and New York City.. Now, as an independent producer and consultant, Susie Arnett specializes in translating both individual and corporate brands into books, television and film, digital content, and games.. As a consultant, her clients are experts in their field and creators of groundbreaking and life-changing content.. She supports and facilitates their ability to navigate the media landscape and expand their media presence in the popular culture.. In addition to advising clients on overall strategy, she helps clients with creative development, branding, and financing.. Prior to working as a consultant, she was the VP of Programming for Lifetime Television where she was responsible for supervising all program development for a spin-off channel targeted at women 12 – 34.. After that, she went to work for Barry Diller as VP of Programming to develop the station group, Studios USA, into a viable network.. Working entrepreneurially inside these large organizations, she was able to work with advertisers, cable operators and creatives to bring programming to market without selling out the soul of the idea.. As an executive producer, she has brought to air both documentary and  ...   about helping the masses bring their good ideas to the world.. Susie Arnett is a graduate of Georgetown University.. 6 Comments.. Kaylan.. That s really thinikng out of the box.. Thanks!.. Tucson Chiropractors.. I don t know why.. August 20, 2011.. Mark E Henry Jr.. Hi Susie,.. My name is Mark Henry.. I would like to work with your company as a go to Production Sound Mixer.. Additionally, I am in development on a few features and.. Am looking to partner with great producer in the near future.. Please visit my website to learn more about me.. Lastly, my good friend Greg Ammon recently finished Post on his first feature documentary, titled 59 Middle Lane, and he s shopping it.. February 5, 2012.. It s highly profitable, you might take a look at it You could help the film really take off.. DTFitzgerald.. someecards.. com/confirm-send/MjAxMy1kZGI0ZTgzZDg0YmEwYzM1.. Hey did this link work? Happy year of the snake! just found yr sites.. Congratulations on a bunch of stuff ! Happy birthday, DTF.. April 29, 2013.. James Pisano.. I knew Susie in college.. Though it s been almost 30 years since I last spoke to her, I knew her to be a vibrant, intelligent woman.. She was capable of seeing issues from many angles and quite open to discuss difficult issues with grace, poise and openness.. February 19, 2014..

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  • Title: PRODUCTS | Lightfield Media
    Descriptive info: CLEARING YOUR INNER PATH TO SUCCESS is a simple, no-nonsense guide to help you take ideas to the next level.. Part business strategy, part personal coach, this book will walk you through the 7 most common blocks that stop you when you are trying to develop or launch a new idea.. If you are someone who has ideas or has gone as far as you can on your own, this book will help you break through your own barriers, as well as all the can ts from others, so you can make your idea happen.. Actual sales materials like book queries and executive summaries are included in the appendix.. To purchase the book for your Kindle for $9.. 95, please click here.. amazon.. com/dp/B00B0NQSPW.. If you would like to purchase the Kindle  ...   users there s free software as well.. html?ie=UTF8 docId=1000464931.. If you have any questions on how to purchase a hard copy of the book for $12.. 95, please email me at e2mama@mac.. 5 Comments.. Trevion.. Very valid, pithy, succnict, and on point.. WD.. Sam Jagow.. As e-book formats emerged and proliferated, some garnered support from major software companies such as Adobe with its PDF format, and others supported by independent and open-source programmers.. Different readers followed different formats, most of them specializing in only one format, and thereby fragmenting the e-book market even more.. ;^.. Best regards.. foodsupplementdigest.. May 2, 2013.. Trackbacks Pingbacks.. Evolution Ezine Blog Archive Great Ideas Clearing Your Inner Path to Success.. Great Ideas Clearing Your Inner Path to SuccessTrust Me.. Great Ideas Clearing Your Inner Path to SuccessEvolution Ezine..

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  • Title: Contact | Lightfield Media
    Descriptive info: For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please contact us at:.. e2mama@mac.. 310-729-3888.. 7 Comments.. Greg.. Love your writing.. Don t know if you remember me, but we had a glass of wine at the Cow Girl.. You had just dropped the kids at the airport and was somewhat exhausted.. Maybe we should try it again sometime.. Let s catch up.. Greg.. June 3, 2011.. Hi Greg,.. Thanks for checking out my site!.. I m going back east tomorrow for most of the summer.. Let s check  ...   for your listening and spontaeous timing today!.. It was remarkable to be able to speak to U the site is wonderful and the contemplations are great too!!.. paradiseearth project www.. livingfoodsgardenvillage.. August 7, 2011.. Nancy Machine.. I learned a lot from this article, great help for me, thank you!.. DnB.. Your Blog is cool.. I put in the website a nice song i like.. Hey Susie,.. Love the new site look, and your writing is always enjoyable.. October 17, 2011.. Susie ArnettSusie.. Thank you!.. Hope you are well.. Best,..

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  • Title: Do You Have A Great Idea? | Lightfield Media
    Descriptive info: by Susie Arnett on January 26, 2013.. http://lightfieldmedia.. us/idea-development-ebook/.. In the book, I take a look at the most common excuses I ve made and heard over almost 25 years of developing and producing ideas and offer solutions to help you break through what s stopping you.. I realized  ...   us through the rough times.. It is the gasoline that keeps me going so that I can harness the tools, skills and resources necessary to make it happen.. Good luck and let me know what s helping you make your idea happen.. About these ads.. Related.. From:.. No comments yet..

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