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  • Title: moab-tours.us | Moab Tour and Activity Information
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. What To Do In Moab.. About Moab.. Contact Us.. Moab Tours.. Call: 1-888-354-6186.. Tour and activity reservations.. made simple.. Let us help plan your Moab tours, activities, fun adventure.. Look at our "What to do in Moab" section for great ideas of things to do in Moab, from hiking, shopping and Moab tours.. As seen on:.. Categories.. Most Popular.. Why Choose Us?.. Tours.. Specials.. Moab Tours are diverse, but all of them share in the fact that they offer breathtaking beauty under the big sky and amidst the big mountains of the American West.. So whether you decide on Moab tours to Arches National Park or Canyonlands National Park, or go on an off-road or whitewater rafting, you’re going to experience something that’s truly amazing.. Moab Tours to Arches National Park are incredible.. You’ll get to see dozens of the park’s 2,000 natural sandstone arches and buttes, balanced rocks, and other exotic formations.. Among the landmarks you’ll view is the world-famous Delicate Arch, a spectacular vertical “loop” formed from Entrada sandstone.. Adding to the wonder is the fact that the arch, which can be accessed by taking a mile-and-a-half hiking trail that begins at Wolfe Ranch, overlooks the snowcapped peaks of the La Sal Mountains to the southeast.. Excursions to Arches National Park can accommodate any pace or fitness level.. There are plenty of guided hiking and mountain biking excursions along paths at Courthouse Loop and atop the Devil’s Garden Trail.. Alternatively, you could take a bus or off-road tour.. On a  ...   will love visiting the cliff featured at the end of.. Thelma and Louise.. And everyone will appreciate layovers at prominent locations such as Jug Handle Arch, Upheaval Dome, the spires and arches in the one-of-a-kind Needles district, and the Island in the Sky district, a mesa that lies 1,000 ft.. above the surrounding terrain.. Even if your Moab tours don’t focus on the rock formations within Arches or Canyonlands National Parks, there are many ways to get a thrill.. One of the best ways is with a whitewater rafting tour.. Most whitewater rafting tours from Moab proceed down the Colorado River through a famous section known as Cataract Canyon, which commences at the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers.. This lengthy run can be done partially or in its entirety, and boasts a collection of menacing Class IV and V rapids.. With desert big horn sheep as your audience, you’ll traverse some combination of 28 rapids, including Little Niagara, Satan’s Gut, and the appropriately named “Big Drop” series.. Single-day and two-week journeys alike are available.. Therefore, the next time you’re considering an adventure in the great American West, we heartily recommend taking Moab tours.. With its collection of sandstone arches, buttes, fins, and spires, and access to two major national parks, Moab leaves no one disappointed.. Comments are closed.. Recent Posts.. Moab Jeep Tours.. ©2013 Tourplicity, Inc.. All rights reserved.. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of Tourplicity’s.. Terms Conditions.. |.. Privacy Policy.. About Tourplicity.. Terms Condiitions.. Moab Hotels and Resorts.. Moab Weather..

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  • Title: moab-tours.us | What to do in Moab, Utah
    Descriptive info: What to do in Moab.. When considering what to do in Moab, you will not be short on experiences.. “Moab” isn’t just a name from the Bible; it’s an amazing U.. S.. city.. And on your trip to Moab, Utah, you may even begin to wonder whether or not “amazing” is an understatement.. There’s just so much to see and so much to do here that it’s near imperative for any respectable traveler to stop by for at least a few days.. There are three major parks that are central to the Moab experience any one of these parks should be on your what to do in Moab list.. Canyonlands National Park is notable for its multiform terrain and top-notch rafting; Arches National Park, for its rain- and wind-carved arches; and Dead Horse Point, for its scenic overlooks and vistas.. In addition, the hiking and mountain biking in these parks is nothing short of extraordinary.. Outdoor activities abound in Moab.. You can go trout and catfish fishing in the lakes of the La Sal Mountains and the Colorado River, respectively.. You can also take a Jeep or an ATV over the rocky terrain that defines the area.. The danger is real on these trips, but that’s what makes them fun! And for an even bigger adrenaline rush, go skydiving.. There’s nothing quite like waking up, climbing on a plane, and jumping out at 10,000 ft.. What to do in Moab #1.. 4-Wheeling Jeep Tours.. – Moab has many mining roads and trails designed for 4x4s.. On these tours, you’ll enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime, off-roading experience across the less-charted parts of Moab.. You can travel these parts by taking a guided tour; or, if you’re more experienced, you can just rent a vehicle or bringing your own.. Some of the trails are extremely challenging, however, so make sure to do your research and speak with locals prior to setting off alone.. Hummer Sunset Safari.. For the perfect combination of beauty and strength, select this two-and-a-half-hour sunset safari.. You’ll climb aboard a Hummer H1 on your way to the fabulous Moab wilderness while the sun falls in the distance.. Among the trails you should attempt if you’re a rookie is Chicken Corners, which follows the Colorado River downstream before weaving through Kane Springs Canyon, down Cane Creek Anticline, and then up Hurrah Pass.. Watch for petroglyphs on the roadside, too! Also good for beginners is Secret Spire, which will give you long looks at the Entrada Sandstone bluffs, popularly referred to as Needles Rock and Rainbow Rock, and the spire itself, which is an old Navajo sandstone formation.. For a bigger challenge, hit the Golden Spike Trail, which features aptly-named spots like Double Whammy and the Body Snatcher, and ends with a particularly difficult mile as you drive toward Gold Bar Rim.. Even more difficult is Pritchett Canyon Trail.. On it, you’ll encounter a series of precarious ledges and hundreds of creek-bottom boulders to overcome.. When thinking about what to do in Moab, Off-road touring is high on our list!.. If renting a Jeep and going it on your own is not your idea of fun, why not go on a guided 4 4 of of.. Moab s Amazing backcountry.. What to do in Moab #2.. Arches National Park.. – At #2 on our what to do in Moab list, Arches National Park.. This is a unique destination as the park contains over 2,000 natural sandstone arches, as well as some other incredible formations such as sandstone fins, balanced rocks, and many ranges.. You can travel through the park by vehicle, or hike on foot.. There are many different trails for all experience levels.. Guided tours are also offered through the park to allow you to learn more deeply about the geology, the formation of the various rock structures, and resemblances they bear to other natural landmarks.. Arches Airplane Tour.. Among the many rock formations you’ll pass over include the iconic Delicate Arch, the skyscraping Courthouse Towers, and the fin-like rocks in  ...   the Sky and is an excellent route to explore, though journeys around it must be done over several days if you’re on bike or ATV.. The Needles District is spectacular, too.. Come see the Cedar Mesa Sandstone spires that tower over the land.. Or hit Horseshoe Canyon for one of the largest rock art collections on the continent.. Some of the etched figures are tall enough to look you in the eye! Finally, if you’re a whitewater enthusiast, no trip to Canyonlands is complete without a run in Cataract Canyon.. This 14-mile section of the Colorado River hits Class V difficulty level, so it’s definitely not appropriate for beginners.. Canyonlands is a must when thinking about what to do in Moab.. What to do in Moab #4.. Mountain Biking.. – Moab offers the best mountain biking in the world, with trails for people of all levels.. Regardless of a biker’s experience and the specific routes he or she takes, any visitor is certain to achieve great views of the area.. There are several sections of Moab that may be biked, including Amasa Back, Klondike Bluff, MOAB Brands, and Dead Horse Point State Park.. Mountain Biking – Family Friendly.. This off-road path is the perfect introduction to mountain biking.. You’ll ride along the contours of a largely obstacle-free bluff that overlooks the Windows district of Arches National Park.. Mountain biking beginners may want to head to Bar-M Loop, an area next to Arches National Park that isn’t difficult but requires some endurance.. The average grade is 3%, although some steeper hills encounter riders as they move north.. An even easier loop is Rusty Spur.. It’s under two miles, and covers a fairly smooth dirt and rock path.. For those with more experience, there is the notoriously difficult Slickrock Bike Trail.. The 10.. 5-mile loop is both physically- and technically-difficult, and with no water in the area and temperatures topping 100 degrees, you must come prepared.. Similarly difficult is the ironically-named Baby Steps Loop, which forces you to ascend over 1,600 ft.. on a semi-technical ride that will take about three hours.. There is a wide range of terrain on this loop, giving an ideal desert experience to riders that are up to the task.. For active types, mountain biking should be on your what to do in Moab list.. What to do in Moab #5.. Whitewater Rafting.. – The Colorado River offers some of the very best white water in the world, and Moab is the ideal location for trips that are full day, part day, or even multi-day.. If you’d prefer some help, instructors and guided tours are always available.. Wondering about what to do in Moab? Why not try whitewater rafting on the Colorado River.. Colorado River Whitewater Extreme.. Take to the Colorado River Isolated from civilization, you’ll find yourself marveling at the natural beauty around you—that is, when you’re not hanging on for dear life!.. Take a two- or four-day trip down the Colorado River’s Cataract Canyon and get the rush of a lifetime.. On these 100-plus-mile journeys, guides are vital for helping you navigate the sometimes difficult waters, and ensuring that you get to take in the sights safely.. Shorter tours are in the four-to-five-hour range, and will stop by landmarks such as Raft Fish Towers and Ida Gulch.. Excursions to the Green River are also available.. Please note that on many trips, you’ll have the option to select one of three boat types: oar boats, paddleboats, and two-passenger kayaks.. All of the tours include bottled water and snacks, and almost all of them feature hot meals, as well.. Extensions to your adventure are available, too; for example, you could add a horseback ride or safari to the end of your rafting experience, and continue the fun for another day.. So come to Moab.. We promise you one thing: it’ll get your blood moving.. What To Do.. Moab Jeep Tours and ATV.. Moab Whitewater Rafting.. Hot Air Balloon.. Dead Horse Point.. Moab Fishing.. Horseback Riding.. Moab Skydiving..

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  • Title: About Moab - Moab Tours
    Descriptive info: Moab, Utah, is a beautiful Southwestern destination ideal for people who love adventure.. Moab offers mountain biking, hiking, four wheeling, and many scenic drives.. Moab has many National Parks not too far from the city.. Arches National Park, with its red rock landscape, and Canyonlands National Park are both great destinations for visitors to the area.. The incredible landscapes make it clear why Moab has often been chosen for Hollywood movie backgrounds! In addition, the city’s downtown district offers many cultural and dining options, shopping, art galleries, and other attractions.. Beyond the choices mentioned above, one of the first places you’ll want to visit during a trip to Moab is Dead Horse Point State Park.. A 30-mile jaunt from the city, the park offers a scenic drive with breathtaking vistas, mountain biking trails, hiking  ...   and are adjacent to Warner Lake, making them the perfect place to camp or go fishing for trout.. Alternatively, you can stay in your car and take the La Sal Mountain Loop for more sightseeing fun, as you pass through landmarks such as Negro Bill Canyon, Big Bend Recreation Site, and Mill Creek Canyon.. This is an especially beautiful drive to make in the fall when the leaves begin changing colors.. One final interesting thing to do in Moab is to visit its multiple rock art sites.. The area features a variety of locations that have well-preserved pictographs and petroglyphs, many of which are over 1,000 years old.. For a taste of this ancient practice, try the Courthouse Wash or Kane Creek Blvd.. rock art sites, as well as the so-called “Birthing Scene.. ”..

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  • Title: moab-tours.us | Blog Post - Moab Jeep Tours
    Descriptive info: Posted on.. March 22, 2013.. by.. Howie Green.. Moab Jeep tours.. are perhaps the very best way to see eastern Utah.. They’re rugged, exciting, comfortable, convenient, and economical.. In as little as a few hours, you can find yourself transported out to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, or Dead Horse State Park.. Not bad for a single day’s worth of entertainment, eh?.. Actually, there are.. that will expose you to multiple parks in just a morning and an afternoon.. One seven- or eight-hour tour, for example, travels along the Utah Scenic Byway to both Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.. At the former, you’ll conquer the climbs, switchbacks, and other hazards that characterize  ...   Another off-roading option in Moab is a short, four-hour Jeep trip on the Gemini Bridges Trail.. The scenery on this 13-mile route is second-to-none; there are tons of cliffs from which to capture amazing panoramas.. The highlight comes at the end of the trail, however, when you reach the Gemini Bridges.. Here, you’ll get out of your four-wheeler, and go for a stroll over the two nearly identical rock bridges.. From what we’ve said, it should be plain that eastern Utah is an outdoorsman’s paradise.. So if you love the big sky, naturally carved rocks, and dusty trails, then.. are the perfect thing for you!.. This entry was posted in.. Uncategorized.. Bookmark the.. permalink..

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  • Title: moab-tours.us | Moab Jeep Tours, ATV and Hummer Tours
    Descriptive info: Taking Moab jeep tours are an outstanding way to get around the backcountry of eastern Utah.. With Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park well within driving distance—and, don’t forget, Dead Horse State Park—you can get to one, two, or all three in a snap, and explore each park to your heart’s content.. At the same time, however, there are so many Moab Jeep tours that you might not know where to start.. If that’s the case, we’re here to point you in the right direction.. Two Parks in One Day.. Canyonlands and Arches National Parks 4X4 Tour -.. Don’t deprive yourself of any of Moab’s spectacular natural features.. Choose this tour, and explore both Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.. One of our favorite Moab Jeep tours, believe it or not, gets you to both national parks in the same day! You’ll travel by way of the Utah Scenic Byway toward Canyonlands, and on the way, pass the 46-ft.. -tall Jug Handle Arch; then you’ll proceed into the park atop the exhilarating Shafer Trail.. This daunting path transitions at various times from gravel, to sand, to rock, with plenty of tight switchbacks along the way.. Adding to the thrill is the fact that the trail is steep.. And, of course, throughout Canyonlands  ...   is merely a complement to the miles of off-roading you’re going to get!.. Gemini Bridge Backcountry Tour.. Head out into the Moab backcountry! The views you’ll get are second-to-none as you cross vast mesas, pass hundreds of desert shrubs and trees, and behold magnificent cliffs and buttes.. Another off-roading tour you can find in Moab is a four-hour backcountry expedition on the Gemini Bridges Trail.. This route is more scenic than difficult, as it features little dirt, mud, or rock crawling, for that matter.. Still, the 13-mile-long trail does offer a fair share of climbs and descents and tons of cliffs off of which to view the countryside, including Arches National Park in the distance.. Among the places and rock formations you’ll see are Little Canyon, Gooney Bird Rock, and of course, the Gemini Bridges themselves.. Once you arrive at these twin rock bridges, you’ll actually be able to cross them by foot!.. In summary, Moab is a spectacular part of the country, and a place that demands your attention, especially if you’re interested in the great outdoors.. If that statement resonates with you, then book a trip to Utah, and set out on one or two of your favorite Moab Jeep tours!.. For a complete listing of Moab Jeep Tours,.. Click Here..

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