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  • Title: The Salif Keita Global Foundation
    Descriptive info: .. Main Navigation.. Home.. About Us.. Coumba s Blog.. Partners.. Register Your Org.. Donate Now.. Merchandise.. Plan of Action.. Projects Programs.. Care of Albino Children.. Press.. Photo Gallery.. Albinism.. Guestbook.. Events.. Salif Keita Concerts.. Register Your Event.. Contact Us.. Welcome to The Salif Keita Global Foundation.. FOLON BY SALIF KEITA- SONG DEDICATED TO ALBINISM AWARENE.. SALIF KEITA.. US TOUR.. from.. August 30 to September 22, 2014.. to raise awareness and funds for albinism!.. Click here to purchase all Washington DC tickets!.. Salif Keita performs at the UN for 20 years of Human Rights (Geneva, 2013).. The Salif Keita Global Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Malian musician and singer, Salif Keita.. The US-based non-profit tax-exempt 501(c) 3.. organization.. brings media attention to the global plight of people with albinism, has advocacy for their rights and social integration, and raises funds to provide them with free healthcare and educational services in the US, Africa and around the world.. The organization is headed by Mr.. Keita's Malian-American wife, journalist and activist,.. Coumba Makalou.. Keita.. In the US, people with albinism are often teased for their appearance and have limited support groups and information about their condition.. In many African nations, albino infanticide is a relatively common practice.. Even those who escape death at birth are still vulnerable to discrimination and/or violent attacks.. In some countries, like.. Panama (Kuna people) and the Fiji Islands.. , albinism is considered to be the blessing which it truly is!.. The Salif Keita Global Foundation develops media campaigns that positively portray those with albinism, creates programs to raise their self-esteem,.. provides information.. and support groups, connects them with organizations, provides job training, and legal assistance for those in danger of persecution and healthcare services.. The organization is dedicated to ending the persecution and genocide against persons with albinism.. About one in 13,000 babies in the world are born albino.. In Africa, the ratio is as high as 1 in 1,000 babies.. Unfortunately, albinos in many African nations are simply.. killed due to superstition and ignorance.. about the skin condition that is caused by a complete lack of pigmentation, or more simply said,.. they die "because they are black people who have white skin".. said Mr.. Keita,.. "whether it's due to discrimination or the hot sun, they are in perpetual danger.. Creating thoughts of love towards those with the condition is the first priority and the strongest power in changing the lives of those with albinism.. After that, every other positive change will have to follow automatically.. ".. Mrs.. Keita believes that albinism is.. "a truly beautiful trait that the entire world needs to celebrate with love and acceptance.. " Under her guidance, SKGF has launched a campaign called "Stop A.. L.. B.. I.. N.. O.. S.. Genocide Now!" which  ...   part of global albino suffering" Salif Keita asserts in Freetown.. See article.. Salif Keita in Kinshasa (Congo) to promote cause of albinism.. Click here to listen RFI report on the event.. Salif Keita in Conakry.. teams up with CNAG to distribute sunscreen to albino community of Guinea.. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) adopted Human Rights Council's.. resolution on the discrimination and attacks on persons with albinism.. South Africa News:.. Salif Keita "How to Spread it".. Listen to Executive Director of The Salif Keita Global Foundation, Coumba Makalou Keita and other special guests, on.. RFI in a special discussion about albinism.. Salif Keita releases.. new album "TALE".. featuring.. Esperanza Spalding.. , Manu Dibango, Bobby Mcferrin, produced by Phillipe Cohen of Gotan Project (2012).. Salif Keita accuses.. African Leaders of albino sacrifices to hold on to power.. Salif Keita arrives for.. first ever performance in Malawi.. and makes a.. demand to the government.. to improve the lives of albinos in Malawi.. LOVE ALBINOS VIDEO.. The Salif Keita Global Foundation.. Faites également la promotion de votre Page.. STOP THE INSANITY,.. STOP GENOCIDE NOW!.. Urgent:.. We always need sunscreen, sunglasses and hats.. The Salif Keita Global Foundation distributes more than thousands tubes of sunscreen per year! We can do more with your help!.. Please Email:.. skgf@salifkeita.. us.. for more information about the SKGF and helping the fight for albinos in Africa and around the world.. Click here to DONATE NOW!.. WHAT IS ALBINISM?.. al bi nism.. : Albinism is a defect of.. melanin.. production that results in little or no color (pigment) in the skin, hair, and eyes in varying degrees.. It is often a major cause of skin cancer in all races.. Javascript must be enabled to view the Photo Album on this page.. cache/wst.. opf.. 687943.. xml.. Salif Keita and other people with albinism on stage at Albinism Awareness Forum in Bamako, Mali in January 2009.. The forum was presided by President of Mali HE Amadou Toumani Toure and President of Comores Islands, HE Mohamed Abdouloihabi.. Albinism is beautiful and UNIQUE!.. Please tell us about your UNIQUENESS!.. Sign our Guestbook!.. Buy it Now! Click link for.. Children's book on life of Salif Keita,Tshirts and more!.. Albinism is beautiful and different!.. Please tell us about your difference.. Sign our Guestbook.. !.. What's OUR plan?.. Click here to read it.. Contact.. Contact US.. Email:.. Postal: The Salif Keita Global Foundation INC.. 6900 Wisconsin Avenue Unit 30306.. Bethesda MD 20824 USA.. Phone in US: +1-917-397-6211.. Contact MALI.. Email: projets@salifkeita.. Address: Koulou Bleni Face Asacoboul.. Mali Telephone: +223-99 80 64 50.. Links.. Albinism Advocacy.. Please sign petition to help people with albinism in Tanzania!.. Albinism - Wikipedia.. The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation.. |.. Content copyright.. The Salif Keita Global Foundation Inc.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: About Us | The Salif Keita Global Foundation
    Descriptive info: Salif Keita.. Founder/Chairman.. Salif Keita was born with albinism.. As a child he suffered greatly from social isolation, and was even kicked out of school because of his albinism.. Today, he is known around the world as the Golden Voice of Africa and has been cited as "perhaps the greatest talent Africa has ever produced".. With his multiple Grammy nominations, he is also considered one the world's most popular artist.. In December 2004, he was named United Nations Ambassador for Music and Sports and dedicated himself to causes like Malaria, AIDS and the plight of Albinos in Mali and around the world.. With his Olympic medal winning albino niece, one of his children born albino and the memory of the loss of his albino sister from skin cancer a decade prior, Mr.. Keita founded The Salif Keita Global Foundation in 2005 to raise awareness and money for free healthcare and educational services for the care and integration of Albinos in Africa and to create international advocacy for the plight of people with albinism around the world.. The US Foundation is part of efforts to raise global and american awareness as well as funds to build hospitals (or conduct medical missions) and schools as well as also participate in environmentally-friendly projects, such as well programs to eradicate poverty, Malaria, AIDS and unemployment in all affected areas.. Since 2006, Mr.. Keita has personally donated hundreds of thousands of US dollars to purchase sunscreen lotions and make other donations for the aid of people with albinism in Mali.. He has acquired land for his foundation to build a school and health clinic for albinos in Bamako, Mali.. Private and public funds have also been allocated for use in Mali for lotions and sunglasses for people with albinism.. Salif Keita's first major US breakthrough into the mainstream audiences was a prominent feature on the soundtrack to Will Smith's blockbuster movie 'Ali', an homage to boxing Legend Muhammad Ali.. In 2003, Salif Keita maintained his status as an international sensation with his release called Moffou, composed with rhythms that blend African, Spanish, Portuguese and other sounds.. Moffou is also the name of the club the singer built in the Malian capital of Bamako to promote West African artists and music.. In 2005, he released the much anticipated, M'Bemba album, a tribute to his ancestry.. His latest album released in November 2009 has brought global recognition to the cause of albinism and won the Victoires des Musiques award for Best World Music in France in 2010.. The title song called  ...   to Washington DC, in 2004, and founded a company for the promotion of African causes through positive tools such as music, art and culture (Conscientious Organizations Using Music to Bring Awareness, INC,.. www.. coumba.. com.. ).. She joined the Executive Secretariat of the Nongovernmental Process of the Community of Democracies (.. ccd21.. org.. ,.. codes-mali.. ), an intergovernmental organization of democracies and democratizing countries with a stated commitment to strengthening and deepening democratic norms and practices worldwide, in 2007.. In addition to her commitment to the global cause of albinism, she remains an activist for causes like Malaria and has raised thousands of dollars to raise awareness about the disease and for the distribution of mosquito nets in Mali.. She has run the Salif Keita Global Foundation since 2005.. In 2010, she joined the Victory over FGM, (Female Genital Mutilation) with former Supermodel Waris Dirie.. She is also married to the singer and founder, Mr.. Akoss Schuppius.. Senior Program Director.. Ms.. Schuppius, a management consultant with over ten (10) years of professional experience working in the United States serves as both a senior business and senior financial analyst on a number of engagements developing performance measurement programs to improve organizational productivity and efficiency in government, non-profit and private sector organizations.. She possesses experience in performing capital planning and budgeting, proposal/grant development, project management and economic/cost impact assessments.. Her strengths and capabilities include repositioning organizational resources for improved performance while providing management oversight and accountability.. She has also worked for several years for top consulting firms such as Booz Allen Hamilton and Deloitte and Touche.. "I stumbled into this position.. As a management consultant and an activist for human rights, I hope to bring my expertise and energy to support a very worthy cause.. People with Albinism, especially those in Africa, should not be subject to inhumane and cruel treatments.. It is deplorable and needs to stop!" stated Ms.. Schuppius.. Schuppius speaks Ewe, French and limited Spanish.. She has lived in and/or has traveled to Ghana, Togo, France, Belgium, India and the United States.. Schuppius received a Baccalauréat A2 from the French International School (High School) in Bethesda, Maryland; a Bachelor of Science cum laude in Computer Information Systems from Saint Augustine s College (Raleigh, North Carolina) in 1995; and a Master of Science in Public Policy Management with a concentration in economic development from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) in 1997.. She is married with three children.. We are happy to announce that SKGF is a US 501(c) 3 organization, all your donations are tax-deductible..

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  • Title: Coumba's Blog
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  • Title: Partners | The Salif Keita Global Foundation
    Descriptive info: MISSION STATEMENT:.. "To advocate for awareness, understanding, acceptance and entrenchment.. of albino persons' law in Uganda and beyond.. VISION:.. Building a community that promotes equality, justice,respect and.. iconological rights and freedom of all albino persons.. --..

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  • Title: Register Your Organization
    Descriptive info: Register Your Organization.. Name of Organization.. *.. Address.. Country.. Telephone.. Fax.. Email.. Contact Person.. Comments..

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  • Title: Donate Now | The Salif Keita Global Foundation
    Descriptive info: TYPE of Donations Needed.. The Salif Keita Global Foundation distributes more than 42,000 tubes of sunscreen per year at NO COST TO ALBINOS and provides free medical treatment for those with skin lesions and tumors in Mali plus other free services.. We'd love to do more.. YOU CAN PARTNER WITH US to save lives! Make a donation today!.. Hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, protective clothing.. To make such a donation or for  ...   Salif Keita Global Foundation is a US Federal 501 c 3 tax exempt charity organization!.. WANT TO WEAR YOUR SUPPORT ON YOUR HEART?.. GET YOUR "I LOVE ALBINOS" MERCHANDISE TODAY!.. Albino man with skin tumors.. Type of Donations Needed Now!.. Hats- large, medium that cover face and ears.. Sunscreen Lotions- SPF 30 and above.. Sunglasses- with 100% UV ray protection.. ALL OUR GRATITUDE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!.. - SKGF, a 501(c)3 organization..

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  • Title: Merchandise | The Salif Keita Global Foundation
    Descriptive info: Javascript must be enabled to view the store on this page.. ERROR - couldn't get content from qsc urlshop.. salifkeita.. us/rtws/v1.. 0/products.. La Voix d'Or de l'Afrique.. by Michel Piquemal,Justine Brax..

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  • Title: Plan of Action | The Salif Keita Global Foundation
    Descriptive info: "A society that lacks education is doomed for failure or self-destruction.. Education is the only way to break the cycle of self-hatred engrained in so many of our traditions in order to bring freedom, justice and prosperity to our people.. " Coumba Makalou, Executive Director, The Salif Keita Global Foundation, Inc.. Identifying the problems:.. The African Albino has 2 main social issues:.. A society where they look drastically different.. A culture that believes in the occult.. The African Albino has 2 main health issues:.. Protection from harmful sun rays.. Protection from witchdoctors.. Identifying the solutions:.. Education and information.. Teaching about albinism in school curriculum.. Mainstream media exposure.. Community outreach.. Education through media, informational brochures, cultural exercises, eg: what is albinism? Teaching people with albinism and their families how to protect themselves from cancers even if they lack resources for sun blocks and glasses.. Explaining in a traditional scenario and local dialects that a person with albinism is not a magical person with supernatural powers, but just a regular human being who is born with a genetic disorder that causes their skin, eyes and hair to lose their regular pigmentation or the melanin that gives them color.. Example: If people in Africa could understand or be taught from a tender age in schools that the source of albinism is scientific and that it occurs in all races, animals and plants,  ...   or protect themselves from cancer.. Provide genetic testing for couples to know if they are carriers of the gene.. Create a resource center and school that accepts all students with a priority of free education to people with albinism.. Teach self-esteem classes.. Teach social integration classes for people with albinism, their families and those interested in learning more.. Provide role models for people with albinism, specifically children.. Provide viable career options for those with albinism (eg.. Other than farm work or selling in the markets during peak sunlight hours, 10-2pm.. ).. Provide free treatment centers for people with albinism to test and treat skin cancers.. Provide free vision and eye care of people with albinism.. What the US/International communities can do.. Governments.. Have the declaration of a global day of albinism.. Global declaration and recognition of the massacre of people albinism as a holocaust and genocide.. Have African albinos accepted internationally as political refugees.. Provide funding for programs and projects related to people with albinism.. Corporations.. Donate clothing, sunglasses, sunscreens.. Provide funding for albino related programs and projects.. Individuals.. Speak out about albinism, ask your congressmen to support a national day of albinism.. Do not discriminate or let others discriminate or tease people with albinism or people with any other type disorder.. Donate personal time or resources.. Organize community drives for donations of sun block, sunglasses and protective clothing..

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  • Title: Projects, Programs | The Salif Keita Global Foundation
    Descriptive info: Projects and Programs.. Current Projects.. MISSION STATEMENT.. The Salif Keita Global Foundation for the fair treatment of persons with albinism (SKGF) is a non-profit US organization based in Washington DC founded in 2005 by Malian musician, Salif Keita.. The mission of the organization is to create media awareness and educational campaigns geared toward providing the social integration and security of persons with albinism in Africa.. BACKGROUND INFORMATION.. Mali.. The population of Mali was estimated at 12,324,030 in 2008.. There are estimated to be 30,000 persons with albinism in Mali.. Persons with disabilities in Mali.. There is no specific law protecting people with disabilities in Mali.. The Ministry of Social Affairs is charged with protecting the rights of persons with disabilities.. People with albinism are not recognized legally in the category of those with disabilities and therefore do not receive any subsidies or legal protective status.. Climate.. The average temperature in Mali is 27.. 6 degrees Celsius.. The highest temperature is 39 degree Celsius in April.. Mali has an average of 7.. 7 hours of sunlight per day.. Education and Belief system.. Mali has a high rate of illiteracy with UNICEF estimating the rate at 56%.. The main religion is Islam and there is a general belief in the occult (witchdoctors).. The high rate of illiteracy coupled with the belief in the occult has fueled a growing propaganda of persons with albinism being isolated from society and subject to human sacrifices due to the belief that there condition is a curse from God and that their body parts have magical powers.. PROJECT GOALS.. Developing educational media campaigns and informational booklets geared at raising awareness about.. the scientific causes of albinism for both people with albinism, their families and the population at large including a Albino Awareness Day.. Increasing the visibility and representation of albino groups in the democratic process.. Providing regular healthcare including sunscreens, vision care and sunglasses.. Creating an outreach program and population census to determine total albino births and population statistics.. Building a safe-house facility that provides a secure environment for people with albinism to meet as well as special receive training and general information for them and their families to learn more about their condition.. Building sustainable vocational training programs for long-term employment.. Reducing social stigmas and isolation, including persecution and violent attacks.. Developing an adoption program in order to reduce infanticide.. Media campaigns.. The goal is to develop a comprehensive media campaign (television, radio, and print) in both the national and the local dialect to explain the actual causes of albinism, the physical traits of the condition and provide education based on removing the cultural and discriminatory belief system affecting albinos.. For example, even people with albino children do not know the exact cause of the condition, and in Mali, it is a wide spread belief that one must spit when they see an  ...   important to provide them with free sunscreens, eyeglasses and protective clothing in order to reduce the risk of skin cancers, especially in Sub-Saharan African and Mali where temperatures can reach 39 degrees Celcius and the average day has almost eight hours of sunlight.. Outreach and Population Census.. The estimated ratio of babies born Albino in Africa is as high as 1 in 1,000 babies.. In Mali, there are thought to be 30,000 persons living with albinism.. This number is only an estimate and the foundation has registered almost 2,000 people with the condition.. The project would entail a population census to determine the exact number of new births and living population with the condition in partnership with COMED.. Facility.. The goal of the project would be build a center for albinism in Mali.. This center would provide a place for gathering, training, therapy, healthcare for persons with albinism and their families.. Currently, Salif Keita has acquired land to build such a facility courtesy of the Malian government.. We are searching.. for funding for this project.. Training.. Persons with albinism have two challenges to finding long-term employment and education.. First, in an agriculturally based economy, they cannot work their land because of the risk of exposure to the harmful sun rays.. Second, in a country with basic educational facilities, their low-vision eyesight requires special equipment in classrooms in order.. for them to follow courses with other students.. Although, persons with albinism are usually considered legally blind, they are not blind.. They have low vision that can be corrected with specialized glasses.. Security.. Persons with albinism in Mali and all of sub-Saharan Africa look noticeably different.. Due to the stigma, discrimination and risk of violence against them puts them in need of special security and recognition as an endangered and vulnerable group.. The project would aim at providing a legal status recognizing their need for protection as well as providing a safe haven in case of threats or fears of attack.. For example, many Albinos go into hiding during elections for fear of being murdered for occult rituals and human sacrifices producing potions and that promise candidate s victory at the polls.. Adoption Services.. There exist many regions in Africa and Mali where no Albinos are believed to exist.. In the north of Mali, there are no or very few Albinos reported to be living.. It is known that infanticide in a high risk for those born with the condition, and because there is no strict birth registration in most countries in Africa, nor in Mali, we suspect that regions with no Albinos might have high rates of infanticide.. In addition, to having a population census, a program that provides a safe house for those who cannot care for an albino baby or child is essential.. PROJECT BUDGET (upon request).. PROJECT LENGTH.. 4 years.. PROJECT REGIONS.. (To be determined)..

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  • Title: Care of Albino Children
    Descriptive info: "God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.. God blessed them.. " Genesis:27-28.. "God saw ALL that He had made, and behold, it was very good.. " Genesis:31.. Mother with her five children.. What you need to know about albinism and vision.. So your.. child is born with albinism, his or her condition is not fatal or tragic unless you let it be! The child is just the same as you and has differences as all human beings have from one another, just with less melanin, their particular difference may seem to be more than it really is, a genetic condition that gives them pale skin, hair and eye color regardless of the race of their parents.. A lack of melanin will also cause vision problems in your child causing him or her to have involuntary eye movements (eg.. nystagmus) and hypersentivity to bright lights.. Always put sunglasses or a large hat on your child to protect the eyes from harmful rays!.. Eye conditions common in albinism include:.. Nystagmus.. , irregular rapid movement of the eyes back and forth, or in circular motion.. Astigmatism.. , irregular shaped cornea requiring additional cylindrical corrective lenses in spectacles.. Amblyopia.. , decrease in acuity of one or both eyes due to poor transmission to the brain, often due to other conditions such as.. strabismus.. Optic nerve hypoplasia.. , underdevelopment of the optic nerve.. Some of the visual problems associated with albinism arise from a poorly developed.. retinal pigment epithelium.. (RPE) due to the lack of melanin.. This degenerate RPE causes foveal hypoplasia (a failure in the development of normal.. foveae.. ), which results in eccentric fixation and lower visual acuity, and often a minor level of strabismus.. The.. iris.. is a.. sphincter.. formed from pigmented tissue that contracts when the eye is exposed to bright light, to protect the.. retina.. by limiting the amount of light passing through the pupil.. In low light conditions the iris relaxes to allow more light to enter the eye.. In albinistic subjects, the iris does not have enough pigment to block the light, thus the decrease in pupil diameter is only partially successful in reducing the amount of light entering the eye.. Additionally, the improper development of the RPE, which in normal eyes absorbs most of the reflected sunlight, further increases glare due to light scattering within the eye.. The resulting sensitivity (photophobia) generally leads to discomfort in bright light, but this can be reduced by the use of sunglasses and/or brimmed hats.. *.. *Source: Wikipedia: ALBINISM.. What you need to know about preventing skin cancer.. Albinos have little or no melanin in their skin and eyes to protect them from the harmful sun rays.. Melanin is the agent of sun protection that naturally gives humans protection from the sun.. The darker the skin, the more melanin it produces.. The lighter the skin, the less melanin it produces.. For most people with albinism, it will be impossible to stay out of the sun completely.. So when out during daylight hours, here are some helpful hints.. In order to prevent skin cancer, it is important to use sunscreen on exposed parts of your skin.. Even more important is to wear a hat that covers the face, ears, and neck along with protective clothing that will keep sun rays from penetrating through to the skin.. The thicker the clothing and the more skin it covers, the more protection you will have from the sun.. For the eyes, wear UV protective sunglasses as the eyes and the skin around them are extremely vulnerable to developing cancerous cells.. To The Parents Of An Albino Child.. Photo by Eric Lafforgue.. Your child is a blessing.. God has blessed you with an albino child or a child with a condition known as albinism.. He has blessed you.. Your child is not sick and cannot make others sick.. Your child is not sick.. Your child simply has a condition called albinism.. It is not a disease.. It is not caused by germs or viruses or anything like that.. It is nothing like a disease.. No one else can get sick from being around your albino child.. You can touch your child.. It is safe and good to touch your child and to be near him.. It is safe and good to hug him and to hold him on your lap.. If your child is an infant, it is safe and good to breast feed him.. Your child is a blessing from God, not a curse from any spirit.. Albinism is not caused by spirits or gods.. It does not come from a curse, and it is not a curse to have an albino child.. A child is always a blessing from God.. Having an albino child does not mean bad things will happen to your family.. Whenever there are problems, it is not the child who is causing the problem.. A child is ALWAYS a blessing from God.. Albinism is not caused by unfaithfulness.. Albinism is not caused by unfaithfulness of either the wife or the husband.. You should not suspect your spouse of being unfaithful.. Albinism is simply a specific combination of traits passed on by BOTH parents.. Your child needs your love and support.. This is YOUR child, your special, beloved child, a blessing from God.. The child is a blessing, but he is going to face some special challenges.. He needs the love and acceptance and support of both parents if possible.. You needs YOUR love and support for sure.. God loves children of many colors.. God loves variety.. He made many colors and kinds of people in our world and He loves them all.. God made you and He formed your child in your womb.. He loves you, and He loves your child, too.. This might be hard to understand, because most of the children in your village or town might have similar coloring.. But think of the flowers God made.. How many colors they have! Yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, pink, white.. Think of the butterflies orange, black, brown, blue.. Think of the birds God made brown, white, black, red, yellow, blue.. God likes different colors.. In all the world, He made people of many colors, too..  ...   s rays do to your child s skin.. You could rub coconut oil on your child s skin at night or on rainy days when he is staying inside.. Ask your child s teacher to excuse him from physical education class, which is usually held in the hot, sunny part of the day, wearing clothing that massively exposes your child s skin to the dangers of the sun.. Your child can do active things inside or in the shade in place of this class.. Does God love you and your child?.. Always remember that God loves you and He loves your child.. Your child is a special blessing from Him.. You are important to God, and so is your albino child.. Your child can be a blessing to your family and to the world.. Can you and your child have eternal life and be God s friends?.. God loves both you and your child.. He loves you so much that He sent His own eternal Son down from Heaven to become the perfect sacrifice and to pay the debt for all the wrong things you have done that have offended Him.. He did this so that He could restore both you and your child to friendship with Himself.. God s Son Jesus Christ died for your sins, but He rose againand lives today to hear your cries.. You can call on Him at any time and ask Him to come into your life and make you His child.. If you desire spiritual help, you are welcome to contact Every Child Ministries.. You need to defend and support your child.. Others who do not understand albinism may ridicule you or your child.. They may say unkind, hurtful things.. They may even believe those things are true.. If others ridicule him, you stick up for him.. A child is too young and weak to face the ridicule of others all by himself.. Ridicule can do permanent, serious damage to a child s understanding of himself.. It can prevent your child from reaching his full potential as a human being.. You need to let your child know he is a blessing.. Some people who are ignorant and don t know much about albinism may see your child as a curse.. It is important that you tell your child over and over that he is a blessing to you.. He is wanted, loved, accepted.. This willhelp your child succeed in life more than anything else you can do.. What questions do you have?.. What questions do you have about what we have said, or about your child being an albino?.. What problems has your child faced as an albino?.. What challenges has your family faced in caring for your albino child?.. We would be glad to discuss these questions with you at any time.. SKGF@SALIFKEITA.. US.. A more detailed explanation of albinism for those who want the genetic explanation :.. Why is the skin of your child so pink? This is how it happens.. The mother s egg and the father s sperm carriers of genetic information.. Every mother has inside herself an egg.. An egg is produced in her ovaries every month.. Every father has inside himself a sperm.. Many sperm are produced all the time.. The egg and the sperm are like the seeds of a new human being.. When they come together, a new human being is formed.. Although it is very small, every egg and every sperm carries a code of information inside of it.. That code of information decides what the baby will be like.. The mother has half the genes and the father has half the genes.. When they come together, the baby has all the genes it needs to help it grow.. What genetic information does.. That code of information called genes tells whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, whether it will be large or small, whether it will have curly hair or straight.. That code of information tells what the baby s skin will be like, what its eyes will be like.. That code of information is called genes or genetics, and it determines everything about the new baby.. As the baby begins to grow inside its mother, the genes tell it how to develop.. Some people carry genes in their egg and their sperm that tell the developing baby, Make very dark skin.. The body does this by producing lots of something called melanin.. It is what gives skin its color, and it is good because melanin protects our skin from the sun.. Even white people have melanin in their skin, but black people have a lot more of it.. So most African people carry genes that tell the developing baby, Make lots of melanin.. Some people have genes that tell the developing baby, Don t make melanin.. Don t make dark skin.. If just one parent has that gene, the baby will still be dark, because the genes of the other parent will still tell it, Make melanin.. The genetic information that stops a baby from making melanin.. But once in awhile, two people get married and they both have the gene that says, Don t make melanin.. Then that baby will grow normally, but he will not have any melanin or coloring in his skin.. When he is born, you will be able to see the blood under his skin, so he will look very pink.. This is how your child got to be an albino.. Albinism is what we called a genetic condition.. It is not a sickness.. It is a condition caused by genes that were inherited from BOTH parents, not from germs or viruses.. It is natural.. There is nothing wrong with your child.. So is it genetic or did God do it?.. Yes.. The condition called albinism comes from certain combinations of genetic information.. It is genetic.. And God controls everything, so it must be that God allowed your child to be born without melanin in his skin.. God loves many colors of people, and He loves your child, too.. As you seek Him, He will show you how to care for your child.. Your child will become a great blessing to you.. Content provided by:.. Every Child Ministries.. Hope for the forgotten children of Africa..

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    Descriptive info: Breaking News:.. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).. adopted.. Human Rights Council's resolution on the.. discrimination and attacks on persons with albinism.. Salif Keita arrives in Malawi to.. perform for first-time ever.. and makes.. a demand to the government.. Paralympics 2012,.. Nantenin Keita,.. albino daughter of our founder Salif Keita, wins Bronze Medal in 100 meter race.. L.. a Voix d'Or de l'Afrique.. " , a children's book about the life of Salif Keita, by.. Michel Piquemal.. , is published by Albin Michel Jeunesse Paris (2012).. Forbes magazine list Salif Keita as.. 7th Most Powerful celebrity in Africa.. (2011).. Salif Keita tops.. CNN lists of 10 African Celebrities.. Yves Rocher Foundation.. Makes It's Annual Donation to Support 3000 Albinos in Mali (2011).. Salif Keita is named.. Peace Ambassador.. for the.. African Union.. in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (July 2010).. Congratulations to the Tanzanian people for.. electing their first albino MP to Parliament.. Equal rights WILL be achieved for all persons with albinism in Africa and beyond!.. Listen to NPR.. to learn more about Salif Keita's plight for albinos.. Thank you to Congressman Gerry Connolly for sponsoring the.. new US law.. against the African albino genocide!.. H.. Res.. 1088: Recognizing the plight of people with albinism in East Africa and condemning their murder and mutilation.. Recent interview.. in New York where Salif Keita talks about his foundation and the condition of Africans born with albinism.. Year of Peace and Security in Africa September 21, 2010.. "Peace and Security is an everyday goal.. I hope to bring joy and hope to the people through my music, and ask them to put their weapons down so we can work together in peace to build a better Africa.. ".. Salif Keita, AU Peace Ambassador.. African Union Peace Security Ambassadors: Award accepted by Mrs Keita Coumba Makalou.. Salif Keita performs at Cote D'Ivoire National Reconciliation Concert.. July 30, 2011.. Performing in Abidjan for the country's National Reconciliation Concert on July 30.. Salif Keita was also.. greeted by the albino community.. in Abidjan and vowed to.. pursue all responsible for the violence against ALBINOS in the international courts.. Salif Keita headlines East African Tour (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania).. to raise awareness for Albino Rights.. Salif Keita with his wife, Coumba Makalou, on stage with members.. of the Ugandan Albino Association in Kampala(10/10).. Salif Keita Fights Albinism Stigma in Kenya (October 2010).. United Nations Report on Albinism (2009).. Salif Keita vows to defend albino rights in international courts.. During a press conference in Abidjan on July 30 2011, Salif Keita said he would pursue all individuals and governements responsible for violence against albinos.. The singer dedicated his performance to Peace and Reconciliation for all people in the country, including vulnerable groups.. Read Full Article.. Meet Tanzania's New Albino Lawmaker.. Scores of albinos are murdered for their body parts.. Bar'wani wants to help change that.. Keita Using Music to Fight Albinism Stigma in Africa.. Daily Nation - Bill Odidi - Oct 22, 2010.. Visiting Malian singer and Grammy Award nominee Salif Keita performs at the Simba Saloon, Carnivore, in Nairobi on Thursday night.. Tanzania: Salif Keita Brings 'La Difference' to Dar Es Salaam.. 12 October 2010.. Dar Es Salaam One of Africa's all time great musicians, Salif Keita, is set to play a special gig in Dar es Salaam tonight to condemn albino killings.. According to the event coordinator, Cletus Pius of Red Cross Africa, the concert, to be staged at the Movenpick Hotel, aims to advocate war against witchcraft-associated killing involving albinos.. African Leaders Buying Human Albino Parts: Group.. (AP) Oct 11, 2010.. NAIROBI, Kenya A lobby group says politicians are involved in the trade of human albino body parts in Africa and use them as charms to bring them good fortune.. Albino body parts are sold for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in parts of Africa.. Coumba Makalou, president of the U.. -based Salif Keita Global Foundation, a group that advocates for albinos' rights, says those who pay for body parts include rich businessmen and politicians looking to improve their political fortunes.. Makalou says body parts sell for as much as $2,000.. At least 57 albinos have been killed in Tanzania and 14 in Burundi since 2007.. Thousands of albinos are estimated to live in hiding.. Back to Top.. The killings are fueled by superstitious beliefs that human albino body parts will bring wealth and success.. Copyright 2010 The Associated Press.. Couple Adopts Children with Albinism from China.. August 22, 2010.. Watch this video.. to see the report on this incredible family.. Faut Pas Rever, Mali.. TV5.. August 6, 2010.. Report on Mali.. Salif Keita opens his home, his foundation and his heart to the French television cameras.. Salif Keita is named Peace and Security Ambassador for the African Union (July 2010).. Coumba Makalou, President of SKGF, along with other peace and security advisors and ambassadors.. ( AU).. Recent interview with Salif Keita about his foundation and albinism with Awa Lodwell.. US Congress Passes New Law Against Albinos Torture, Killings.. Albino Man Fled Discrimination.. Lawyers for a Malian albino man granted asylum in Spain have told the BBC he faced constant discrimination at home.. Abdoulaye Coulibaly, 22, who arrived illegally by boat in the Spanish Canary Islands in April, says he also survived two kidnap attempts in 2007.. Cases of violence aimed at albinos are unusual in Mali, but there have been numerous cases of murder, kidnap and torture of albinos in East Africa.. Lawyers say Mr.. Coulibaly's case shows the problems are more widespread.. In Tanzania, witchdoctors sell good-luck potions made from the body parts of albino people for thousands of dollars.. In Tanzania, Albinos are Hunted for Charms.. By Betsy Pisik.. Tuesday, December 8, 2009.. UNITED NATIONS | It is easy to pick out Al-Shaymaa Kwegyir in a photograph of Tanzanian lawmakers.. She's the one whose radiant smile beams out from a face so ghostly pale that it makes everyone around her seem darker.. Kwegyir is an albino, affected by a rare genetic condition in which the skin and hair lack pigment.. She was appointed to parliament last year by Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete and put in charge of the government's newly created office for albino affairs.. The job is not ceremonial: At least 50 Tanzanian albinos were killed or mutilated in 2008, according to a report by the International Red Cross.. "I have heard much of these killings," U.. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said during a recent trip to Tanzania.. "It is a very serious issue and I am very sad to hear what is happening.. He pledged that the world body would support Tanzanian initiatives to halt human rights violations.. Most attacks on albinos are motivated by a brisk but illegal market for magical charms and potions made with albino limbs, organs, blood or skin.. The talismans are thought to bring wealth and good fortune to the wearer in many African cultures where superstition trumps science and witchcraft readily overpowers religious faith.. Kwegyir lamented that many Tanzanians are not going to churches or mosques.. "They just believe in witchcraft," she said in a magazine interview.. "They don't believe in God.. Salif Keita, a popular West African singer, has set up two Web sites and foundations to provide basic aid to Mali people with albinism.. "La Difference," his album released in early November, addresses Mr.. Keita's albinism for the first time.. "People have to break away from stereotypes about magical powers," said Coumba Makalou, Mr.. Keita's wife and business partner.. Salif Keita: Donations near 100K USD for 2009.. October 12, 2009.. The Salif Keita Foundation for albinos presented Saturday in Bamako, sun creams and textbooks to students of the rural commune of Kalabankoro.. A total of 5672 tubes for a total of nearly 39 million CFA francs.. To add, 1025 tubes where distributed in the regions of Kayes, Koulikoro, Sikasso, Segou and Mopti for a total estimated at 6.. 67 million CFA francs.. The Foundation has invested in January to the present 45.. 5 million CFA francs (close to 100K USD) to help albinos, which does not include daily distributions of sunscreen to those living in Bamako.. Albino Killers 'Should Be Hanged'.. BBC News - Sep 24, 2009.. Albino people live in fear in.. Tanzania and Burundi.. The Tanzania Albino Society (Tas) has called for the men found guilty of killing an albino boy to be hanged publicly as a warning to others.. A court sentenced them to death for attacking the boy and severing his legs for use in witchdoctors' potions.. The BBC's John Ngahyoma in Dar es Salaam says there are more than 100 people on death row, but no-one has been executed in more than 15 years.. But Tas chairman Ernest Kimaya urged the president to endorse the sentence.. "I want other perpetrators to learn - seeing is believing," he told the BBC.. Mr.. Kimaya told Tanzania's Citizen newspaper that a public execution would also "show that the government is serious in its war on albino killers".. In the past two years, 53 albino people have been murdered in Tanzania.. Albino people, who lack pigment in their skin and appear pale, are killed because potions made from their body parts are believed to bring good luck and wealth.. The Tanzanian government has publicly stated its desire to end the killings.. In March, President Jakaya Kikwete called on Tanzanians to come forward with any information they might have.. Reprisal Fears.. Officials banned witchdoctors from practicing, however many have continued to work.. Living in fear: Tanzania's albinos.. In hiding for exposing witchdoctors.. Many of Tanzania's estimated 17,000 albino people are now living in fear, especially in villages in the north-west where the majority of the murders have occurred.. The case in Kahama on Wednesday was the first conviction in Tanzania for an albino killing.. Correspondents say there is also a fear of reprisal killings as witchdoctors and their clients wield a lot of power in their communities.. Witchdoctors in Tanzania and other parts of East Africa have made tens of thousands of dollars from selling potions and other items made from the bones, hair, skin and genitals of dead albino people.. They pay a lot of money for body parts.. In July a court in neighboring Burundi sentenced one person to life in prison and eight others to jail for the murder of albino people whose remains were sold in Tanzania.. Men Severed Albino Boy's Legs in Ritual Killing.. Posted Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:28pm AEST.. A court in Tanzania has found three men guilty of murdering a 14-year-old albino boy and severing his legs.. They have been sentenced to death by hanging.. The three men attacked and killed the young boy last December - one of a string of more than 50 albino murders that have taken place in Tanzania over the past two years.. This was the first guilty verdict since then and human  ...   to those killing albinos to "stop marginalizing albinos.. Speaking during an enlightenment forum organized recently in Bamako, Keita said the rate at which albinos are being marginalized in schools, hospitals, buses and supermarkets is reaching alarming proportion.. He organized the highly-publicized forum meant to sensitize the Malian population about the social agonies albinos are confronting in the country and the need to address the situation.. They say we stink, they say we re evil.. Nobody wants to see us, nobody wants to touch us.. No parent would give out her daughter to you in marriage.. And no girl would want to go out with you, Keita stressed.. A communiqué issued at the end of the forum appealed to the entire Malian population to accept albinos and consider them as human beings.. The musical theme sang by Keita himself reads The difference in our skin color is the richness of our heritage.. The forum also included a fund-raising session meant to build a special hospital for the treatment of albinos, since regular doctors and nurses in public hospitals are not comfortable with them.. A total amount of 49,856,000 million cfa (76,000 euro) was raised.. Albinism is a form of hypopigmentary congenital disorder characterized by a partial or total lack of melanin pigment in the eyes, skin and hair.. Albinism results from inheritance of recessive alleles.. In the past, albinos were killed at birth in Mali and in some other African countries they were used for rituals.. Seven albino youths were reportedly strangled in.. Mali recently.. http://www.. africanews.. com/site/list_messages/22618.. Salif Keita Wants to Build Hospital for Albinos in Mali.. August 15, 2006.. Africa News, Netherlands.. The world famous African singer Salif Keita is currently on tour through North America and Canada to raise awareness for African albinos.. Keita, who is born as an albino in Mali, has dealt with discrimination because of his skin-color and is now devoted to obtain fair treatment for other albinos.. In some parts of Africa, like Mali and Cameroon, albino newborns are killed by other family members, either because they suspect that the mother had sex with a white man or because they think the colorless child is cursed.. If albinos survive the first year of their life they are at risk to be kidnapped and sacrificed by others because they are seen as ill omens.. Albinism, a genetic condition that deprives skin, hair and sometimes eyes of pigmentation, is estimated to affect one in 1000 people in Africa.. Albinos deal with increased health risks such as skin cancer and impaired vision.. The 57-year old Keita lost his albino sister to cancer about ten years ago.. Now Keita wants to make sure his 8-month-old daughter, who also suffers from albinism, has access to the best care available.. The singer has started a website (.. ) to raise money to build a hospital in Mali to provide proper care to ailing albinos.. africa-interactive.. net/index.. php?PageID=1527.. Singer Raises Awareness of Africa Albinos.. By Joyce Howard Price.. August 14, 2006.. The Washington Times.. When Salif Keita was born in Africa more than a half-century ago, he and his mother were thrown out of their home by his father, horrified because the baby was white-skinned when he should have been black.. Keita, an albino from Mali, was fortunate because his father eventually took them back.. "Albino babies are often sacrificed in Mali, and in Cameroon, an albino baby is killed as soon as he or she is born," he said in a telephone interview from San Francisco.. In some parts of Africa, albino newborns are killed by other family members, who suspect the mother has had sex with a white man or assume the arrival of the colorless child means they are cursed.. Albino children in many parts of Africa are kidnapped and sacrificed, either because they are seen as ill omens or because of folklore that ascribes magical powers to potions produced from sacrificed albinos.. "That still happens, especially before elections" and important sports events, said Coumba Makalou, a Mali-born Marylander who heads a grass-roots group that uses African music and art to draw attention to conditions that are special problems in Africa, such as malaria and albinism.. Albinism, a genetic condition that deprives skin, hair and sometimes eyes of pigmentation, is more common in Africa than in the U.. The U.. incidence is one per 17,000 births, said the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH), which has offices in New Hampshire.. In parts of Africa, albinism is estimated to affect as many as one in 1,000 people, said NOAH President Mike McGowan.. "Albinism is more prevalent in closed areas, where there is not a lot of immigration or emigration," he said.. McGowan said violence against albinos is "quite rare" in the United States but does occur.. He cited the case of an American Indian albino who was beaten to death three years ago in northern Minnesota by a gang of teenagers who did not like the way he looked.. "An albino in this country faces an inordinate amount of teasing and staring, because he or she looks different," Mr.. McGowan said in a telephone interview Wednesday.. Miss Makalou heads Conscientious Organizations Using Music to Bring Awareness, or COUMBA.. She says the suffering of albinos is "an outrage, since it is all based on peoples' ignorance.. " Miss Makalou is touring in the United States and Canada with Mr.. Keita, whom she describes as "one of the top three singers in Africa," assisting him in his bid to raise proceeds for a foundation he has established to help albinos in his native land.. The tour was arranged by Mr.. Keita's record company, Universal Jazz France, to promote his new album, "M'bemba.. " The cross-country tour began last week with a sold-out performance at the Apollo in New York and continued with more sell-out or near-sell-out concerts in California, including Los Angeles, Oakland and Santa Monica.. Keita will wrap up the tour this week with performances at music festivals in four Canadian cities.. Keita, 57, said he has faced discrimination most of his life because of his condition, and is devoting his time and wealth to obtain fair treatment for other albinos.. Albinos face increased health risks such as skin cancer and impaired vision.. Keita lost an albino sister to skin cancer about a decade ago.. He wants to make sure his 8-month-old albino daughter, Natenin, has access to the best care available.. He has started a Web site (www.. org) to raise money to build a hospital in Mali to provide proper care to ailing albinos as well as patients with a range of other medical disorders.. http://washingtontimes.. com/national/20060814-120138-5383r.. htm.. Albino Afropop Star Salif Keita Talks About Mali, Magic, Murder.. July 18, 2006.. Bloomberg.. Salif Keita, the albino Afropop star, stopped by Brooklyn's Metrotech Commons recently at a packed afternoon concert to promote his new album, ``M'Bemba'' (Decca), as part of BAM's Rhythm Blues Festival.. Backed by electric guitars, percussion, traditional African instruments and two dancers, Keita, 57, showed up in faded blue jeans, white cotton shirt, and his signature Kufi skull cap.. After finishing the concert with a little dancing, Keita -- the Golden Voice of Mali to his fans -- talked to me at a nearby hotel about his music and his mission.. Hilferty: Your seventh album is called ``M'Bemba.. '' What does it mean? Keita: Ancestors.. Hilferty: Returning to your roots? Keita: I have never left my roots.. But I am definitely making a connection to the past.. Hilferty: You were born into a noble family and descended from a 13th-century emperor.. Is that a burden or privilege? Keita: You always have to be proud of your origins.. When you are a descendant of Mali's warrior-founder, you have to respect that tradition as much as possible.. It's a responsibility as well.. Hilferty: But your noble father frowned on your musical aspirations.. Keita: Yes, but there is no life without difficulties.. Hilferty: Another source of trouble in Mali was being a white-skinned black man.. Keita: It's mainly due to ignorance.. In Africa, many don't realize that albinism is due to lack of pigmentation, and, instead, there are superstitious interpretations.. I was a social outcast and suffered much from that.. Magic Potions Hilferty: I understand that some albinos are sacrificed in Mali, turned into magic potions? Keita: It still happens today.. There are a lot of court cases pending because there are no laws protecting albinos.. Every time there are elections, albinos disappear because they are used for human blood sacrifices.. Hilferty: Scary.. What role did your albinism play in your decision to become a musician? Keita: If I were not an albino, I would not be a musician.. I was not allowed to continue my education because of being albino.. Since they kicked me out of school, I had no other choice but to pursue music.. Hilferty: When was your first big break? Keita: When I was found and pursued by the leader of the Rail Band of Bamako, Mali's capital.. Hilferty: So he wasn't albinophobic? Keita: In spite of my skin, I became very popular when I sang in the bars there.. Hilferty: So music saved your life? Keita: Absolutely.. Musical Pioneer Hilferty: You became a pioneer of so-called ``world music'' with your 1987 album, ``Soro.. '' What do you think of that term, ``world music''? Keita: It's just a category started by record labels to sell African and other music.. I guess you could say I am part of the world, not an extraterrestrial alien.. Hilferty: Tell me about your foundation to help albinos.. Keita: I had to start it.. One day I almost had a fit because I met an albino who had cancer on his head, and took him to a hospital where they refused to treat him.. Ocean of Lotion Hilferty: What has your foundation done recently? Keita: A friend in Rennes, France, made a donation of 2,000 tubes of suntan lotion for albino children.. There was also a big gift of sunglasses and clothes -- the cancer starts in the eyes, that's why the sunglasses.. We're not going to stop with Mali.. We will go everywhere in the world where there are albinos because all of them are affected by the sun.. Hilferty: You also started a nightclub in Bamako called Mouffou.. What happens there? Keita: It can hold 500 people.. It provides opportunities for young artists to perform and promote themselves.. There's also a state-of-the-art studio where they can record.. Hilferty: What's the most important thing you've learned in your years of music making and travels? Keita: That music is therapeutic.. I know because if it were not for music I would no longer be here.. (Robert Hilferty is a critic for Bloomberg News.. The opinions expressed are his own.. To contact the writer on this story: Robert Hilferty at.. rhilferty@mcihispeed.. net.. bloomberg.. com/apps/newspid=20601088 sid=a8yRTPVym_GU refer=home..

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